Saturday, February 6, 2016

the last week

*Kendall started softball this past week. Chris is the coach, which she loves. Here she is waiting for me at the field office to turn in our uniform orders. I'm the team mom,'m excited about? Maybe? Okay, not so much. :)

*Yesterday was my first official day of work...for a while. It's a long story but I am officially a School Psychologist every day for the next month. It's actually a long term sub position for a School Psychologist in our district. I could potentially continue at the end of the month, however I let them know that it could only be two days per week. It really is an ideal situation for me to dive back into the field head first, yet also have it be for the short term. I'll admit I'm scared and a bit overwhelmed by it all and so it was nice to celebrate the end of my first day with a family pizza dinner. :)

*Today was another hike. This time we stayed local and hiked the Crafton Hills Ridge Trail. It was a shorter hike than usual, but still really fun. Chris took Kendall on a playdate with one of her school friends, so I felt good that she was also getting a fun morning.

*Right now I'm sitting on the couch with my back against a heating pad. I've self-diagnosed my back pain as due to stress. While I haven't felt super tense, I do know it all started the day I was offered the sub position, which in turn caused some crying (from being scared/overwhelmed) and worry. I'm hoping once I get used to it all that my back will take the cue. :(

Sunday, January 31, 2016

baby pic

*Poor Kendall has been sick since Thursday night. She was so sad to miss her special, "100th Day of School" celebration on Friday as well as a birthday party yesterday. :( So far, her days have consisted of movies, coloring (when the Motrin has kicked in), and lying on the couch listening to KidsBop on Pandora.

Yesterday I let her sit out front and watch her friends play for a change of scenery.

*I have had the most painful knot in my back since Tuesday. I have never had one this long and despite Chris using his elbow to try and rub it out, it doesn't seem to be getting any better. :(

*We are half way through, The Martian, and are really liking it.

*This weekend Kendall and I were going through my memory box. I found a baby picture of myself and the first thing I thought was how much I look like Cam.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

mommy gets her steps up

*A couple of days ago Cameron rolled his foot somehow while walking. He still couldn't walk the next morning, so we headed to Urgent Care after dropping Kendall off at school. We had about 45 minutes to kill until it opened so we went to Starbucks. I drank my coffee while we both did some hiking research. It probably was the favorite part of my day. :)

*Turns out his foot is not broken, just bruised. It's been interesting to see him navigate his way with crutches, but he's getting better. :) He was bummed to have missed his Taekwando belt ceremony yesterday since he passed his most recent belt test last weekend. We were SOOO proud and are still in awe of how far he has come and how motivated he continues to be. :)

*We met my parents at Costco after school for lunch yesterday. Then, onto the list:
-Greek yogurt
-Graham Crackers
-Almond Butter
*Chicken Apple Sausages

*I found a good way for, "mommy to get her steps up", as the kids put it. There is a cul-de-sac behind us that has a slight incline. The kids love riding up and down and up and down. I take laps around the street as they bike and it's a win-win!

Saturday, January 23, 2016


*When Cam stayed home from school this past week, he "helped" Chris with his graphic design. Cam LOVES doing this. Basically Chris explains to him what he does and let's Cam offer input. :)

*Several years ago a friend of mine and I were talking about cereal. She shared with me her strategy of mixing a sugar cereal with a healthy one. I thought this was brilliant and have done it ever since. The kids always know that when we treat them to an unhealthy cereal, they get to pick which healthy one it gets mixed with.

Fridays are always, "breakfast for lunch" days. Yesterday I decided to surprise them with Cookie Crisp. :) Here is Kendall measuring out the bowls. :)

*Chris and I have been in a TV show rut. We decided to try a reality show called, The Profit, which follows a wealthy entrepreneur who rescues failing businesses. We really like it so far. 

*We are officially starting to research guinea pigs and hamsters for Kendall's birthday. Not sure what we have gotten ourselves into... :) 

*It is slightly embarrassing to think of the LOUD excitement that occurs in our house when Kendall does a big poop. Lots of whooping and hollering. :)

*Why is it that you have a 50/50 chance of getting the fitted sheet right when you are putting it back on the mattress, yet I would say 80% of the time, I get the wrong corner and have to shift the whole thing???

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

bad mom day

I wish yesterday would have come AFTER today so I could redeem myself with a fun day. Yesterday the kids didn't have school so the four of us went for hike in the desert. We ended with dinner at Red Robin...which made it pretty much the perfect afternoon. :)

Now to today. First off, Cameron came in at 5:45am to tell me he felt like his head was hot. It felt normal, so I sent him back to bed. When I went in a little later, he was crying on his bed. He said he had actually been awake since 4:45am and was frustrated that he couldn't go back to sleep. This is not unusual for him, so I comforted him but continued on with the morning.

I noticed that he was pretty lethargic on the way to school. Again, I chalked it up to his early wake time. I dropped him off and headed to sub for the morning. I didn't check my phone and when I got done, there was an hour old voicemail telling me Cameron had a 102 degree fever and to please come get him. Ahhh!!! I felt dreadful!! After I called and straightened out the issue of why they didn't call Chris after I didn't answer (still am a bit unclear on that), I raced over.

I felt miserable having written off his fever complaint in the morning, ignoring his lethargy on the way to school, and then making him wait in the office for an hour. Luckily he was so sweet and understanding...but still. Ugh. :(

Right now he's snuggled on the couch watching Inside Out, so all is well. Kendall has enjoyed the perks of having a sick brother, like an afternoon movie and cereal for lunch. :)

Sunday, January 17, 2016


I have fallen in love with my Fitbit. I thought it would be interesting to keep track of my steps, but I never knew it would work so well in keeping me accountable in just moving more. I'm generally not competitive at all, however there is something about wanting to reach that 10,000 step goal that really motivates me.

It's amazing how much walking is required to reach 10,000. It's also amazing how much you tend to overestimate the number of steps you take. Case in point, yesterday the four of us took a trip to Winco and all took bets on how many steps I would take. The result? A measly 500. I was the closest but still overestimated by a couple hundred!

I find that I'm always thinking of ways to move more (which obviously is the point!). I park further away when I go somewhere. I got home last week from subbing and had 15 minutes until I had to pick up the kids. Instead of plopping on the couch (which is what I normally would do), I went for a walk around the block. Today when we stopped by my parents so Chris could fix their computer, I took a walk with the kids on their scooters while he worked.

I love that not only am I getting more exercise, but I'm also getting outside more, which is always an automatic mood booster. I may sound a little too enthusiastic about it, but I honestly am so glad I got one and am happy to report I've met my 10,000 steps a day most days this past week. Not all..but most. :)

Sidenote: I know he Fitbit measures a lot more than just steps. Maybe someday I'll utilize all the other fancy stuff. But for now, I'm happy with my steps. :)

Friday, January 15, 2016

anne of green gables

*All this lottery talk got me thinking about one of my favorite movies back when I was a teenager...It Could Happen to You.

*Sometimes Kendall likes to eat lunch in her tent. She pokes her head out for each bite.

*Kendall has taken a liking to my heated corn bags. She typically wants one for bedtime. :)

*Speaking of heat, Cameron likes to sit by the fire to do his homework. :)

*This weather has made me think of Mimi's corn chowder, which is amazing. So last night I tried to make my own. Chris gave it a 7.5. On a "soup scale" (because he's not a soup fan), that is pretty good. The kids liked it, but I didn't sense a, "Wow!!".

*For some reason I've been craving an Anne of Green Gables marathon. It's been way too long since I've watched the series. I still am flabbergasted when I come across girls who have never seen it (and it MUST be the one with Megan Follows as Anne).