Sunday, November 11, 2018

skinny cow protein

*This week I made a recipe I hadn't made in a long time. I realized it had been too long because it elicited 10's all around!!

*Last week I was chosen to be on the jury for a criminal trial. Was I bummed that I wasn't excused? Initially...yes. Was (and is) it hard to catch up on all the work I missed? Yes. Was it a good experience? Absolutely. The whole trial was incredibly interesting and as cheesy as it sounds, I have so much respect for our justice system. We found the defendant guilty on all three counts (resisting arrest, assault of a police officer, false imprisonment).

*Our family movie nights are chipping away at each and every Marvel movie. Last night was, Avengers Age of Ultron.

*Cameron has been REALLY into collecting cans lately. He'll walk around the neighborhood and ask our neighbors if they have any extra. He'll then crush them and ride his bike up to the recyclying place to turn them in. He made $23 on his last visit!

*I discovered a new Skinny Cow that is amazing. These are my same beloved sandwiches, but are packed with more protein. For some reason that added protein makes them so much more creamy and yummy. I'm officially a fan.

*Had a one night visit from Noonie and Deb last Sunday as they were on their way to the desert for a few days. It was a short, but fun visit!



Saturday, November 3, 2018

the last couple weeks

*Last weekend we left the kids with my parents and went out for a belated birthday for Chris. We had brainstormed fun ideas and had even made reservations at a steak house we had never been to. However the night before Chris decided a celebration is only truly a celebration unless it takes place at The Cheesecake Factory (and I was fully on board)!

We also enjoyed some time beforehand at my happy place...Costco. :)



*Chris recently did something many golfers dream of...he got a hole in one. I know so little about golf, yet I do know what a huge deal this is. :)

*Trick-or-treating was fun this year. The piggies accompanied us. :)

*I had to report for jury duty this past week. I didn't have to report until 9:00am, so not only was I able to take the kids to school, but I even treated myself to a Starbucks. I was even more excited when I realized it was, "Free reusable red cup day when you by a Holiday drink." I got a Caramel Brulee latte. So good.

 *Yes, this is the earliest we have ever decorated, but it just happened to work out to where we had a free Saturday and I'm excited for Christmas!

*Me and my sis :)

Saturday, October 20, 2018

"epic" bike ride

*Today was a bike ride day for dad, Cam, and I. This time, however, we decided to join a group ride, which was put on by a local bike shop. It was so fun. So. Fun. To put it in Cam's words, "Mom! This is epic!" There is something very cool about being with a group of people...all of whom were so nice! We did 30 miles, which luckily were pretty easy miles (hill wise). I was so impressed with Cam because he made his way to the head of the pack, where he remained much of the time.

Here we are stopped to make sure everyone was together. You can see Cam in the middle of the pack (bright yellow shirt with black backpack).

Afterward everyone headed inside the shop for bagels and coffee. What a FUN day!

*Kendall had some fun of her own. Her group at church spent the whole day in Oak Glen. She brought the quad girls, which made it extra special. Before Chris dropped them off in the morning, he and Kendall went to breakfast for a cinnamon roll the size of her face. :)

*I'm just finishing up the most addicting podcast I have listened to thus far (Chris is a fan too). Wow. I would listen every chance I got, even if I was in the car only a few minutes. Here is the description:

"Christopher Duntsch was a neurosurgeon who radiated confidence. He claimed he was the best in Dallas. If you had back pain, and had tried everything else, Dr. Duntsch could give you the spine surgery that would take your pain away. But soon his patients started to experience complications, and the system failed to protect them."

Sunday, October 14, 2018

desert flippers

*I've never been into trying different flavors of coffee because I figured, since I use flavored creamer, I wouldn't be able to taste the difference in the actual coffee flavor. This past week, however, I tried a Starbucks Toasted Graham k-cup. Oh, my goodness! It was the best cup of coffee I've had. The Starbucks brand makes the cups more pricey, but I figure 69 cents for one k-cup is much better than $5 if I were to actually go to Starbucks and get a drink. :)

*Yesterday Chris had a golf tournament and so the kids and I went to Costco. I still feel like Costco is a super fun outing. The kids aren't in as much agreement as they were years ago, but I still look forward to going. :) 

*This morning I made cinnamon rolls for the kids and we all watched our new favorite family show, Desert Flippers. It's your basic house flipping show, but it takes place in the Palm Springs area so it's fun to see if we can guess where the different house flips are. :)

*Our train tracks are one of the few toys I've held onto from when the kids were young. I'm glad I did as every now and then, the kids get in a train zone.

*Here are Chris and Cam, hanging out watching the piggies run around. Full disclosure...Chris is a pretty big fan of the piggies. :)

*Today we took the kids to see, Free Solo. It's a documentary about a man who free climbed (no ropes) El Capitan in Yosemite. Pretty amazing.

*I've REALLY been into podcast listening on my walks. I've mostly listened to healthy living/eating ones, but have grown tired of them. I've been wanting a good, Christian podcast. My favorite are interviews, rather than someone just talking/preaching. I think I finally found one that I like. In fact, the kids and I listened to this one on the way to Costco yesterday and they were very into it.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

joshua tree

*And we are back! I've surprisingly not cried the first two episodes, though I've been watching each one pretty much on the verge. :)

*I've started back with Jillian Michael's in the morning. I've read (or podcast listened) a lot lately about how much muscle you lose as you near your 40's. So while I still enjoy my walks for the relaxing/stress aspect, it's been good to feel like I really accomplished something (though I sure wish I enjoyed the workouts as much as my walks!).

*One of my past fails as a mom was not feeding my kids eggs starting when they were little. I never ate them much, so I never made them. Now that Cam is endlessly hungry, I've been trying to find some other form of protein besides a gallon of peanut butter a day. Enter eggs. I decided I would make them the most appetizing I possibly could. What could be better than eggs, sandwiched in a Costco croissant?? Result? Kendall loved it. Cam tolerated it (but I think he'll still eat them). ;)

*Yes, please.
*To celebrate Chris' upcoming birthday, we headed to Joshua Tree for a few hours with my parents. We had such a nice time and both kids kept saying, "This is so fun!" We climbed boulders, ate a picnic lunch, and relaxed while we talked and watched the rock rappelling folks who were camped right in front of us.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

angel's game

*Chris and a friend took the kids to an Angel's game this past week. This was the kids' first professional game and they had a blast.

*Kendall loves preparing/creating festivities. She likes typing up invitations, creating menus, and preparing meals. This past Friday she purchased several Halloween themed items (plates, bowls, etc.) and made dinner for the family, complete with a dance performance following the meal. :)

*Saturday morning we walked to a new bakery in town. Chris and I agreed it was the best scone we had ever had and Kendall said the same about the I'm thinking a return visit is in our future.

*Later  we headed to the desert. We started out at Barnes and Noble and ended up at Costco.

*I think I've mentioned how much Cameron loves maps. He also equally loves his bike rides as of late. This morning on our walk, I was SO impressed when he showed me what he had done. Posted at a few places around the neighborhood, he created and posted signs with directions (i.e. naming that stretch of path, listing the miles to certain other locations, etc.). LOVE IT!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

chocolate cake shake

*On Friday night, Kendall and I went out to dinner, just the two of us. I let her pick the place, which ended up being Portillo's. She loved the chocolate cake shake for dessert (chocolate shake with a smashed up piece of cake inside). :)

*Saturday morning was a big bike ride with Cam and my dad. It was the perfect weather and we had a great time.

*Later that night we had family movie night. Our recent series has been the Jurassic Park movies. We watched the latest/last one. Kendall was responsible for the dessert. :)

*Right now we are in the phase where the kids attend different church services...which means Chris and I attend different church services. While this isn't at all our ideal Sunday morning, it does allow Cam and I a long morning to kill, which makes for some good bike rides (walks for me).

*We are about to head out to the 99 cent store to get some Halloween decorations. Over the last few years I've adopted the idea of buying cheap decorations. That way, it's fun for the kids to pick out new ones each year and I don't have to find a place to store them since I can just throw them away!

*This morning, on the way to church, I decided to treat myself to a Cold Brew frosted coffee from McDonald's, only to find out they don't carry them anymore!!!! Ugh.

*Chris and I are on the last episode of Jack Ryan. It has been such an edge-of-your seat series! The kids and I watch, Kids Baking Championship on the Food Network. I like it just as much as they do!