Friday, March 27, 2020

what we've been filling our time with...

So life hasn't been too exciting around here, but I wanted to at least document a little of what we've done because I think it will be interesting to read back on years from now...

*I'm doing much better in not checking news all the time. Checking news just equals increased worry.

*I'm onto my second John Grisham book. I used to love reading these. I won't admit how few books I've read in the last few years, so it's been great to get back into it.

*We've been having LOTS of family movie nights and it's been fun to re-watch movies Chris and I probably wouldn't have normally re-watched if we didn't have kids. So far we've showed them:
-Ocean's 11
-Ocean's 13
-Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
-Frozen II (umm...we didn't finish this. Chris and I thought the plot was weird. Ha!)

*Getting donuts one morning meant WALKING to get donuts. Finding ways to kill time seems to be the aim :)

(this was before they prohibited even eating outside the restaurants)

*The kids are officially on spring break right now. I think both are looking forward to "school" resuming. They enjoyed seeing their teacher, interacting with their classmates during lessons, etc. Here they are watching an illusionist Kendall's teacher had perform for the kids one day. Such a fun treat.

*I cannot take credit for this idea, but it was a hit! I saw it on a blog I follow. You just divide up the items your kids would normally have for lunch and separate them among the muffin tins. It's a little more time consuming, but what else do I have to do?? :)

*Chris and I discussed this for a while, but we, along with the quads' mom, decided to allow them to continue to play/swap houses. Both families are pretty much quarantined and at this point, we really view them as extended family. It has been a life saver for boredom. Here they are celebrating the quads' birthday last week.

*Our church wanted people to post pics of their families watching the livestream. Here is what Chris posted.

*I know some trails in LA have closed due to the huge influx of people, but luckily the Palm Springs trails are still up and running and soooo beautiful!! I noticed somewhat of an unspoken rule with people facing out (away from the mountain) when someone passes. I guess it's the hiking version of social distancing but it's neat to see people respecting the guideline.

*About a month ago Chris dove back into the world of Crossfit. The timing wasn't ideal to have it shut down so soon after he began, but his coach has been sending workouts to everyone. The kids joined us one time and Chris and I have actually really enjoyed working out together on our back patio. 

 *And that's about it!! On today's agenda, we'll be walking the golf course. Since it's deserted, we thought it would be fun to walk all 18 holes.  After that we'll be supporting our local businesses and going through the Sonic drive-thru (all month kids meals are only $1.99!).

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

hiking and more hiking

The best word to describe this past week is surreal. I can't stop thinking about all the nurses and doctors who are working overtime and in such stressful conditions. Yes, staying home for so long is not ideal...and I'm sure will get harder as time goes on, but we have our health, food, and a warm home. That's a lot and I'm so thankful.

So..what we've been up to...

Right now my focus is on outside. Being outside. Knowing that every day (or hour!) new restrictions/guidelines are announced, I want us to utilize the free time we have and be outdoors for as long as we can. Such an instant mood booster! Sunday we drove toward the sun...which is always toward Palm Springs. We went on a great hike and it was just what we needed.

Krispy Kreme was open so we stopped on our way home.

The kids have had online homework each morning, which they actually enjoy since it's live with their fellow classmates. I'm bummed this won't continue seeing as the next two weeks are technically their spring break.

We are SO fortunate to have fun friends across the street to help occupy the time. The quad boys are over quite a bit playing video games and Kendall is over at their house playing L.O.L's with the girls.

We have had a continuous game of Monopoly going because, let's face it, one full game takes a LONG time!! :)

I'm also trying to implement things that went by the wayside during hectic mornings. We bought the Action Bible a long time ago with grand intentions of reading it during breakfast. It was nice to do that this morning knowing we will now be able to keep it up on a consistent basis. :)

Today we went on another hike. The weather was perfect and again, such a mood booster!

The house right behind the water tower (with the big black roof) was actually Bob Hope's! Pretty cool.

Normally we save our "family movie nights" until the weekend, but I think they'll occur with a little more frequency over the next few weeks. Tonight we'll be viewing Ocean's 11. :)

And that's about it!! I'm sure the next few weeks (or longer...) will be filled with much of the same!

P.S. As I just finished typing this...looks like my break has now been extended to "at least" April 30. Wow.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

18 years

*Last week we went on a ride with the cycling club (our last one was in summer!). The ride was the perfect length for my dad and I, but Cam opted to complete the "extension" with half the group, making it so he got back about an hour after we did. My sweet dad stayed to wait for him, hit In & Out for lunch, then brought him home. Pretty perfect day for our boy. :)

*Cam came down with a small virus and missed two days of school this past week. Part of the time he was home alone, but a couple times I was able to check in on him (a perk of working so close!)

*This is the scene I often see when I get home from work. Kendall LOVES doing Just Dance with the quad girls. I'm so thankful for this friendship. :)

*Chris and I celebrated our 18th anniversary last night. Just typing that hits me as to how long it has been...but yet it's gone so fast! LOVE my husband to bits!! We celebrated at our favorite place and had a wonderful, low key night. Perfect!

*I'm currently really enjoying, The Crown. It's not a completely binge-worthy show as sometimes it can be a tad slow...but I still find it super interesting.

*A few weeks back Chris' side of the family all attended Pirates Adventure. It was fun to all be together and do something different, but as far as the actual show? We did it once and I'm okay if we don't do it again. ;)

Saturday, February 8, 2020


*Last weekend we helped my parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary! It was such a perfect, low key, but special evening. They had the brilliant idea of going to The Cheesecake Factory (ha!) and the weather was perfect for eating outside.

After dinner, we walked to an outdoor area and had dessert as my parents opened their gifts. My parents have truly given my sister and I a wonderful example of what a Godly-kind talking-put one another's needs first-marriage looks like.

Last night we had a kid-free night as both kids had overnight church events. This morning consisted of just hanging out, watching The Office, and enjoying the quiet house.

Such fun to pick up this girl after her church slumber party!

Right now Kendall has a friend from school over, "LOL'ing" it up in her room. I'm getting some work done while watching a new favorite show (and apparently I'm not alone), Cheer.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

corn chowder

*Chris found this the other day and we both thought it was pretty funny and oh so true. :)

*I've transitioned from using disposable K-cups to non-disposable. I feel a little more friendly to the environment and I like how much money I know I'm saving. I took this pic for my mom because she bought me a non-disposable cup for Christmas. :)

*Went on a VERY windy bike ride yesterday. We felt quite accomplished by the end considering how much harder it was simply due to the wind!

*I made Cheddar Corn Chowder last week. I thought it was amazing and one of the most flavorful soups I've had in a long time. The kids really liked it too (Chris enjoyed it as much as he can enjoy soup. Ha!).

Sunday, January 5, 2020

back to work

I can't believe three weeks has gone by so fast. Ugh. I will say I did get a lot of relaxing in, Gilmore Girls episodes watched, Just Dance songs danced with Kendall, and quality time with the kids. Not a bad break. :)

I attended the Rose Parade for the first time in about 30 years! My mom and I took the kids and lucked out with some pretty decent seats. Here is Kendall loaded down with her LOL's and coloring stuff to keep her busy. 

A few days ago the kids, quads, and I walked down to Frugos.

For our last Christmas break hoorah, we took the kids to see the latest Star Wars yesterday. It was a pretty darn good movie. :)

Monday, December 30, 2019

christmas break

We have one more week of break and I know it will go way too fast. Here are some highlights thus far. 

*I ended up going in to work a couple of days during break. I actually love working when school is not in session. It's quiet, I'm often alone in the office, and the slow pace is a welcome change. 

*My mom bought us another advent book this year. The kids always love these.

*Chris and I were able to get away for a few days with some friends to Vegas. We had an amazing time. Lots of great conversation, golf for the guys, massages for us girls, and yummy food. :)

*We celebrated Christmas a little early with Chris' side of the family. 

The weather was pretty dreary so a lot of indoor LOL play, Hallmark movies, and relaxing took place. 

*Christmas day found us back at home. We started out with a Christmas breakfast tradition, Land of Nod.

Later my parents came for lunch and presents. Here is Kendall reading the Christmas story.

 *Otherwise our break has been filled with LOTS of quad action. Kendall and the girls are typically occupied with LOL doll play for hours on end.

Cameron got a Nintendo Switch for Christmas and has been over the moon excited about he and the boys have spent a lot of quality Super Smash Bros. time together. :)