Sunday, May 19, 2019

longest ride so far

*Yesterday was our longest ride yet with our cycling club...49 miles (when we got back, my dad joked that we should ride around the parking lot to make it an even 50...but we were SO done!). It was at times draining, but still a super fun ride. The only downside was my epic fail on the SPF front in that I came home with a horrible sunburn on my arms. It's still painful this morning. :(

Here we are mid-way at Citrus Park in Riverside. We are holding up "46" because that's how long the ride was scheduled to be.

*Chris has a Bible study each week on one of the days he works at the church. This past week was his week to bring food. I made this cake recipe, which I originally got from his mom. It's VERY yummy.

*This picture was from last week, but I just thought it was so funny to see the number of purses Kendall brought with her. This is very typical ;)

*We are starting the Mission Impossible movies with the kids. It's pretty sad that, even on weekends,  all four of us wake so early that we actually have time to watch a good chunk of it before church!

*I have way too many reports due this coming week so I knew I'd have to work some at home. Luckily the best, "don't have to watch every minute to know what's going on" show started up again. I put it on in the background and typed away!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

kendall is 10!

*Last weekend we hosted Kendall's 10th birthday party. She invited all the girls from her class plus our neighborhood girls. She had been SO excited for weeks and she and I had spent a lot of time planning the party, which included watching Youtube videos on how to make her unicorn cake. It was a little daunting and while it may not have been Pinterest-worthy, it came out pretty well and we loved making it together.

We got pizza and the girls played musical chairs and pin the horn on the unicorn. They had a blast and it made me so happy to see Kendall adoring every minute of it. :)

*The next day we celebrated Mother's Day at Cafe Rio.

*Last night was Cameron's last track meet of the season. He has had a blast and is very excited to do Cross Country in the fall. My parents came to all three meets and a tradition developed of going to Portillo's afterward for dinner.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

chocolate smoothie

*Kendall chose to do her CA project on the Hollywood sign. I'm terrible at being creative with school projects, but I think her sign turned out just fine!


*Last week we got to visit with some of our favorite people, Jeremy and Ana. We started with a short family hike and ended the afternoon with pizza at their house. Ana even made me the most delicious, moist chocolate cake for my birthday. :)

*Tuesday was Cameron's first track meet. He absolutely has adored track and I'm so happy he decided to do it. Both sets of grandparents were able to come, which made the afternoon that much more special.

*We've been waiting for the past two weeks to go see End Game. The kids have been SOO excited! Though three hours is a bit long, it really was a pretty fantastic movie. Here is Chris helping Kendall hold the oodles of things she brings with her to every movie (which include a blanket, pillow, and stuffed animal). ;)

*Kendall is having her 10th birthday party next week. We began preparing today by making a few of her layers for her cake, which I'll stick in the freezer. We are making a rainbow/unicorn cake. Yikes! Wish me luck as my cake decorating skills are by no means expert!!!

*I recently stumbled across the most delicious and healthy chocolate smoothie recipe. Seriously.  I followed it exactly but I will say that since it has zero sugar, in order to increase the chances of the kids liking it, I added a tablespoon of vanilla coffee creamer. But otherwise, the ingredients are SO good for you! Cam is a big fan. Kendall likes it, but since she isn't a super chocolate freak like me, it's a little rich for her.

Thursday, April 25, 2019


*I found the yummiest protein bar ever!! It basically tastes like a healthy chocolate chip cookie with HUGE chunks of chocolate!! I look forward to one every day at work!!

*Kendall has officially graduated to an adult bike, which means she can ride my old one. She and Cam road down to a local ice cream shop the other day all by themselves! :)

*Last Saturday we headed up to the mountains to visit some friends. The kids enjoyed an Easter egg hunt.

*We went to a fantastic Easter service this past Sunday. The sermon was great and the worship was so full of energy.

 *A current show Chris and I are pretty into on Amazon:

*I typically alternate between Jillian Michaels and riding our recumbent bike in the mornings. When I ride the bike, I usually watch Youtube videos from Jordan Page. She has tons of great videos on frugal living, marriage, mommyhood, etc.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

new dishes

*I have a birthday coming up and this year I asked Chris for some new dishes. I just wanted super basic white. We made the mistake last time of choosing a dark red. It's a pretty color, but they show finger prints and just look dirty most of the time. I was so excited to find some at Costco for a really good price!

*A couple weeks ago we lost our sweet piggy, Buster. He got pretty sick pretty fast. Chris cought this precious pic of Kendall keeping him company outside as he was growing weaker and weaker.

While it was really sad when he did pass, we knew nothing would help distract the kids more than a new piggy joining our family. Meet Moose!!

*This morning after we dropped Cam off at church for a Knott's Berry Farm trip, I took Kendall and the quad girls to see Dumbo. We went to Panera Bread for breakfast beforehand. The girls had never been for breakfast so you can imagine that beautiful pastry window was quite enticing!

*Chris had jury duty this past week and ended up having to report for a day and a half. Not too bad.

*I have been loving the Jillian Michael's kettle bell workout. I've never done a workout before consistently that has made me feel noticeably stronger. I was joking with Chris that I'm not sure what the advantage is since I'm not exactly lifting heavy boxes every day. But I suppose it's just nice knowing I'm stronger. ;) 

*Work has been very busy lately and sometimes stressful. Last week I had a meeting which, unbeknownst to me ahead of time, included 15 people. I got incredibly nervous and hoped people didn't notice my shaky voice and hands. There is something unnerving about talking for 15 minutes straight, trying to be articulate and professional sounding, with that many people staring at you!

Saturday, March 30, 2019

san francisco

This spring break has proven to be quite an upgrade from last year. Granted, last year I spent the entire break in bed with the flu, so it didn't take much. :)

Last week the kids were up north with my in-laws since I had to work. For Chris and I, it was a vacation from school shuttling, meal prepping, and general "kid upkeep". We enjoyed a few nice meals out together and some golf for Chris and TV binging for me. :)

However after a week, we were ready to see our kiddos again. We drove up last weekend and all headed to San Francisco!! A 2nd cousin of Chris' has a cute little house she let us use, which worked perfectly. We spent three nights and had so much fun!

Alcatraz was a hit with everyone. From the ferry ride to the audio tour, it was an awesome outing!

A vacation would never be complete without a trip to The Cheesecake Factory. This one was on top of the Macy's in downtown.

The next day we drove the kids across the bridge, which they loved.

That night we headed to a Giants game.

We had amazing seats. Kendall would say equally amazing was the brownie sundae she got :)

Unfortunately rain ended the game early for us. We made it home after a hard learned lesson that Uber prices SPIKE drastically during peek times (aka the end of a game combined with rain). Ha!

It was a short, but fantastic spring break trip. This morning Cam and I squeezed in one more fun outing and headed out for a big ride with our cycling club.

Tomorrow is church and tackling Kendall's California history project...then back to life!!

Sunday, March 17, 2019


*Friday night we drove out to see our niece for her acting debut in Hercules. She did fantastic! Afterward we spent the night at a hotel, which was quite a highlight as well considering it was FOUR stories, which meant FOUR stories of stairwells for Cameron to explore. I made him wait until 7:00am before turning him loose in the morning (he would have been ready at 5:30am, but I figured opening/closing doors wouldn't have been welcome by the hotel guests!). He loves to explore buildings. ;)

*Saturday morning the kids headed up north for one week with their grandparents. They have two weeks of spring break, whereas I only have one. This is SUCH a huge help! Last night Chris and I went out officially to celebrate our anniversary. We ended the night with a Netflix movie that we highly recommend.

*Speaking of movies, right now I'm watching an older movie, Music and Lyrics. I have always liked Hugh Grant because I think his sense of humor (in all his movies) is so funny and witty.

*Today while Chris golfed, I went to Costco. Their food court's Cold Brew Mocha Freeze + big list = my kind of afternoon. :)

Riced Cauliflower
Granola Bars
Honey Bunches of Oats
Plain Greek yogurt
Angus Cheeseburgers
Monster Energy drinks