Friday, March 27, 2015


Our church took a family trip to Mexico this past weekend. It was "family" in that they really worked in making it easy to take young kids. We stayed at a hotel (as opposed to the ranch with bunk bed quarters), which made sleeping much easier as well as allowed the kids to spend some free time swimming (in the hotel pool, which they adored). My sister and her kids were on the trip as well (her husband had to fly out to Germany so was unable to com).

As a group, we assembled two loft houses (10x10 homes with a small loft for sleeping) for two families. We also went to a local church and helped paint and pass out flyers for a movie night they were hosting for the locals. It was so good for our kids to see how other people live. It was also neat to see the end result, which was a small ceremony presenting the lofthouse keys to the family.

The kids did awesome, considering the many hours spent in the car, the long days on the job site, and just adjusting to being in another country. Chris and I also really enjoyed getting to know others in our church that we see each Sunday, but don't necessarily know.

Here are some pics:

Playing jump-rope with the kids at the local church. Umm...that's exhausting!

The kids had a BLAST swimming with all the other kids from our church.

At the work site.

You can see Kendall right in the center of the picture :)

We ate at the same taco stand all three nights. It was delicious! My dad joined us on the trip as well, which was really fun. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Permission to be sappy? I just love my kids too much. Too much. They are just the best little travel companions I could ask for. :)

Today was beach day:

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

spring break

*We had an awesome weekend in Mexico. I'm still waiting on gathering pictures and I'll post them soon. :)

*Today was such a nice day, we decided to eat lunch outside. It's funny how excited Kendall gets about this.

*We are still enjoying spring break. This week is somewhat low key due to our trip this past weekend. The only big outing we have planned is the beach on Thursday. I will say that it has been heaven to not have to pack their lunch/snack boxes each morning. Heaven!

*We got together with some friends this morning and I made Snickerdoodle Scones. I had made them in the past and forgot how labor intensive they were. However they taste pretty darn good so I think they are well worth the effort.

*We made a trip to Winco last week for some groceries. Part of the reason we made the drive was to stock up on candy for our Mexico trip. Our favorite? Yogurt covered pretzels. :)

*Cam is still really enjoying Tae Kwan Do. He's already gone the past two days and wants to go again tomorrow. It is SUCH a good thing for him. During one class, his teacher even talked to him about his tendency to apologize for everything (and how that shows a lack of confidence). The self assurance and assertiveness we are hoping he gains from this will be worth all the money in the world. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

cashew milk

*Yesterday we tried a new hike out in the desert. We headed out extra early, knowing the heat would come quickly out there. :)

After a Cinnamon Crunch stop at Panera, we got to our destination about 9:00 a.m. This was by far the most crowded and popular hike we had ever done. It was fun to pass so many people up and down the trail. There were some pretty steep parts, but Kendall persevered (Cam ran most of the way!).

*Afterward we stopped at Costco on our way home. Since Pirate Booty was still on sale, I caved and bought two bags. After we run out, I think we'll need to take a break. Kendall is way too obsessed with the stuff.

*Chris and I are loving Secrets and Lies. So good!!

*I've decided I'm a nut milk fan (for my hot chocolate, not so much to drink). My newest try is Cashew Milk. Yum!

*I had suggested several times for Cam to build one of his Lego sets since he hasn't done one in a while (and we have plenty of time on our hands over break). He kept resisting. I decided to get him going by setting it all up and helping him sort the colors. Apparently that was all he needed because now that he's started, he's non-stop! And this set takes him about 7 hours. Woohoo!

Sunday, March 15, 2015


*Yesterday Chris and I went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. Before dinner, we parted ways for just a bit. He dropped me off at Starbucks while he went to a golf store. It was so relaxing and I was excited because right before we left, my newest Food Network magazine arrived. :)

One of the fun facts included in the issue was that, "84% of vegetarians and vegans eventually go back to meat". I thought that was super interesting. While I'm not technically a vegetarian, I am much more so than not. Speaking of meat vs. veggies, last night I ordered a really yummy portobella mushroom "burger" at a restaurant called Stuft Pizza.

However it was nothing compared to one of my top favorite sandwiches of all time (I discovered a couple months ago), the Portobella Sandwich from Claim Jumper.

The flavor on that thing is amazing. :)

*Bachelor: I think if Becca had been into Chris, he would have chosen her. I guess it's a good thing Whitney didn't watch the season because she would have seen how obvious that was. :(

*FYI: County libraries have their reading programs going again. Five books read equal one coupon for a free burger at In & Out!

*Spring Break starts tomorrow and I'm excited to have the kids home for two weeks. We have this week planned, but I'm really hoping next week gives us some good weather so we can take a trip to the beach.

Friday, March 13, 2015

laughing cow

*One of the things Cam's Taekwando class requires is that one or both parents take four classes. Interesting, huh? Anyway, Chris volunteered to go and said it was quite rigorous!

*I found some cute shorts a while back at Old Navy. I took my own advice in buying two pair since it's not often you find a good fitting pair of shorts. I like these because they come in two lengths. I opted for the longer, more mom appropriate length. :)

*Whenever I feed the kids toast in the morning, I make one of Cam's with peanut butter, for a little protein. Kendall is not a PB fan, so I have been wanting to find something different. I decided to try "yummy breakfast cheese!", aka Laughing Cow cheese wedges. I let her open and spread it and made a big deal of the silly name. She's in! 
p.s. They are still on coupon at Costco. :)

*So I think there is a fine line in sharing things about one's life and bragging. However since this past Monday Chris and I celebrated 13 years of marriage, I feel like I get a free brag. What I love so much about Chris is how thoughtful he is. This past week has been pretty difficult for him, work-wise. However instead of taking out his stress on us and the kids, he actually did the opposite...something super sweet. This morning when we came down to breakfast he had left us each a note telling us what he appreciated about us. Wow. Here are the kids reading their notes:

Monday, March 9, 2015

legoland or bust...part two!

*I just love going to Costco with the kids. This past time they sampled a Veggie Burger and really liked it. Hmmmm... :)

*Saturday was our Harry Potter movie day. Every time the opening music begins, Cam looks over at me and gives me the biggest, "This actually is happening!!!" grin. I LOVE it. :)

*That night we met my parents at Spaghetti Factory for dinner.

The kids LOVED the balloon man who came around.

*On Sunday we made a second attempt at Legoland. We had a blast!