Thursday, November 29, 2012

*We have some new renters on our block.  I was a little turned off at first because of the blaring rap music coming from their house one afternoon.  But it's amazing how my opinion has softened after seeing the HUGE amounts of Christmas decorations they have put up.  I like them now. :)

*I'm VERY particular about my hot drinks being hot, hot, hot.  A while back I ordered a mocha at a McDonald's drive-thru.  There was a line and by the time I got up to the window, my drink was tepid (they had obviously made it right when I ordered it and it just sat there).  I didn't even finish it. :(  So a few nights ago I formulated a plan.  I ordered the kids' cookies initially.  Then when I got up to the window I acted as if I had forgotten part of my order and asked for my drink.  It was made right then, handed to me right then, and was super hot.  :)  Yes, kind of a hassle just to get a McDonald's drink, but it was worth it.  :)

*Did anyone ever watch Out of This World as a kid??  Remember she could pause time? :)

*I'm not very far on my Christmas shopping.

*I've realized that part of the reason I like hot weather better than cold is because shorts are more comfortable than pants.  I'm not a fan of pants.

*Would you rather give up hot showers (substituting super cold) or dessert?  That is tough one for me but I think I would give up the showers.  Brrrrr....



Monday, November 26, 2012

outback potato

My "rather have the sides over the meat" not only applies to Holiday meals, but also to my visits to Outback.  I don't remember the last time we actually ate there, but all I know is that their baked potatoes were/are absolutely the best (my order there has always been simply a dinner salad and a baked potato).  They are actually out of this world.

A couple of visits back to my in-laws Chris' mom made baked potatoes for dinner and I was in awe at how identical they were to Outback's.  I've made them twice since because Chris is a huge fan as well.  They are SOOO easy.  Here is the super simple recipe. You seriously need to make your potatoes this way the next time you have them!!  The only problem is that neither of my kids like baked potatoes.  Grrr....

Saturday, November 24, 2012

turkey day

The last of our visitors left a few hours ago.  We had a wonderful week with both sides of our family.  

Chris' grandma stayed with us all week and will be VERY missed by Cam and Kendall.  Earlier in the week we put up a few Christmas decorations:

 Here are the cousins with their Aunt Rebekah, who made fun cake pops for the "kids" dessert (although I think all four kids partook of the "adult" desserts as well!) :)

Here is Uncle Craig going over Spanish words with Cam.  Cam is quite into his Spanish lessons at school. :)

The boys and their dad:

It was fun having my parents join us.  The new salad recipe I mentioned my mom was going to try was delicious.  I think one of the stars of the meal was the stuffing recipe I said I was going to attempt...thanks for the recipe Noonie and Deb!!!! :)

After the meal, we each read the slip of paper we had written things were thankful for on.  The kids then stuck them to the turkey's feathers.

This morning we put up our tree:

 Here is Grandma teaching the kids how to make paper candy canes for the tree:

p.s. It's ironic that I entitled this "turkey day" seeing as I have yet to taste one bite of the turkey.  I never really eat any of the main meat dishes on Holidays.  It's not that I don't like meat, it's that I like the side dishes SOO much better and would rather fill up on them.  But I'm sure a few turkey sandwiches are in my future as we have tons of leftovers. :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

ordinary awesome day

Yesterday was one of those days that wasn't amazing in what we actually did, but was fun all around because I just love being with my kids.  Chris had a flag football game out in OC so the kids and I ran errands and hung out all day.

We started with bagels at Panera Bread.

Afterward the kids accompanied me in a drive thru trip to Starbucks.  My order?  Tall coffee soy frappuchino with whip, caramel, and toffee bits on top.  Starbucks is only about a 2x times a month trip for me, so it is always such a treat that makes anything afterward more fun...including a big grocery trip!! :)

The kids did great at Winco, only getting hyper toward the end.  :)

Here is Cam picking out a movie from Redbox for later in the afternoon (he chose Aurthur Christmas).

After Kendall's nap we went for a walk before the rain started.

Again, not a unique day as far as our outings, but it was super fun just to have my little buddies with me all day. :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

If you could have a staring role in a movie that has already been made, which would it be?  I guess it would be between Annie Banks-MacKenzie from Father of the Bride and Cher from Clueless.  Both are quite different characters, but seem fun to play. :)

What was your first concert?  I'm not 100% certain, but I think it was N'Sync.  I remember loving it, by the way. :)

If you were on death row, what woud your last meal be?

Fresh, hot bread with loads of butter...

very salty tortilla chips for dipping in some potato salad...

 ending with a no-nut brownie sundae...

If you could dress like anyone, who would it be?  I've always loved Rachel Bilson's style and I think she's just so cute.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

*Zoe is still a wonderful and loved member of our family, but I will say that our theory that a pet costs more than one can plan for was proved true this past week.  First we spent $25 on getting our satellite fixed due to her chewing through the cord while sleeping in the garage while we were gone.  Our lawnmower now won't work because she also chewed through a wire.  Lovely, Zoe.  Lovely.  Sadly you no longer have the privilege of sleeping in the garage when we are gone. :)

*We are hosting Thanksgiving this year.  My request for my family was to come up with new dishes that we have never had.  So far we will partake in this dressing and this salad.  Yum!!  I'll stick with the old and make a dessert I've made a couple times.

Remember this? I received several "10's" with this one. :)

*Awana might be taken to the homestead for Cameron.  Each week he tells us how much he doesn't like gym/game time because it is so loud and chaotic (and it's quite long).  I then found out a friend of his now attends a different Awana for this exact reason.  There are a couple other concerns Chris and I have and we've decided to look into getting all his jewels/patches (because he is really into earning those) and doing it from home.

*I'm LOVING my podcasts, "Things You Should Know" and, "Stuff You Missed in History Class".  So far I've learned all about:
-Salem Witch Trials
-Joe McCarthy ("McCarthy'ism)
-Patty Hearst

*OK, I'm off to Cam's parent teacher conference.  I've got Tangled cued up and a snack bag for both kids in the hopes they'll quietly sit in the corner while we chat. :)  Here's to hoping!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

70th birthday

This past weekend we visited my in-laws for my father-in-law's 70th birthday party.  It was such a fun weekend.  Normally when we go up it's just the four of us.  This time the kids loved the addition of their two cousins all weekend long. :)  Some highlights:

*On Friday Chris' mom took Cam to school with her.  He enjoyed recess with the big kids.

*Friday night we went to their favorite restaurant.  Here is a pic of the brothers.  In honor of their dad, they humorously grew mustaches, much to the dismay of us wives.  We were SO glad when they shaved them off!!!!  Ugh!!! :)

(this was before they shaved to just a mustache) 

*The party was for Chris' dad, but they had a bounce house for the kids, which was GREATLY appreciated and used. :)

*After the party we had our bonfire/hot dog roast, which has become somewhat of a tradition during cold weather visits.

*One breakfast took place at IHOP.  I think it might be a new favorite restaurant for my kids.  I can't believe how much they can eat!!

*One afternoon I took the three big kids on a nature walk.  We had a fun time exploring all around their property and finding things like "dinosaur bones".

*Lot's of YUMMY food was had.  I realized that in addition to anything chocolate, I'm also somewhat of a sucker for potato and macaroni salad.  My meals pretty much consisted of a plate of a few different kinds along with a bunch of tortilla chips for dipping.  My Jillian DVD was needed but certainly not welcome this morning. :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

the next four years

No, this is not a post about the election results. :)  While I obviously was anxious to hear who won, I wan't glued to the TV...rather the kids and I were having fun together at Disneyland.  I hadn't taken them by myself in a long time and we had a blast.

A blog I follow asked the question, "Where will you be the next time elections roll around?" Well, let's see... I'll be 37. I think we'll still be in this house, at least I hope so.  We've grown to love our house, our neighborhood, and our small'ish town.

I might be working part time since both kids will be in school.  Where will I be working?  Not sure.  School counseling sadly seems to be going the way of the dinosaurs.  I would like to look into working in some aspect with special needs kids or their parents (helping them navigate services, adjust to life with a child with special needs, etc.).  I think Cameron has really opened me up to that whole part of our society.

Other than that, I see our life pretty similar to what it is now.  As far as things we'll hopefully do by then?

*While I'd love to say we'll have visited my sister and her family in Germany, I just don't see that happening financially.  But at least they will be here for a year in 2014! :)
*Take the kids to a big waterpark (like Knott's Soak City)
*I'd like to be volunteering on a regular basis somewhere other than church.  Volunteering at church is great...and needed.  But I'd like to do something outside that "world"...maybe Meals on Wheels, Special Olympics, etc.
*Take the kids tent camping
*Run a 5K with Chris.  I've never run in a race but hear they are so fun and such great atmospheres.

Four years will go by quickly, so I think my list is pretty doable. :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

*Today I took Cam to a birthday party for a girl in his class.  He had a great time and as always, it's fun for me to see him interacting with his peers and enjoying them. :)

Can't beat horse rides at a birthday party!  Wow!!

*I checked out Reader's Digest from the library and read about a CRAZY food blog.  If you are in the mood to see some insanely delicious, very unique, somewhat disturbing food creations, scroll through this blog.  Here are a couple that I would like to devour.

Cake Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich

Deep Fried Chocolate Cake Covered in Ice Cream and Chocolate Syrup

*I'm currently snuggled on the couch watching my first made for TV Christmas movie of the season.  Woohoo!!!

*In theory, the smart choice for tonight's time change would be for me to stay up a little later since it's technically an hour earlier.  Or I could just go to bed at 8:00.  Mmmmm....sounds like my kind of bedtime. :)

*I'm off to get my Skinny Cow for dessert.  Tonight's concoction will be doctored up by a handful of the kids' Halloween candy (I'm thinking some Reese's and Heath). :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

*Chris recently introduced me to some cool podcasts.  They are called "Stuff You Should Know" and they are super interesting and fun to listen to.  They are about random things that are just plain cool to know about!! :)  Here are a few:

--How Ponzi schemes work
--How spies work
--How lie detectors work
--How casinos work

*The other night I had a Baileys and Cream.  It was VERY yummy.  However the reason I had it was because it was free.  While I'm not the biggest fan of alcohol's taste, there are some drinks that I find quite good.

HOWEVER, if you were to tell me I could spend $10 on this:

or this...

the cake will ALWAYS win out.  ALWAYS. There is simply no question in my mind that I would rather spend money on a decadent dessert over...a liquid. :)

*Costco trip today:

-One block sharp cheddar
-Tortilla Chips
-Frozen veggies

*Our son continues to be IN LOVE with Zoe.  We've started letting her inside just the kitchen area.  Cameron likes her to climb all over him, which Zoe is happy to do...a lot. :)