Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mt. Baldy

*A few nights ago Chris and Cam went out for a milkshake. Cam had a bit of a hard time at school this past week and Chris wanted to have a daddy/son chat time.

*Yesterday was our big hike to the summit of Mt. Baldy. There was a huge crowd at the bottom when we arrived, but luckily we all somehow spread out and we ran into just enough people along the way to make it enjoyable (it's always fun to chat with fellow hikers). This hike was 11 miles, as opposed to our previous 18. Much more enjoyable, in my opinion. ;)

Here  we are at the summit!! It was super cold and windy at the top so we were very glad we had packed our jackets! It was also super crowded as most people tend to hang out once they get to the top. I would guess 75 people were huddled around in their various groups. A fun atmosphere. :)

The last 1/4 of the way down we treated ourselves to a ride on the chair lift. This was a highlight (especially for Cam) as it was wonderful to just sit and REST!!! :) It was a great day and fun to conquer another summit!

*While we were gone, Chris took Kendall out to his brother's so the cousins could play. Kendall was beyond excited about this. She was also excited to get a ride in Uncle Craig's cool new red convertible. :)

p.s. Cam's hiking blog goes into MUCH more detail (including videos) if you are interested. :)

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Anonymous said...

Another great hike successfully under your belt! And what a fun (and different) way of getting down--getting to ride a tram.