Saturday, March 17, 2018

leap of faith

*For some reason, I didn't feel like tackling the latest season of This is Us when it came back on the air. I finally decided to catch up and show ever. Crying every episode. Just finished the crock pot scene...

*Our little guy had his first trip away from home (other than with family) when he attended science camp this past week. He spent two nights and had the time of his life.

I love this pic they posted on the class Instagram account. He had been talking about the, "Leap of Faith"  he had seen pictures of and kept saying, "I hope I am able to jump!". He was. :)

*While Cameron was gone, Chris' parents and their friends came to stay for the night (on their way to Arizona for spring training). We took them to the golf course for dinner and Kendall discovered her new favorite item.

*Kendall was so close to having enough money for a new Lego set. In order to earn the last few dollars, she and Cam went door to door selling treats.

Mommy might have bought a few of the treats to help get her to her goal...but she made it none the less. 

*Starbucks has raised their prices. :( My drink of choice is $6.05. Yikes! I have about $10 left on a gift card and then I will have to force myself to take a break. That is ridiculous. My drink?
Venti Soy Smoked Butterscotch latte, 3 pumps, no foam. Why no foam? Because if I'm spending that kind of money, I don't want a third of the cup filled with foam...a.k.a.AIR!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

sams club

*Last weekend we made a quick road trip up north to celebrate Chris' grandmother's birthday. We had a fun time and the kids loved that we got to stay in a hotel one of the nights. I was a little lax and let them basically run all over the place exploring. :)

*Chris' mom is famous for her homemade ice cream and made five different kinds for the party.

*Today was a desert day with a big Sam's Club list.
-Frosted Mini Wheats
-Guinea pig food (celery, lettuce)
-Almond Butter and Peanut Butter
-Mandarin Orange cups
-Sour Cream
-Cliff Bars
-Tennis Shoes for Chris

*Yesterday Kendall decided that she wanted to create a "Baking Club" for her neighbor friends. It really wasn't baking so much as decorating. :)

*A couple weeks ago we got snow low enough to where the kids' drive to school was nice and white. They were sooo excited.

*I love this picture. Chris took it as he and Kendall were waiting on Cameron getting his hair cut.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

empire strikes back

It was actually snowing here (though you can't see it and it didn't stick)...which was a HUGE deal. :)

Waiting for Red Robin.

 Spontaneous Costco purchase, Cranberry Orange Bisconies. 

Last night was Star Wars night...Empire Strikes Back.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

the last month

*About a month ago we decided to watch Star Wars as a family...from the very beginning. We watch one each Friday night. We also include a yummy dinner and always brownie sundaes for dessert. It's been such a fun thing to do together. :)

*I haven't been feeling my best lately and our outings have decreased quite a bit. Today I felt good enough to venture to Castle Park with the kids. We had such a fun time. We got there right when it opened so they could go on the rides before it got too crowded. 

*My dad took Cam on a long bike ride a while back. It was FREEZING on their way home due to our Beaumont wind. Here they are warming themselves by the fire afterward. :)

*Kendall was, "Star of the Week" last week and was allowed to bring the piggies to school. She was beyond excited.

*Normally Cam is a Double-Double guy. We let him try a 3x3. Verdict? It actually made him a bit squeamish afterward and he's decided to go back to two patties. :)

*Staying at home more has meant lots more Wahoo. I would say two games are averaged per day.

*Kendall and I went to see, The Greatest Showman. She had been dying to see it and she was NOT disappointed. We love to bring blankets and get nice and cozy in the reclining seats.

*My mom loaned me a couple Grisham books. I used to read them all the time but it has been years. I can hardly put this one down.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

some pictures

I have not had much blogging motivation lately, however my sweet Cam has asked numerous times if I can post. Since he is my most avid, consistent reader, I told him I would :) So here goes some pictures of random things we've been up to.

Celebrating Christmas with my parents. Chris read the Christmas story and the kids helped re-enact it using figures from my mom's Little People nativity set.

Activities before school was back in session: park date with the piggies, trampoline park, and Oak Glen.

Science project time. Cam is testing which surface (glass, paper, etc.) heats food the best in the microwave. He's worked very hard on this so far.

I felt bad having to take the kids to the doctor with me one day, but they actually wanted to stay longer as the building had a huge garden/atrium they were playing pretend in.

I have gotten way to lax about this, "nightly bowl of cereal before bed". 

Kendall began an art contest. Kids in the neighborhood, myself, and my mom submit drawings and she picks a weekly winner.

The kids and I love watching, "Kids Baking Championship" on Food Network.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

the past two weeks

*Christmas cookies with the quad girls.

*A few times before school, I surprised the kids with breakfast in front of the "fire". Breakfast consisted of a fun pastry, like daddy's favorite college treat, Honey Buns. 

*I'm very sad to admit we only did our, "Christmas (light) walking" two times this year. :(

*Heading up north for Christmas!

*Christmas cookies.

*Lego invasion post present opening.

 *Wayne made each family a Wahoo board. Wahoo is basically Aggravation, but has been a family tradition since Chris was a little boy. LOTS of games are played whenever the families are together.

*Merry Christmas!

*On Thursday we got together with my friend, Jen. Her kids had brought their bunny, so it also turned into a guinea pig/bunny playdate.

Today we'll celebrate with my family and then Christmas will officially be over... :(

Sunday, December 17, 2017

black belt

*On Friday night we took the kids to Robolights in Palm Springs. The kids and I had been a few years back. It's basically a huge backyard which the owner has transformed into a maze of spray painted junk, decorated with lights. It sounds odd. It is. But really cool (in my opinion). Chris was somewhat skeptical and it turned out our visit did nothing to dissipate his skepticism. ;) He thought it was a little too weird and to quote Kendall, "I thought it was inappropriate. There were random mannequin butts everywhere." Disclaimer: There was nothing inappropriate, just plain weird.

Red Robin afterward...

*This week we hit 200,000 miles on our Toyota!! Here's to 200,000 more! Just kidding. :)

*Yesterday was Cameron's Black Belt ceremony. It was really special. During the ceremony (based off Korean culture), Cameron washed the feet of myself and Chris, as a symbol of respect.

SOOO proud of our guy. The number of hours he has put into this is astounding and we couldn't be more excited for this goal he attained. :)

*Kind of nice when your kid is old enough to ride up to Stater Bros. and get us our Redbox for the night. The walkie-talkie added a nice safety component for me. ;)

*Lately we've been enjoying our Harry readings by the fire...aka Netflix. :)