Monday, November 10, 2008

meat fest 2008

*Saturday we headed out to Palm Springs for the afternoon. It is nice to have our little lunch/park ritual back since the weather is absolutely beautiful there now.

*We went to my parent's church on Sunday to the 8:00 service. They have three services and it is amazing how dead the 8:00 is but how packed the 9:30 is. We were definitely one of the youngest at the 8:00!!

*On Sunday, we purchased a pound of deli roast beef for $6.99 at Staters. Later, Chris saw an ad which stated they were selling beef tri-tip for only $1.99 a pound. As we thought about it, we realized that if we bought several pounds, bbq'd them, then sliced them for sandwiches, we would be saving about $5 a pound for lunch meat!!! So began Meat Fest 2008. We purchased 6 lbs. yesterday and will purchase another 10 lbs tomorrow. We'll obviously freeze most of it, but we'll have lunch meat for a long time at a cheap price!!

*Last night we went to my mom's for dinner and she had Christmas music playing when we arrived. Wonderful!!

*We had Cam's Occupational Therapist eval today and he will start seeing the OT twice per week hopefully soon. It went very well and I'm excited about this new OT as he seems very knowledgeable and able to help Cam with several issues.

*Just learned Circuit City filed for bankruptcy. We aren't frequent shoppers, but I thought it was interesting.

*Our morning walks have turned cold! I'm having a hard time finding thick (ski like) mittens for Cam.

*Cam has started only sleeping 30-45 minutes all day long. This has made him a such a crankster come early evening, which is a bummer b/c that used to be his most fun/happiest time of day. It's also a bummer b/c I would sure like a longer break during the day!

*I love that you can check out magazines at the library! I love reading them but hate spending $3-4 on each one.

*I was at the park the other day and overheard a woman (from out of state) commenting to her friend, "I had to drive to Thousand Oaks and then back to San Bernardino. I was gripping that steering wheel, white knuckled, the whole way!". Is our freeway driving really that scary???


Jen said...

I LOVE your resourcefulness! $1.99 a pound is a GREAT deal! I'll be curious to know how the cooked meat tastes once it's thawed and used on sandwiches...keep us posted! I also really like the family picture from Palm're all coordinating quite nicely in yellow!

Jessica said...

I love that you guys match in Palm Springs... all wearing yellow :) Cute.

I bought some of that tri tip too! Only we don't use it for lunch meat. I sliced our hunk into thirds, and we had one third for dinner tonight, then froze the other two thirds.

Mom said...

Okay, I better go get some tri tip. I'm anxious to know how it tastes as lunch meat, too.

I hate hearing another chain is going bankrupt.