Friday, September 30, 2016

big bear

*I'm the designated "birthday girl" at work. Basically I plan the days in which we all go out to lunch to celebrate the various birthdays in our department. I also bake a cake that day for the birthday person. This past week I wanted to try something fall'ish. It was a big hit and I think what sets this recipe apart is the cream cheese/cinnamon glaze. Sooo good!

*On Monday I had to go to an all day conference. While the conference wasn't the most thrilling, I have to say the highlight was the drive there. I love that I work five minutes from home, but sometimes it's nice to be in the car for a while. I just get to zone out, listen to Dr. Laura, and treat myself to Starbucks. Drink of choice: Skinny Hazelnut Soy Latte...EXTRA hot. :)

*I forgot to include this pic on my last post. I think it's a sweet picture. I love that hiking is such a special activity that my dad and Cameron get to share. :)

*Went to Costco last weekend. Who would want a bear this big in their house???

*Finally went to the dentist on Tuesday for the first part of my deep cleaning. I've been putting it off for too long. I'm so glad they numbed me because I could tell they went DEEP! 

*Really interested in checking out the Amanda Knox documentary that is coming out on Netflix.

*It's FRIDAY!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mt. Baldy

*A few nights ago Chris and Cam went out for a milkshake. Cam had a bit of a hard time at school this past week and Chris wanted to have a daddy/son chat time.

*Yesterday was our big hike to the summit of Mt. Baldy. There was a huge crowd at the bottom when we arrived, but luckily we all somehow spread out and we ran into just enough people along the way to make it enjoyable (it's always fun to chat with fellow hikers). This hike was 11 miles, as opposed to our previous 18. Much more enjoyable, in my opinion. ;)

Here  we are at the summit!! It was super cold and windy at the top so we were very glad we had packed our jackets! It was also super crowded as most people tend to hang out once they get to the top. I would guess 75 people were huddled around in their various groups. A fun atmosphere. :)

The last 1/4 of the way down we treated ourselves to a ride on the chair lift. This was a highlight (especially for Cam) as it was wonderful to just sit and REST!!! :) It was a great day and fun to conquer another summit!

*While we were gone, Chris took Kendall out to his brother's so the cousins could play. Kendall was beyond excited about this. She was also excited to get a ride in Uncle Craig's cool new red convertible. :)

p.s. Cam's hiking blog goes into MUCH more detail (including videos) if you are interested. :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


*My latest issue of Food Network Magazine had a coloring contest on the back page. Kendall was immediately excited. I was so proud of her as she probably spent 3-4 hours on this. I had Chris put a pic of her with her finished copy at the bottom of the entry form before I scanned it in for the contest. Maybe her cute little face (plus her "Dear Donuts, I Love You." shirt) might score a few extra points. :)

*99% of Cam's breakfasts consist of this on the side of whatever else he has. I struggle with filling him up and so almond butter on bananas is a constant. He's not the biggest fan of almond butter, however considering he eats a truckload of peanut butter during other parts of the day, almond butter it is. Costco only has unsweetened, so I do mix a little jelly to sweeten the deal. :)

*Chris took the kids to see Kubo and Strings this afternoon. He said it was funny, but also pretty weird. :)

*Last week a fellow School Psychologist told me it takes 5 years to fully feel comfortable in the job. While that seems very daunting to hear, it also helps me not be so hard on myself for times like today...when my throat got so dry from nerves during an IEP that it sounded like I was losing my voice. Ugh. Luckily I'm able to play it off pretty well, so I don't think people realize how nervous I am. :)

Saturday, September 17, 2016


*Took a walk to the donut shop this morning. The kids wanted to stop on the way back to eat their donuts so the piggies could eat some grass too.

*Chris texted me a pic of this jacket this morning when he was at Walmart. He wanted to know if he should get it for Cam. I told him to pass as I am NOT a fleece fan. I have never liked it. I don't like it for several reasons, one being it seems to always attract hair.

*While Chris was at Walmart, he also spied a new product that I told him he should have bought. I always sift through the overcooked/slightly burned crackers (in any variety). This would be right up my alley!

*Desert day. Christmas toys have come to Costco!

*I'm glad the temperature was back in the 90's today. I wasn't a fan of the cooler days this past week. I don't mind the chilly nights, though. Here we were at Chris' softball game this past week all bundled up.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

food mixing

*I gave up on Downton Abbey. I think part of the reason is that I enjoy shows where I need only partially pay attention. I like to be able do something else (like email) and still track what's going on. Downton Abbey requires paying complete attention. I've switched to Cedar Cove (Chris wants nothing to do with it's a solo viewing). It's extremely cheesy and has horrible acting, but it's also set in a small town, which I love. :)

*Cam and I started our hiking research today. Mt. Baldy is scheduled for September 24!

*Lately Kendall has been into making her own dessert creations. The other night her creation included chopped apples, chocolate chips, melted marshmallows, blue food coloring...and salt. After one bite, she opted for my cream. :)

*I've realized I'm a big fan of mixed foods. Even if the foods don't have different textures, I just like mixing them in each bite. Every single day I pack myself a snack of pretzels, Wheat Thins, and peanuts (I break them up into pieces so I can get a little of each in every bite). My previous cherry tomatoes and grapes has now been replaced by apples and carrots (again...a little in each bite). I'm weird.

*Tomorrow is Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2016


*A night last week...
Kids: eating dinner
Piggies: eating dinner (grass)
Chris: cleaning golf clubs
Kelly: laying on the blanket
It's nice now that the nights are cooler. I'd like to do this more often. :)

 *This past week I felt like an epic mom failure. Cam had lost a tooth in the morning and I had forgot  to have the tooth fairy pay him a visit that night. He reminded me the next morning and I felt terrible! So the next night I wrote him a funny note and doubled his money. :)

*Yesterday Chris played in a fundraiser/golf tournament for the kids' school. Cam's teacher was there and Cam FLIPPED when I got a text with his dad and teacher in a selfie!!! :)

*While Chris was golfing, we went to PennyPickles Workshop in Temecula. This museum has always baffled me. I really don't think it's that fun and being an hour's drive away...maybe not worth it. However the kids love it, so I guess that's all that matters. :)

 *One thing that helps justify the drive is that it's right down the road from one of our favorite restaurants, Pat & Oscar's. These restaurants are very hard to come by anymore as most have closed. On the rare occasion we are in the Temecula area, we make sure to stop. :)

The restaurant is situated right by a lake. Afterward the kids ran around and played while I sat and talked to my sister for almost half an hour. It was great!! We rarely get to talk on the phone because of the time difference and especially now that I'm working.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


*While I have forgotten most of our wedding gifts, this one I will never forget since I use it frequently. My friend, Chalet, put together a book of some favorite recipes I had eaten at her house throughout Jr. High and High School. Chalet is the one that first introduced me to gooey bars (they go by many different names), which I have probably made a thousand times. It is my go-to recipe when I bake for people. 

*The first thing I do when I walk in from work each day is pack the kids' lunch boxes for the following day. I find it's much easier to refrigerate the entire packed box so that I literally put it straight into their backpacks in the morning.

 I realized one of the things that takes me the longest is simply deciding what to pack. This week I wised up and made a plan for each day. I included what snack I would pack, as well as what lunch if needed (they usually stay for lunch 1-2 days per week). I need to do this more often!!

*Kendall came down tonight in his lovely P.J. ensemble. :)

*On Sunday we attended the baptism of Cam's good friend. It was at a home and was such an intimate, special time. Afterward they let the kids swim, which was a nice way to end the night! :)

Sunday, September 4, 2016


Last week Chris suggested we look for a fun place to stay for this Labor Day weekend. At first it was a no-go as things were very expensive. Enter some super old credit card rewards points we forgot we even had. Bingo! We found an awesome place out in Indian Wells and had a great 24 hour getaway!

I got some solid magazine-by-the-pool relaxing in. LOVED this. The first day I sat right by the pool while the kids swam.

The next morning I sat right by the pool on a lounge chair watching the kids. Sidenote #1: Allrecipes is my current favorite cooking magazine. Sidenote #2: Yes, it was actually a tad chilly in the shade...hence my towel blanket.

Pooped after swimming!

We went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner.

This is the dish (Spicy Cashew Chicken) that Chris had on his very first trip to the restaurant back on our honeymoon. I had already been at that point and suggested we try it. It was on that trip that our love affair truly began. :)

This morning Chris went to pick up breakfast while we explored the hotel grounds.

Now we are back home and one of the best parts of this vacation is that it's not over!! A three day weekend is GRAND! Even better is that we don't have any plans tomorrow! Woohoo! :)