Saturday, September 17, 2016


*Took a walk to the donut shop this morning. The kids wanted to stop on the way back to eat their donuts so the piggies could eat some grass too.

*Chris texted me a pic of this jacket this morning when he was at Walmart. He wanted to know if he should get it for Cam. I told him to pass as I am NOT a fleece fan. I have never liked it. I don't like it for several reasons, one being it seems to always attract hair.

*While Chris was at Walmart, he also spied a new product that I told him he should have bought. I always sift through the overcooked/slightly burned crackers (in any variety). This would be right up my alley!

*Desert day. Christmas toys have come to Costco!

*I'm glad the temperature was back in the 90's today. I wasn't a fan of the cooler days this past week. I don't mind the chilly nights, though. Here we were at Chris' softball game this past week all bundled up.

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Anonymous said...

Those piggies really have an enviable life--for guinea pigs!