Friday, October 17, 2014


*Wednesday was Chris' 35th birthday.   The kids and I had donuts and homemade cards waiting for him in the morning. I had picked out a new hat for him. I did pretty well in choosing...but not quite well enough. At least he had something fun to open. :) He and I are going out to celebrate in a couple of weeks. He really wants to see Fury, which I think looks excellent as well.

In the afternoon my family drove out to celebrate. :) We had a great time beforehand carving pumpkins (the kids lost interest pretty quickly).

During dinner we asked him several "birthday questions". My sweet five year old niece, Sierra, asked the best question of the night, "Have you ever seen a crab?" :)

*Yesterday we had an orthodontist consult for Cameron. Good news (pocket book-wise)! We can wait another year before we need to consider them again! :)

*My "fall resolution" is to make more soups. I NEVER make soup. I like it and will often order it at a restaurant, but never make it here. So my goal is to find ones that both Chris and the kids like. I think pairing it with some yummy bread would increase my odds.

*It is HARD for me to find a TV series that I enjoy enough to stick with. I'm extremely picky (which is funny since I do like those cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies). Lately I've been enjoying Once Upon a Time...but we'll see. :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

our weekend in two parts

This past weekend I went away with my mom and sister to a church campout. We had such a wonderful time together.  Our site was down in San Clemente, right over the water. A few highlights:

*Talking, talking, and more talking with my mom and sister
*Getting to know other women from our church, especially ones from my past. Several of the women I had known my entire life, however when you are a kid, you really have no interest in adults only in that they are the mom/dad of your friends. :) It was neat to actually TALK to them, adult to adult. :)
*Having my food prepared for me all weekend!!!
*Walking to the pier with my sister and meeting my mom and a few of her good friends for lunch. I asked each of the women to go around and tell my sister and I a couple of good/wise parenting decisions they made when their kids were teens. It was sooo neat to hear their responses.

While I was gone, Chris took the kids up north to his parents' for the weekend. They had a great time too!

It was Chris' brother's 20th high school reunion, so they busted out the old Letterman jackets. :)

Saturday morning was an annual parade. Chris and Cam went early to save seats.

After the parade they headed to a pumpkin patch we've gone to every year. 

Love this shot!

I must add one more highlight to my camping weekend, which is that when I arrived home on Sunday, I had an entire night and morning to myself since the kids didn't get home until Monday afternoon. While I was ready to see them, I must admit that getting 10 hours of sleep and waking up to nothing but lying in bed and watching TV was glorious. :)

Thursday, October 9, 2014


*I'm so confused as to why the price of butter has skyrocketed in such a short amount of time. :(

*We had an Urgent Care and ER visit all within the same 24 hours. Chris broke a finger during his softball game Tuesday night and now has a splint. Poor guy has had a pretty miserable time with the throbbing.

Last night Cam's ear started hurting. It got to the point where he was sobbing and inconsolable. With no Urgent Care open for us to go to, we had to resort to the ER. Normally we would never go to the ER for an ear infection, however we had never seen Cam so upset and felt at a loss as to what to do. Our guy was a champ...a very tired champ. He and Chris didn't get home until after midnight.

*My SIL told me that pumpkin spiced lattes actually don't have any pumpkin in them, just spices. I must admit I'm a TAD intrigued, however the thought of spending $4 on a drink that I'm unsure I'll like would deter me from trying it.

*I was trying to tell Kendall that the word "kind" has the long "i" sound. This is what I got in response:

"Mom, you don't know about the sounds of this letter. You aren't in school anymore".


*The other day I randomly ran into my dad at Costco (it really wasn't THAT random as we like to tease him about how much he goes). We enjoyed discussing what samples were good. Here we are eating the Angus Burger. :) 

I laughed even more when I saw this later in the week. I actually did skip lunch that day. I will say, in my defense, that I didn't go back for seconds. I never do that...well...almost never. :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

mitt romney

*We have some friends who always have a huge variety of cereal stocked in their pantry. Recently we had the idea of having a, "cereal for dinner" night. It was such fun for the kids (and Chris and I) to sample a few different kinds. My friend introduced the kids to a super decadent combo: Golden Grahams topped with mini marshmallows served in chocolate milk! Yes, they were fans. :)

Sidenote: The kids did not go swimming, however Kendall insisted on wearing her swimsuit which doubled as a gymnastics outfit. They have some kids gymnastics equipment in their living room that she loves to play on.

*Today I accompanied Kendall's class on a field trip to Oak Glen. She was very excited to have me sit on the bus with her. :)

*Last night Chris was gone and so I was on the hunt for something to watch. I ended up with a documentary on Mitt Romney. It was fascinating.  I've never been super into politics, however I found the family dynamic that went along with running for president (as well as all that goes into the campaign) really interesting.

*I got my latest issue of Food Network Magazine in the mail today. Want to guess what the favorite Halloween candy is? Snickers.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

orange chicken

*Yesterday we went to a different library to check out the latest Harry Potter book. I had it on hold at several so he was SUPER excited to have a copy come available. This library lets you renew up to 9 times. This will come in quite handy considering this fourth book is over 700 pages!! We got started before we even left the library. :)

*This morning the kids took part in a 1K race. Their cousins also ran and they had a GREAT time. Cameron was a little nervous when he saw all the kids, but he was such a champ and both kids said they wanted to do another one. It was SUCH fun to see them running!!!

*Later in the day I dropped the kids off at my sister's and went to Costco. They had a coupon for one of our dinner favorites, Orange Chicken. I bought two boxes!!! It's such an easy, yummy dinner.

*Since the Giants playoff game wasn't broadcast on regular network TV this afternoon, Chris had to resort to watching it on an App he found he could download to my Kindle. :)

Thursday, October 2, 2014


*On Tuesday my sister and I joined my mom in her drive to the airport to pick up my dad. He had been in Ethiopia and Uganda the past couple of weeks on a missions trip. Susan brought a few of these energy balls she had recently made. I will definitely be making a batch because they were very yummy.

*While we were gone to the airport, the dads and cousins got together. Dinner was at In & Out. Cameron was very excited to conquer his first Double Double. :)

*Kendall came home yesterday from her dance elective with the assignment to practice cartwheels. I tried to show her how to do some but quickly realized they are hard to teach! Hmmm...we'll keep working...take a look.

*Last night was a Giants playoff game. Chris had been very excited so we planned a baseball party. We've done this before and it merely consists of some fun food for dinner with us all eating in the living room. The kids think it's quite special.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

free museum

*My substitute orientation went as expected...pretty uneventful. :) It will still be a couple of weeks until I'm processed. They seem to be in pretty desperate need of subs, so I should have no trouble getting jobs. :)

*Last night my mom had all five cousins over for a sleepover (my dad is in Uganda so this was by herself!!). Chris and I had some money left on a Claim Jumper gift card so we took advantage of our free night. I have not had the Motherload in probably 10 years. We got a slice and dropped a hunk off at my sister's since she is an equal chocolate lover. We both agreed that it was yummy, but so is a chocolate cake made from a box...and you can bake an entire one for less than one slice of the Motherload.

*Last night I was on the hunt for something to do today. I came across a free family day at the Children's Discovery Museum of the Desert. So after picking up the kids at my mom's, we headed out. First we made a lunch stop, of course, at Costco. :)

When we first arrived to the museum, we weren't sure we would last long. It was very, very, very crowded. Cameron and Kendall skipped several exhibits simply because of the number of kids. However we stumbled upon a few activities that kept them quite happy and we ended up having a really nice time (definitely worth the free admission!)

*Has anyone seen any of the Buzzfeed vidoes? I've seen a couple and they have been super funny. This one about weird things couples do on dates is SOOO funny. Chris and I totally laughed at the "no dessert for us....the frozen yogurt" part. :)