Monday, January 16, 2017

some randoms as of late

*Our guinea pig, Peanut, had to leave our family. We just didn't feel right keeping him around knowing the kind of damage he was capable of when he chose to bite (which was becoming more and more frequent). We aren't in a rush to replace him, but I'm sure we will eventually as we do love our piggies. :)

*A few days after Peanut bit my right hand, I spilled scalding coffee on my left hand. I basically heated it so hot that it bubbled over onto my hand when I took it out of the microwave. It turned out to be a 2nd degree burn. I didn't realize it at the time and therefore didn't care for it like I should have. I'm thinking a scar is in my future. I totally learned my lesson and am not heating my coffee that hot anymore...ummm...sure...that's it... ;)

*Here are some pics from our day off from work/school today. It was such a nice, low key day.

Drinking hot chocolate in their new favorite reading area.

I treated them to a treat at Target. 

Kendall was a great little kitchen helper. Here we are doing some meal prep (Taco Soup).

Cameron is constantly asking us to, "expand my bike route". Today I allowed him to go further than he's ever gone. Kendall and I surprised him by driving up and providing a snack/energy for his trip. I might have had some ulterior motives. I kind of wanted to check and make sure the route I approved was really okay. ;)

This is my face when I was trying to help Kendall with math. Want to know what I was stuck on? 
24 - 5 = ___
Yep...I can't believe how complicated these simple problems are with common core. I feel sooo dumb trying to figure out how she is supposed to solve them! :(

Sunday, January 15, 2017


I finally got hold of all the pictures my dad took during our Christmas in Germany. We have sooo many amazing memories. I narrowed the pictures down to highlight some of the fun things we did...

We took several BEAUTIFUL walks. These were some of my favorite times.

We spent one full day at Europa Park (their version of Disneyland). It was sooo fun! My mom has been having a lot of trouble with her foot for the past year. She had to opt out of a few of our outings, but we were able to get her a wheelchair for this day, which made all the difference!

It was one of the colder days we had. There is nothing better than a pizza dinner in a warm restaurant at the end of a long day!!

We went to the most beautiful, authentic little Christmas market in France. It was amazing and so gorgeous!!

Here we are the night before Christmas wrapping presents.  I was able to pack the kids' stocking toys and a couple presents so they could have things to open.

Here we are Christmas morning. We loved to have the fireplace (on Netflix) "lit"/on whenever possible. It always gave such a cozy feel. :)

We watched a couple episodes of Little House on the Prairie (Christmas episodes). It brought back such great memories of when I would watch this show every single day as a kid. :)

On the day before we left, we took the kids to an awesome indoor playground. The adults sat and talked while the kids ran everywhere. :)

Chris and I participated a little as well ;)

It was such a great way to spend Christmas and we couldn't have asked for a better present. Thanks, mom and dad, for treating us to an amazing Christmas trip! And thanks, Susan and Chris, for being such wonderful hosts!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

i'm weird

*Yesterday we went out to the desert. We started at Barnes and Noble. Cameron is currently obsessed with Calvin and Hobbes and Peanuts books.

We followed that by a monster Costco list:
*Peanut Butter
*Veggie Straws
*Dishwasher soap
*Angus Cheeseburgers
*English Muffins
*Fettucini Alfredo
*Toilet Paper

*On the way to the desert, I explained to Chris a realization I  recently had. The reason I keep our house so cold is that I don't like artificial heat. It's quite weird, but when the heat is cranked in the house or car, I feel stuffy and yucky. If there is a fire place, I love to sit in front of it. But for some reason, I don't like when a house is super warm... warmed by a heater. Weird. That got me thinking about other weird things about myself:

-It bothers me when people have their windshield wipers on higher than they need to be (like if it is only a light sprinkling). It's hard for me to not focus on the fact that the wipers are needlessly going too fast.

-I hate crumbs on our counters (specifically on our island). I'm constantly leaning down to eye level so as to see how many crumbs are scattered about.

-I'd rather not have coffee/hot chocolate at all unless it's scalding. When we were in Germany at an indoor playplace, I was freezing and they were offering all adults a free hot beverage. I was bummed to not even partake because they don't serve their drinks very hot in Germany.

-Every night I triple/quadruple check our oven controls to make sure they are completely turned off.

-I only open my soda cans a tiny bit. I don't ever open them all the way. This drives Chris crazy when he asks for a drink.

-I usually make 2-3 drafts of grocery lists. My final draft is done according to the layout of the store. With that said, when we are at Costco, I will often lose said list as we walk around (typically I accidentally throw it away with a sample wrapper). This also drives Chris crazy. :)

-I've never been a huge pudding fan. However when I do eat it, I have to take tiny bites. Big bites of pudding gross me out.

-I feel like I keep a pretty tidy house as far as stuff/clutter is concerned. My closet, however, always looks like a tornado hit it.

I'm sure there are dozens of other weird things about me, but that is all I can think of for now. :)

*We've made some changes to Peanut's cage that will hopefully make biting less frequent. We went back and forth on options to deal with him, but we finally decided to give him another shot. I hope I don't regret it... :(

Friday, January 6, 2017

big bite

*A couple things on my desk that make me happy...

My desktop background

*This is a "hooray" for Chris after calling in and finding out he didn't have to report for jury duty this year. I know that we should be happy to do something as small as serve on a jury seeing as we live in such a great country. But let's be honest, it is kind of nice when we get excused... :)

*Ahh...doesn't our Peanut look so innocent?? Wrong. Last night I reached in to get him from his cage and he bit me so hard and deep that I cried. I currently cannot write nor bend my finger due to the pain and swelling. I can't tell you how mad I was. His biting has gotten worse to the point that we are pretty sure he needs to find another place to live. The problem is that I would never feel comfortable giving him to a family with what does one do? Ugh.

*Kendall got her spacers put in this week. Braces here we come!

Monday, January 2, 2017


Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with Chris' side of the family. We drove out in the morning and met everyone for brunch. Shortly after we were treated to a live performance of, "Elf" as our present from Craig's family. The show did a great job of following along with the movie and had some cute extra scenes as well.

After the show we headed back to Craig and Rebekah's house for dinner and Christmas presents. Since it would be a tight fit for all of us to sleep at their house, Chris' parents treated the four of us to a night in a hotel. In the morning Chris headed to a golf store and I loooved being able to relax with coffee and Food Network (man, I miss having that channel)!

We headed back mid-morning to pick up the kids and then came home. I have one more day off tomorrow and then it's back to real Sigh...

 Cam and Lauren making a fun Lego creation from a book Cam got for Christmas.

Friday, December 30, 2016

we are back

We got back from Germany a few days ago. We had a wonderful time! I'll post pictures once I gather them all together. :)

The past few days have been sooo nice and relaxing for me. We have stayed at home, occasionally venturing out to run errands, which has been just what I wanted as a way to finish our Christmas break.

Our first errand after being back was to Walmart to restock our fridge. Kendall had some leftover Christmas money and was excited to use it. Cameron, after an unfortunate incident (involving his old fish, walking across the street and dropping said fish) was excited to get a couple new goldfish.

Jetlag has been a bit of a beast only in that we wake up super early each morning. Yesterday we headed to Starbucks to work on our thank-you cards. 

I got my usual (Grande-soy-skinny-hazelnut-latte-190 degrees-or "as hot as you can make it") and I let the kids get a donut from next door. I love how Kendall is seven years old and still eats the frosting off her donuts. :)

The last few days have also included the addition of two extra kids at our house. :) The quad girls have been over almost 24/7, even accompanying us on errands.

Wienerschnitzel after some shopping.

Today will be another low key day with a few errands mixed in. We will head out to Orange County on Sunday to celebrate Christmas with Chris' side of the family.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

christmas cards

*The kids' school Christmas performance was this past week. Cam played the role of Blitzen and did awesome! If you had told me 8 years ago that he would not only have wanted to try out for a role, but then would love performing, I wouldn't have believed you. He's come such a long way and we were so proud.

*Yes. We are happy to have great insurance through my job and not have to pay it out of pocket like we have for the past 11 years. No, It doesn't mean everything goes flawlessly. For instance, Chris was told over a month ago that he DIDN'T break his hand (after sliding into second during a softball game). Yesterday, when he finally got an appointment with a specialist, they told him he should have babied his hand more because, in fact, he HAD broken it. Wow. 

(the tiny arrow is pointing to the floating piece of bone)

*The kids have to complete a certain number of community service hours each year for school. Yesterday, we went to a convalescent  home and they sang, read books, and passed out Christmas cards (we went with their two buddies). They really enjoyed it and it was neat for us moms to see how sweet they were to the patients.

*Yep...totally shirked on my sending Christmas cards responsibility. Hopefully next year...

*I bake much less now that I'm working. However I always make time to bake one thing on the weekend that I then take to work on Monday. This past week was, by far, the biggest hit.

24 hours from now we will be heading to Germany to spend Christmas with my whole family!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!