Sunday, April 23, 2017

the founder

Last Monday I celebrated my 38th birthday. That night Chris brought home two HUGE pieces of cheesecake (Reese's and original) from Corky's for the four of us to share. They were soooo good and we will definitely make that a go-to place for dessert. 

For my present, I told Chris I wanted him to pick out a watch for me. I don't know what's "in" now and he's always had good tastes even in buying me clothes. I love what he picked out. Many times, there is no clock in our IEP's. I feel super rude checking the time on my phone, so now I can just sneak little peaks now and then. :)

Today we met my parents for lunch after church. My mom always makes the sweetest, most creative cards. She included this fabulous picture from when Susan and I were kids. Look at Susan's face!! She LOVES that I'm in such misery!!

Here we are after lunch. We ate at the  golf course restaurant (where Chris always plays) and the views were just too pretty. :)

We rented a really interesting movie this weekend. I had no idea how McDonald's got started. Yikes.

Friday, April 21, 2017


Last weekend our Easter celebration started with a wonderful Good Friday Service. They showed one of the most impacting videos I've seen in a while.

Sunday started with a bright and early church service at 7:45.

Afterward, we had a fun afternoon with my parents and Chris' brother's family. The kids loved being together and this was my mom's first outing since her foot surgery. We were so happy she could make the trip.

Today was SUCH a fun day for me. Kendall has been begging me to bring her piggy for show-and-tell. It's really hard to make this happen during my work day. So I decided just to take the whole afternoon off and didn't tell her I was coming. She was over the moon and felt like quite the celbrity in her class.

Afterward we had a picnic on our way home. Yes, that is cereal I packed. It's actually quite easy. Two Tupperware bowls full of cereal and one with milk!! Ha!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

dear walmart....

*When we went to the desert a few weeks back, we fell in love with the water they served in the main lobby. It had fruit floating around in it and it was so refreshing! Chris and I debated as to whether there was any flavoring added. I maintained there wasn't. Turns out I was wrong. They added extra sugar. :( Maybe that's why this super pretty fruit infuser pitcher we bought doesn't taste anything like the hotel's water. Boo!

*Sometimes I'm not in the mood for hot chocolate, however I've proven to be the world's worst coffee pot user. I decided to try instant coffee. With the addition of a couple extras, it's quite tasty. :)

*Dear Walmart, wouldn't it be neat if you actually used the dozens of cash registers you have lining the front of your store? It might help to have more than a few people working on Easter weekend. You think? Grrrrr. It took me about 20 minutes just to stand in line and check out.

*Breakfast with the piggies:

Sunday, April 9, 2017

chocolate rice cake

*We have a new member of the family. Welcome Oreo :)

*After church we went to Kohl's and got Kendall some new shoes. She was very excited as she has been wearing the exact same pair every single day to school. Sidenote: She looks way too old in this picture. Me not like. :)

*This afternoon was one of the more relaxing times I've had. Chris was busy watching the Master's downstairs, the kids were outside with the quads, and I decided to head upstairs with some coffee and a new show I'm hooked on. It's basically a Hallmark movie stretched out into a series, called Chesapeake Bay. It just came to Netflix so I have the whole season ahead of me. :)

 *As I was nearing the end of the show, Cam came inside and reminded me I had promised him a bike ride. I did NOT feel like getting out of that bed!! However I made myself do it and was so glad I did. We had a great time and I tried, as best I could, to keep up with him. :)

*I'm on call for jury duty this week. I called in for tomorrow and I don't have to appear. I have to call back each night to see about the following day. Oh, how it would mess up my work week if I had to go in. :( 

*A favorite new snack:

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


*Last weekend we took the kids to play around at Whitewater. It was so pretty and I can't wait to take them back when it's hotter and they can be in their swimsuits.

*On Tuesday, Chris and the kids left for a trip to his parents. They will be gone until Saturday. I was sad to not be able to go, but I just couldn't take that much time off right now as we are in the midst of a super busy time at work. I'm so thankful the kids are able to have a great spring break, though. I LOVE getting picture updates from Chris!
Playing Wii

John's Incredible Pizza

 *I also like to update them on how their piggy is doing. I sent a video of him last night and this picture today. :)

*So what have I done at home without them? Besides work (ugh!), I've watched a super cheesy Nicholas Sparks movie (I'm embarrassed I even finished it) and tonight I'll finish a documentary on ultra runners. I have no idea why I love these documentaries. I have never and will never be a runner...but they are just interesting. :)

Thursday, March 30, 2017

darn you, jillian

*This morning was my second morning back to my Jillian workouts. The sight of the weights awaiting in me Chris' office (where I work out) is not necessarily welcome. Does it feel good after I work out? I suppose. Overall, I'm glad I'm finally getting back into it. It simply is unhealthy how much I sit during the days when I'm at work. Something active had to happen. :)

(Sidenote: Yes, those are only 2 lb. weights. I'm perfectly content to do the bare minimum. Ha!)

*I went back to work yesterday, but took today off. It just worked better with our schedules and the kids being off this week. We planned a playdate with a couple friends from school. The kids had a blast. :)

*After the playdate, we went to pick up the piggy at my friend's house. Her kids had taken care of him while we went to the desert. It was a happy reunion. :)


*I make the kids have oatmeal once a week for breakfast. They are NOT fans. I think Cam could eat cereal every single day. That and burgers. :)

*Chris' two favorite store bought cookies:

These are super tasty.
I think these have zero taste. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

palm springs

We just got back from a fun two nights away. Not only do we feel better about our switch from Vegas to the desert, but it sure was nice having a 45 minute trip home rather than 4+ hours. :)

Kendall created a schedule starting the day prior to when we left. She was very insistent on marking each thing off as it was completed. :)

We found some chairs with a pretty view of the fountains and one of the golf course holes. We had dessert one night and both breakfasts out here. :)

The highlight was obviously the endless swimming. The kids would often take breaks. Here they are reading some of the library books we had loaded up on before the trip.

Kendall always thinks it's a big deal to "snuggle in the hotel bed". We made sure to get some of that in (complete with letting her wear a hotel robe). :)

Not pictured are two nights out to dinner. The first night my parents met us at The Cheesecake Factory. We were able to sit out on their patio and had such a nice evening. The second night found us at Cameron's personal favorite, Red Robin. :) 

We were sad to have to come home, but it was a fun two nights!