Monday, June 18, 2018


I have SO been enjoying our summer so far and it's mainly because, other than our mini trip to Huntinginton, we have had blank slate days we've filled with little stuff. I can't tell you how nice it is to wake up and not be rushed or have to be anywhere. Here are a few things we've done.

 *We (my dad, Cam, and I) attempted a hike one day, which didn't turn out quite as expected. When we had done this particular one before, a recent fire had made the mountain very easy to navigate. Now that the brush has grown back, it literally became impossible to see the trail and just plain annoying to trek through the weeds. So we called it quits early and finished the morning off with a bike ride instead.

*Costco trip.

*Swimming at the community pool.

*A while ago we googled, "guinea pig shelter" and found the closest one to be near L.A. The kids had been dying to go. We went this past Saturday. You are able to bring your own piggies and get a free wellness check. I'm happy to report our pigs are in good health. Hehe. The only downside to the trip was that it was FAR. Very far. I think we decided that it was a fun one time thing, but maybe it should stay a one time thing. ;)

 Oreo, waiting his turn for his check up.

You can see (middle of pic) that the kids were DONE with traffic. ;)

*We planned to meet some friends at a park. We happened to stumble upon a "free lunch" program where the city passes out lunches to kids at the park. Score!

*Yesterday we celebrated Father's Day with my parents here at our house. I made a copy cat of Chris' favorite restaurant dessert.  I got several "10's" so I think it was a hit!

 Applebees Butter Pecan Blondie


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Huntington Beach

Yesterday we got back from one of the most fun trips we have taken as a family. Last summer Chris played in a golf tournament in which he entered a raffle.  He ended up winning the top prize, a two-night stay in Huntington Beach. We were both in shock. Saturday we headed down and had the most amazing time. We felt so spoiled.

The first thing we did when we arrived was head down to the pool. The following day we went to the beach, however the kids actually didn't last that long and were anxious to get back to the pool.

  Included in the stay was a meal at one of the hotel restaurants.

Outside the lobby.
Since Cam has really been into running this past year at school, I decided it would be fun to train for a 5K together. I wasn't sure what Kendall would think, but she has been totally on board. I must say that when we went running this morning (back at home), she pointed out that it wasn't quite as fun as jogging at the beach. No joke. :)

One of the highlights for Cameron was exploring the hotel (mainly the stairwells). I'll be honest, I doubt he was allowed to roam to the extent that he did...but it was so much fun for him and ended up being a good activity while the rest of us were relaxing in the room ;)

Sunday morning at Panera.

Our second night's dinner took place at, of course,The Cheesecake Factory. We surprised the kids by meeting Chris' brother's family at the restaurant. We got some cheesecake to go and enjoyed it on our balcony before bed. 

It was SOOO sad to have to leave. Chris is playing in the same tournament in a few weeks. Who knows? Maybe he'll get lucky again (probably not...but one can hope!).

Sunday, June 3, 2018

han solo

*We spent Memorial Day weekend up north. We had an extra good time as Chris' brother's family was there. Some highlights:

-My MIL treated myself and my SIL to a Relexology foot treatment. It was soooo nice.
-We had a big BBQ on Saturday. The meal was good, but the dessert? Strawberry pizza; strawberry, cookies n' cream, Butterfinger, and Almond Joy homemade ice cream; homemade lemon, butterscotch, and oatmeal cookies. Wow. :)
-Got one Hallmark movie watched
-Such fun watching the cousins get along so well and enjoy each other's company

*Chris belongs to a men's club at a local golf course. Along with his dues, he gets credit he can use at the clubhouse restaurant. Last Wednesday we had my parents out for dinner. The downside was that the kitchen made a few mistakes, resulting in the food taking FOREVER and being made wrong. Plus we were then over charged. The upside was that we got to sit on the balcony and enjoy this view (Cam and Kendall  playing while we waited and waited for the food). :)

*Yesterday morning was family lawn day. This was sadly the first time we have ever made the kids do much with regards to the lawn (I'm terrible at chore stuff). Hmmm...I think that should change...

Later in the day, we all went to see the new Han Solo movie (awesome!).

Afterward was dinner at Gourmet Pizza Shoppe.

*One thing I love about Chris is that he is always making me laugh. I DIED when I read his Facebook post from last week. He had just come from the dentist...

Thursday, May 24, 2018

cold brew whipped cream

*Last Friday my director invited several of us over to celebrate the end of the year. It's always fun to see personalities that you don't get to see when you are "professionals". :)

*Last weekend was a desert weekend. Chris had bought the three of us matching Harry Potter shirts. We were quite the cool crew cruising through Costco. :)

*I rarely get to take the kids to school, however when I do, I treat myself to a Starbuck's drive-thru that is on my way to work. My new favorite:

Soy White Mocha
2 pumps syrup
no foam

Knowing I'm getting one puts me in such a good mood.

Speaking of Starbucks, their new cold brew whipped cream is incredible. Holy cow.

*Back when I was having all sorts of health stuff, one of the things I thought it might be (and have an appointment to check further into) was acid reflux. During that time, I gave up soda as I had read it was horrible for the condition. Even though I'm feeling better, I still have not gone back. I'll have a sip now and then from someone else's cup, but I've been proud of how well I've done. Sometimes, though, it's HARD! And it will only get harder when the summer heat comes and soda tastes so darn good.

*My mom introduced us to some books that the kids and I are SO into. They are true stories of famous missionaries. I literally cannot put them down as the stories are fascinating! We've read about five so far and are anxious for more...

The one I'm currently reading:

*Currently we are watching and have found extremely interesting:

Friday, May 18, 2018

mother's day

This past Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day by going to a delicious brunch. The kids were excited to have endless amounts of whatever they wanted. :) We typically don't go out on Mother's Day simply because it is such a crazy day at restaurants, however we made reservations several weeks ago at Chris' golf course and it turned out to be such a treat.

*If had to rank my toughest, most nerve-racking meetings of this year, this past week's would have been up there. I had to present my report in a meeting consisting of 15 people. Yikes. To say I was extremely nervous is an understatement. That morning Kendall gave me the sweetest little note...

p.s. The meeting went well. :)

*Today I took a few hours off and attended, "Moms and Muffins" in Cameron's class. :)

*Tonight I'm going to my boss' house for an end of year celebration. I simply cannot believe I'm almost done with my second full year back to work. This year as been SOOO much better thanks to a change in assignment and just feeling more comfortable. But don't get me wrong, 11 more days of school sounds absolutely divine!!

*Chris and I are down to our last episode of what has probably become one of the most suspenseful shows we have ever watched. Wow.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Justice trinkets

*Kendall turned 9 last week. We were able to do some fun things (spread out over several days) to celebrate. She had a few friends over for crafts and cupcakes.

*Kendall and I went to the YMCA circus. A friend of her's was actually a performer, so she was extra excited to see it.

*Prior to the circus, I took her to Justice. She had opened a couple gift cards for her birthday and was very anxious to use them. She is obsessed with Justice, not at all for the clothes, but for the back section of the store which is full of trinkets. This huge unicorn was one of her purchases. :)

*Yesterday was my first real hike in many months. Since I haven't been feeling the best, hiking was one of the first things to go. However now that I'm pretty much back to normal, I was excited (as was Cam!) to hit the trails again. We did one of my favorites in the desert, Murray Hill. The weather was perfect and it was a fun, fun day.

*Knowing we would be gone all morning, we planned a slumber party for Kendall at her cousins'. She was SO excited for this and had a blast. Here they are decorating a cake her cousin had baked to celebrate her birthday.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

the forbidden journey

Monday was probably the highlight of our year so far. Universal Studios was so fun and not to sound cheesy, but Harry Potter land was pretty magical. They did a fantastic job of recreating so many things from the books. I wish there were more than just two rides, but one of them (Forbidden Journey) was awesome and we went on it a few times, thanks to no crowds. :)

Butter Beer!

In addition to Harry Potter, both kids actually chose the tour as a favorite. It was fun to see their reactions to the earthquake, King Kong, etc. :)

Lunch at Jurassic Cafe.

Once the park closed, we knew we needed to kill some time to wait out traffic. We ate at Universal Citywalk, which was a great ending to the day.

We gave the kids each some souvenir money. Whenever this happens, without fail, Kendall purchases something from the place we are at. Cameron, on the other hand, never spends his money. Instead, he waits until we are home to then purchase a Lego set. At first I really wanted him to have the experience of getting something from the places we visited. But then I realized it would simply be buying for the sake of buying. He just loves Legos. Plain and simple. :) Here he is the next day using his money at Walmart.