Monday, April 14, 2014

egg dye

*Last week I had to take both kids with me to a doctor's appointment for the elderly gentleman I run errands for. Normally a doc's appointment is difficult because you never know how long they'll last. However the kids actually were excited because this medical building has a beautiful outdoor area where they play spy kids and run around (fortunately no one is ever around). 

*Chris finally got to the point where he needed to get a new computer. He held on as long as he could. His previous computer had started making loud noises in addition to the fact that he couldn't update his software because it was too old. :) He LOVES his new toy (a shouldn't call it a toy seeing as our livelihood depends on this thing!! :)

*Right now I'm watching a Felicity while Chris is out with the kids. I'm feeling the body aches coming on and really hoping it doesn't turn into anything. :(

*Toys from the 99 Cent Store are lame. Activity/crafts are pretty awesome! I bought an egg dying kit and the kids had so much fun. :)

*I wish we owned a treadmill. I used to love running on my parents' while watching a movie. It was amazing how long I could go as long as I was watching something. :) Clueless was my movie of choice.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

spontaneous night

I discovered a California Pizza Kitchen gift card a while back. We tried to use it once, only to discover the location (downtown Palm Springs) was closed. So today we went to the one in Palm Desert and had such a nice night.

But first we stopped at one of the kids' favorite parks. :)

I loved this pic! So graceful! Ha! :)

We got the kids a dessert to share. Cam couldn't finish his half. Kendall had no problem at all. :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

bread cones

*Well, hello summer weather! It's so nice of you to visit! :)

*Four years ago one of Cam's goals on his IEP was to play with another child for five solid minutes. This seemed SOOO unattainable to me. So how much do I love looking out our back window today at our little guy who had been playing for over an HOUR with one of our neighbor kids?? :) Love it.

*Friday is a big day for Chris. It's the start of the Masters. :) He is going over to a friend's house to get his fill of golf and asked me to make some treats. I'm making my all time favorite brownie recipe my SIL gave me years ago....Hershey's Best Brownies Recipe.

*Jobs just came out on Netflix so Chris and I watched the first half last night. Despite it getting horrible reviews, we both are finding it really interesting.

*My latest Pin, Bread Cones. How cool are these??

Sunday, April 6, 2014

no more street

*The kids played most of Saturday with the neighbors. After seeing them not look both ways too many times, they are now banished from street riding for a while. They weren't fans of the new rule.

*Last night my parents came over for dinner and to watch Gravity. I was the only one that wasn't THAT impressed. It was good, but not great.

*Kendall came waltzing downstairs this morning in her choice of church attire. I gently informed her my black boots should really stay at home. 

I prefer the outfit I chose. :)

*This was another failed attempt at homemade iced coffee. I had a sip before we left and thought it was okay (hence my smile)...but after a few more sips I decided it wasn't even worth finishing. Can Jack n' the Box really have THAT top secret of a recipe that I can't even duplicate it?? :(

*Yesterday when I worked out I actually turned the sound off of the TV and plugged in Dr. Laura (on my iPod) to the stereo. Since I know the DVD pretty much by heart (I only rotate a few DVD's), I didn't need the instructor's prompts. Listening to Dr. Laura made the time go by much faster. :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

"chicken" sliders

*This morning Kendall and I went on a bike ride. She seems to be more into longer distances than Cam so I thought I'd test her out. :) Granted we took a few breaks, but she road over four miles! :)

*I've decided this iced coffee addiction has got to least buying them. :) Yesterday at Walmart I bought myself a cute straw cup and some syrup to make another attempt at creating them from home. We'll see!

*Today we went to Costco and had a sample that not only did I go nuts over, but the kids were begging me to buy. Ready? Vegan "chicken" sliders. Yep! They were AMAZING!!! The kids wanted to go back for a second sample (I was tempted). I was so mad Chris wasn't with us because I know he would have liked them. I just know it. :)

They were $10 for 12 sliders, so I passed up on the purchase. But I'll be honest and say that I'm kind of regretting my decision.

*Yesterday while the kids were upstairs and I was downstairs:
Cam: Kendall, you want to know something? I told Emerson at school that sometimes you can be really annoying.
Kendall: Mom!!!
Me: I heard Kendall.
Kendall: But mom, I want to tell you what he said so you can REALLY hear!!!
Me: I heard! He said he told a friend you were annoying!
Kendall: Ugh!!!!

Sidenote: I probably didn't handle that in the best way, but to be honest, she had been a little stinker to him all afternoon and I was also annoyed. :)

*Dinner tonight: Chinese Chicken Salad.
I've never given the kids salad as the main course, so we'll see what happens. :)

Monday, March 31, 2014


*I have been keeping an eye out for one of these things for a while and finally came across it at Costco. It's a big, brightly colored plastic guy with a "Slow" sign in his hand. We have TONS of kids playing on our block and cars are frequently driving too fast for my liking.

In the pic above, Chris had gone out to chat with a pouting Kendall. She had been sitting on the curb, face down in her arms due to the fact that one of her neighbor friends was riding the bike she wanted (which was actually HIS bike, ha!). I thought this was such a sweet picture of her explaining her side of things to daddy. :)

*Both Chris and I have been really struggling with working out lately. We just simply don't want to. Period.

*We introduced Chris to "Frozen" yesterday afternoon. I can't believe we actually found a copy available at Redbox. It was better than he had thought and now he can picture the scenes of the songs Kendall is always belting out.

*I finally found a book that I'm really enjoying right now. Actually it's completely fascinating. It's called Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and my Harrowing Escape. The author is the niece of the current leader of Scientology. The rituals, rules, beliefs are so interesting and SOOO sad to read about.

*Tonight's dinner:
Meatloaf and veggies

Saturday, March 29, 2014

iced coffee, iced coffee, iced coffee

Two things you did last night:
-Watched a Parks and Rec...this show ALWAYS makes us laugh.
-Tried unsuccessfully to find a new book to read on my Kindle. I cannot find a good one.

Two things you ate today:
-Pretzels and Wheat Thins TOGETHER. For some reason I love the taste of them at the same time.

Three things you are going to do tomorrow: 
Church, go out to lunch with my parents, clean bootcamp room

Your favorite beverages: 
Iced coffee, iced coffee, iced coffee :)

Two things that have made you smile in the last 24 hours
-Watching Felicity, which I'm doing right now. Chris took the kids to the park and lunch so I could have some down time which for me, equals a little of the best show ever! :)
-We've had a gift card to iTunes for who knows how long. I had Chris buy the Frozen soundtrack. I got two huge smiles when I played it. :)

One thing you wish you wouldn't have wasted TV time on:
There isn't a lot of wasted time on TV since we got rid of cable. We have to be pretty intentional in what we watch since we choose it from Netflix and Hulu. While I miss my Foodnetwork (and let's be honest, a little Bravo here and there), I guess it's actually a good thing because I watch less TV overall.

Two things you will do today:
-Take Kendall and a friend to a birthday party. 
-Maybe treat myself to an iced coffee?? ;)

p.s. Want to know what the two best selling items from the Costco bakery are? Their jumbo muffins and croissants. I only mention that because I bought some croissants yesterday as part of a meal I'm bringing a friend. I forgot how absolutely amazing and sinful they are. :)