Friday, August 31, 2012

birthday boy

Yesterday our little boy turned 6. :)  We placed balloons all over his room during the night, only to have him discover them about 11 pm and we finally had to go in after 10 minutes of him talking about them and tell him to go back to sleep!

Instead of cupcakes for his class, I opted for his favorite, donuts.

Here are his teacher and classmates singing to him (Kendall loved getting to join):

Later we took him to Claim Jumper for dinner.  Afterward we had hyped up dessert at Martha Green's Bakery, but arrived to a locked door. :(  So we opted for McDonald's chocolate chip cookies instead, which I can't believe he was equally excited for.  I'm still in awe of our little man sometimes.  For a kid on the spectrum to be okay with transitions/change of schedule is awesome...but to be okay when your dessert goes from a specialty bakery treat to Mcdonald's?  Amazing. Such a sweet boy.

Today we head up to visit my in-laws for the weekend and to celebrate Cam's birthday with them. :)


Anonymous said...

You bet!!!! That is one sweet boy!!! So glad he's had an awesome birthday so far.

Heather said...

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