Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Last night was Cam's second Halloween. Last year we didn't do a whole lot...and this year wasn't too different. We did take him to my parent's church. I think he enjoyed seeing all the people milling about. We stayed a short while, then came home. I mainly wanted to go to show him off to my parents. He looked too adorable to just stay in doors. :)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

little tidbits about me

When I'm nervous: I have to go to the bathroom….IMMEDIATELY

The last song I listened to was: “Stretchin the Truth…is Tellin a Lie”, from Cam’s CD

If I were to get married right now, my maid of honor would be:
my sister/best friend

I have a hard time understanding:
How someone could neglect their child. My heart literally aches when I see a news story about this.

If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be:

Most recent thing I've bought myself: A pretty red berry Xmas wreath. I’ve seen it a lot at Target, but didn’t want to spend the money. I saw it yesterday for 50% off. Woohoo!!

Most recent thing someone else bought me: Chris always buys me frappuccinos. Whenever we go on a longer car ride, he asks, "Should we stop by Starbucks??"

My favorite hair style is:
naturally curly…I wish I had this!

In the morning I: almost always make a cup of hot chocolate during Cam’s first nap…I honestly look forward to this little “break” immensely!!! It’s my “me” time.

Last night I watched: Nothing…we went out to eat with our friends which was SOOO fun!

Tomorrow I will: take Cam to a Pediatric Doctor of Infectious Diseases, due to him having a 3rd staph infection. I won’t go into this, but this is a huge concern/issue going on with our family right now. I need to get to the bottom of it.

Tonight I am: excited b/c we are about to watch the last two episodes of the best show I’ve seen in a long time called, “Damages”

I'm missing:
Susan, Jessica, Kara

My heart is:
too fragile when it comes to Chris and Cam

Friday, October 26, 2007

picky, picky!

We have a picky eater on our hands. Yes, I know babies are picky when it comes to food. Yes, I know it comes in phases. But this phase has been going on for over two months. I've tried soooo many foods (repeatedly) and here are the ONLY ones he eats:

*any fruit
*peanut butter

Yes, that is it. Pretty hard to vary his diet within those parameters! Anyway, here is a video of what Cam does when I place some food in front of him that he is opposed to. (copy/paste)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

interesting few days

The past few days have been, well, interesting. On Sunday Chris was admitted to the hospital. He had developed a staph infection in his arm that was not healing even with the antibiotics he was on. Due to the recent scare (you might have seen it in the news) about a specific thread of staph, they wanted to make sure they got rid of it. So he spent the past couple days in the hosptial, hooked up to an IV (to receive antibiotics). My mom stayed with us the whole time and watched Cam while I went back and forth to the hospital. I simply cannot tell you how grateful we are to here. What an angel! Here he is with his nice little arm band/gaze.

The past few days have also brought us wind like I have NEVER seen before. The dust has been unbelievable. The worst part is our house. Our windows are not 100% sealed, therefore our whole house is literally covered in a film of dust. My sweet dad taped a few of our windows, but even that didn't keep it all out. Chris and I are somewhat neat freaks, so this is driving us crazy. I can't wait until the wind dies down and I can start to clean! Here is a picture of our window sill. Half has been vacuumed. Won't this be fun to clean up...ON EVERY WINDOW!!!

Another interesting, or rather yucky thing happened admist all this chaos. I backed into a woman in the Albertson's parking lot. Ughhh...not really what I needed. She was, shall we say, not happy AT ALL with me. I thought since I had a cute little baby with me, she might be a little nicer. Hmmm...not so much. Anyway, the important thing is that we weren't hurt and the "collison" was very small.

So that is the past few is to hopefully some better ones!

p.s. Previous to all this, we did have a fun time at the Pumpkin Patch...

Friday, October 19, 2007

happy belated birthday

Chris's birthday was this past Monday. Last night my parents came over to celebrate with some homeade pizza and brownie sundaes. I was ecstatic that he liked the gift I bought him, a clock for his office. He is very difficult to shop for. While I've always appreciated that he has a great sense of style, it does make it more difficult for me to buy him clothes because his tastes are more particular. So I decided to buy something I thought he needed, but hadn't asked for...and I lucked out!

So here is to year 28 for him! Here are a few things I'm thankful for:
*His sense of humor
*His willingess to take Cam on walks or on an errand in the afternoon when he senses I need a little break
*His love for Cameron and his excitment about playing with him
*His understanding of my early bedtimes
*His natural tidiness around the house


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

9 Petinaks

This past weekend we went up to Chris's parent's house. Chris's brother and his family were also there. It isn't often that all of us get together, let alone stay in the same house! We had a great time!! I think it was good for Cameron to be around everyone, especially his cute little cousins. He was in a much better mood for most of the weekend (Thank you God!!).

Saturday we went to The Reedley Fiesta for a while before Chris's grandparents, Mo, and Annie came over for dinner. We had a delicious meal of steak, baked potato casserole, bread, and the list goes on!

Sunday we took Cam to the pumpkin patch. He enjoyed the train ride and seeing all the bright orange pumpkins. We visited our friend, Matt and Jana, then went out to dinner (after we put Cam down), just the two of us. It was such a fun weekend. We are very lucky in that Cam is a GREAT car passenger. I don't think he cried once, which was wonderful! Here are som pictures.

As you glance at the picture below, your first thought is probably, "Oh how cute! He has a lipstick kiss!". If only. This morning at Gymboree, one of the other little boys was hugging and kissing Cam. It was so adorable and the other mom was snapping away with her camera...until her son decided Cam was just too sweet not to eat (can you blame him?). Yes, he attempted to take a nice chunk out of Cam's cheek. It took about 15 minutes for the poor thing to calm down. The other mom felt horrible, but really, what can you do? Babies will be babies. :(

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


This morning started out like the past few mornings. Cam was pretty difficult. However after breakfast (he has resorted to ONLY eating bananas), I discovered something that worked like We actually discovered music calms him in the car this past summer on our way home from vacation. But this morning, he was quite content playing on the floor as long as his Bible Action Songs were playing. I hope this lasts!!

On to my title. Lately he has taken to wanting to cuddle. This is not the norm as he is usually very squirmy and wanting to be on the go. I LOVE this and take advantage of it often. Before his nap, I rocked him with his little head on my shoulder. As I sang songs and prayed for him, he fell asleep. was pure bliss. It sure made our past few days seem fade into memory. I sure do love him.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


This past weekend was my 10 year reunion. I was hesitant to go (my excitment was at a "6"), but ended up having a great time. Chris and I sat at a table with basically my best friends from high school, which made it tons of fun. Chris was a great sport, especially having to listen to dumb (I mean really dumb!) stories of things we did back then. About half of our class showed up, which I think is pretty good. It was also fun for Chris and I to get out and feel like real adults for an evening, meaning getting dressed up and not getting home until 10:30...yes you heard me...10:30! Sorry the pics are so small.

Also, I was not permitted to mention this until now...but CONGRATULATIONS to my best friend, Jen. She is 9 weeks pregnant!!!!!!!!!!! I'm beyond excited!!

This weekend we are hoping to go up to Chris's parent's house for a visit. His brother's family will also be there. I say "hoping" because Cam seems to have different plans for us at this point. For some reason, he has been EXTREMELY fussy the past few days. We thought it might be a reaction to some shots he recently got, then we thought it might be teething. Now we thinking he might be getting sick. Whatever the reason is, my job as mommy has not been the most delightful as of late. I was tempted to see about trading him in for a different model. Can you do that? On a side note, he has been standing for a few seconds at a time which makes my day!!! I clap and clap whenever I see it. SOOOOO cute!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

hairy frapp

Today Chris and I went to Target and I couldn't resist getting a frappuchino at their Starbucks. Whoever married the two of them (Target and Starbucks) should win an award. What could be better than browsing through Target, buying things you really don't need, and sipping a frapp? Anyway, about half an hour later, after I had had about 1/4 of it (yes, it takes me a couple hours to get through even a tall frapp), I noticed a very disturbing thing. There was a hair in my cup...and it obviously was not mine. I was super bummed that my favorite drink was now going to waste. Chris jokingly said, "What would John do?". He said this because my dad is king of taking things back. He has taken back grapes to Costco because they were mushy/sour (I have to admit I did this too...I mean we would have lost $12 on two huge things of sour grapes!!). In his defense, he has never returned anything that he shouldn't. It has always been items that were pretty inedible.

But I digress and back to the hairy frapp. The thought did cross my mind of stopping by the Starbucks by our house, explaining the situation, and despite not having gotten the drink there, asking for a new one. But I didn't. I would have felt a little tacky. Was I correct in my actions or was losing $3.30 really worth making the extra stop?

Monday, October 1, 2007

future athlete

Saturday morning we drove to a sports park nearby. We put Cam in the stroller and walked around the different games, watching the cute kids play. It made us pretty excited for when Cam gets to be that age and can play sports. Sidenote #1 Chris wanted me to add that despite Cam's Reebok attire, we are open to other endorsment offers for him. #2 He also wanted me to point out that while you may see soccer in the background, please don't mistake that for an approval of the sport (although I think soccer is great and would love it if Cam played!)

Later that afternoon we drove out to OC to have dinner with some friends, Karen and Curtis. It was nice to hang out with them and their kids and Cam did pretty well considering we had never stayed so late (up until his bedtime) with him anywhere.

Sunday our friends Jen and Eric stopped by for a few hours. We had a great time and I'm glad they took the long route to her parents so they could stop by.

This afternoon we are going over to my mom's house so Chris can hook up her new Tivo. I'm so happy she is finlly getting it. I'm a firm believer that once you go never go back!