Monday, March 2, 2009

great book

I just finished an excellent book on vaccinations (recommended by my pediatrician whom I adore). If any of you are questioning or just want to know more about the types of vaccines we give to our kids, this is an excellent book.

I never did any research before Cam was born. Yes, I realize that after those anxiety ridden few months, we were told that he did/does not have autism, however going through all of that made me question EVERYTHING, including vaccines.

This book is super easy to understand. He basically takes you through each vaccine and explains the reasons why it is given, the side effects, why some might choose to not give it to their child, etc. I think the main thing I like is that he is very neutral on the subject. He is supportive of the whole spectrum of beliefs on choosing to vaccinate your child or choosing not to.

While I've decided to opt for the "selective vaccine schedule" (as described in the book), I realize there is sooo much controversy surrounding the issue. I completely understand (and don't judge in the least) both sides of it and just feel glad that I'm confident in the decision I've made, based on this book. Anyway, it's a great read if you are expecting or thinking about having kids. :)


susan said...

GOOD FOR YOU for taking the time to do your research!! =)

Mom said...

Bring it over Thursday--I'd like to take a look at it. Sounds very informative.

The Thompson Family said...

(ok so i totally commented on this yesterday but it never showed up)
Im so glad you read this book! I've read a few and I really like this one because it is the facts! Who is your ped? Let's chat on this some day..