Friday, March 14, 2014

being flexible and "me" night

*This morning Cam received a leadership award from school for "Flexibility". Normally these awards, in my opinion, are kind of generically given so that by the end of the year, all the kids in the class have won one. :) However Cam's teacher told me that she really was excited and gave much thought to awarding this to Cam because being flexible and going with the flow are not typically traits of kids on the spectrum. So it was super meaningful to me to have him get it. :)

*After the ceremony we hung around for the 1st grade presentation of, The Three Piggie Opera. He did great! :)

*After a nice afternoon at my parents', we stopped at Cafe Rio. You see, Chris and his dad are in AZ this weekend for Spring Training. I've been looking forward to my evening all week...because I rented a non-Chris appreciated movie, Hunger Games Catching Fire (he has "no desire" to see it). :) I wanted a yummy dinner to go along with it. And what is more tasty than a homemade burrito made with a Cafe Rio tortilla? Very much looking forward to putting the kids down and starting my "me" night. :)

Since I made the kids stop, I got them each a small one. :)

*Heard this weekend will have record breaking warm temperatures. Woohoo!

*FYI, the Highland Library has a program where kids earn a free In & Out hamburger with every five books they read (three burgers max).

*Confession: I often let the kids sit down on the ground with a book at Costco so I can browse the cookbooks. Tacky? Maybe a tad. In my defense, I squish them over to the side of the aisle. :)


Jessica said...

I always let Alayna choose a few books to look at while we browse Costco. I always put them back :) so I see no problem!

Hope you are enjoying your Burrito and the movie, sounds like a great night!!

Teresa DiMillo said...

Your "Me" night sounds fantastic!