Friday, February 24, 2017

10 questions

1. Would you bungee jump? Never

2. Last time you cried? Hmmm...lately the only time I really cry is either when it's work related (feeling overwhelmed) or when I watch This is Us.

3. What is your favorite kind of cereal? I don't really have a favorite. I will say that Chris' favorite is Cinnamon Toast Crunch and it has made recent appearances crushed up on my Skinny Cow's. :)

4. What is the first thing you notice about a person? Umm...nothing physically. If we have an actual conversation, I notice if they do all the talking or ask questions.

5. Last movie you saw? In its entirety? I honestly don't remember. We ALWAYS break our movies into two nights. The last one we watched was Woman in Gold. Very interesting.

6. Favorite smell? Hmm...might seem weird, but I love the smell of Kendall when I go to wake her up in the morning. She's all sleepy and wonderful. :)

7. Beer or wine? Neither. Blek. Beer smells nasty and wine tastes like Nyquil.

8. Last clothing purchase? I actually bought a shirt from Walgreens the other day. I went to pick up some pictures and I saw a shirt that I really liked.

9. Do you think you are strong? Not in the least. I've really been trying to figure out how to muster motivation to work out again. I sit ALL day long and I know that, "Sitting is the new smoking". When I think about getting up at 5:00 am, like I used to, to do a Jillian DVD, I just know it won't happen. And the LAST thing I want to do after work is anything active. Ugh. Something has got to give. Maybe this summer, with warmer weather and no work, I'll get interested again.

10. Last time you laughed? Not sure, but this always makes me laugh. The kids (especially Kendall) love it when Chris sprays whipped cream into their mouths. He likes to overflow them, which kind of grosses me out...but they love it and we all get a good laugh!

Friday, February 17, 2017

two weeks notice

*Lately I've been watching Two Weeks Notice on Netflix. I forgot how much I like Hugh Grant. His characters have the most witty sense of humor and there are so many great lines. I loved Nottinghill also.

Sidenote: Donald Trump makes a cameo in this movie. Weird!!!

*Kendall eats burritos in the most interesting way. Apparently the inside is the only thing of interest.

*While we were up north last weekend, somehow Cameron finagled his grandparents into buying him a Ukulele. He takes music at school and has taken an interest in owning his own so he can practice more. He probably asked about 50 times where the package was en route. :)

*Valentines night included a special dinner of Little Caesar's and a kid requested dessert of a donut. :) Kendall helped me decorate the table.

*A screenshot of some recent texts to Chris. 
1. I was excited to be leaving earlier than I had thought and without bringing home work (sadly this has been rare lately). 
2. A couple weeks ago I stopped by Starbucks on my way to work. They were swamped and I ended up needing to leave before I got my drink. I was hoping they would remember me the following week...and I was happy that they did! 
3. A few more items for the grocery list.

Monday, February 13, 2017

up north

I took a half day on Friday and Chris and I headed over to the kids' school for Cameron's annual IEP. It's always neat to hear from other adults that work with him and get their insight/input on our little guy. 

After the meeting we headed up north for the weekend to visit Chris' parents. We had a really nice weekend.

On Saturday, our good friends, Matt and Jana, came over for a few hours. It was the last time we would see them for a long time as they are moving away. We talked, had a yummy lunch, and the kids had a blast together.

The ditch down the road from their house was a big highlight for the kids. They are now able to ride their bikes there by themselves, which is a big deal. :)

On Sunday I stayed back to work while Chris and his mom took the kids to visit his grandmother. I was able to get a lot done and I must admit, working on reports with a Hallmark movie on in the background isn't too shabby. :) Later that afternoon, his mom treated me to a pedicure, which was soo relaxing.

One of the great things about these trips is the food we come back with. Debbie always sends us with leftovers from the weekend, however she will also frequently make extra food for me to put in our freezer. This time we came back with homemade rolls, homemade pizza, lemon-blueberry bread, and a bunch of random food from the weekend. Quite exciting!

Speaking of food, Debbie made the tastiest cookies. I'm not a huge coconut fan, but these were sooo good!!


Sunday, February 5, 2017

truffle pie

*Yesterday I dropped Cam off at a church event and headed to Starbucks to work for a couple hours. The Starbucks I went to was really warm inside. I HATE drinking hot drinks when I'm stuffy/warm. I therefore could not finish my drink and brought it home for later. :)

*Cam was experimenting with landscape pictures the other morning. This is pretty much what our mornings are like. Cam and I are always the first ones up. I make breakfast and he usually does something like read his Peanuts book or work on his family tree on the computer.

*Today my parents came over to celebrate my dad's birthday. After lunch, he and Cam went for a long bike ride.

For the birthday dessert, I made a pie I had made a long time ago. The recipe card read, "Dad gave this a 10!!". I figured that would be a good choice for his birthday today. 

 *Today was also chicken bake day. We barbecued about 30 pounds. It was a lot of work, but it's now so nice to know these are all cut up and bagged in my freezer. :)

Sunday, January 29, 2017

golf dinner

*I saw this on the internet last week. I'm probably a 4...trying to get to a 3. I don't think I'll ever get to a 1.
*Today was nice and relaxing. I was able to bake, watch TV (wow, did I cry hard at last week's This is Us), and just have down time. Chris even got to golf as he found a location where the wind wasn't blowing a zillion miles per hour, like it has been here the past several days. :(

Kendall spent a good chunk of time building a fort with the quads:

 *Tonight we had dinner at the golf course.

*It's official, after finishing my Oreo cheesecake last night, it has surpassed Pumpkin Crunch Cake as my favorite dessert of all time.

*We recently added vacuuming to the kids' chores. Cameron does the upstairs and Kendall the down. It's pretty awesome to not have that on my to-do list.

*I've been extra thankful for a few of the people I work with lately. Last week I texted one of my coworkers that I needed to get back to her on something as I was on the verge of tears due to some extra work I had not anticipated. She wrote back asking what specifically she could do to take stuff off my plate. While I didn't take her up on her offer (she is just as overwhelmed as I am!), it meant a great deal to me and reminded me again how fortunate I am to truly love the people I work with.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

oreo dream

*On Thursday Cam had his Taekwando belt testing. He did great and we were so proud of him. He had toyed with the idea of quitting about a month ago. After lots of talks, we figured out it was because he felt behind the rest of his classmates. We came up with a "training plan" for him to get back on track. He worked really hard and I think he's back on board now. :)

*After his testing, I drove out to meet Jen for dinner. We had such a nice night. It's sad that we so rarely get together. It was great to catch up without kids interrupting. :)

*This morning my dad drove out to take Cam on a long bike ride. Despite the super annoying wind, they had a great ride.

*During the bike ride, the quad girls came over for "movie morning". They all wore their P.J.'s and we first drove up to get a movie (from Redbox) and donuts. Kendall was beyond excited.

*Chris and I are looking forward to finishing our cheesecake tonight from last week's visit to The Cheesecake Factory. We stuck our leftovers in the freezer and I've been looking forward to mine all week! I got my favorite, Oreo Dream Extreme, and Chris got a German Chocolate piece. :)

Best flavor ever!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2017


*Last night we went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. We had some coupons for free cheesecake so we let the kids each pick out their own piece. They were super excited!

*Today after church Chris took the kids home while I went to Starbucks to work. I was able to get a lot done and feel better about heading into the week. They were in the middle of a wild game of Monopoly when I got home. Chris and Kendall were on the same team and cleaned house. :)

*This afternoon the kids asked if we could drive around to see the flooded streets. While we were driving, Cameron asked if he could stand on the side of the street and have us drive by and splash him. This is SO not like Cameron so we immediately said, yes!!

*One of the reasons I loved Parenthood was because it was one of the few shows where the men/husbands weren't portrayed as dumb idiots. I LOVE This is Us for the exact same reason. I could do without a few plot lines, but the marriage between the two main characters makes the show worth watching. They are actually a team...not a smart wife married to a stupid husband, like every other show on TV (can you tell I have some pretty strong opinions??)

 p.s. I also cry almost every episode...just like Parenthood. :)