Sunday, September 11, 2016


*A night last week...
Kids: eating dinner
Piggies: eating dinner (grass)
Chris: cleaning golf clubs
Kelly: laying on the blanket
It's nice now that the nights are cooler. I'd like to do this more often. :)

 *This past week I felt like an epic mom failure. Cam had lost a tooth in the morning and I had forgot  to have the tooth fairy pay him a visit that night. He reminded me the next morning and I felt terrible! So the next night I wrote him a funny note and doubled his money. :)

*Yesterday Chris played in a fundraiser/golf tournament for the kids' school. Cam's teacher was there and Cam FLIPPED when I got a text with his dad and teacher in a selfie!!! :)

*While Chris was golfing, we went to PennyPickles Workshop in Temecula. This museum has always baffled me. I really don't think it's that fun and being an hour's drive away...maybe not worth it. However the kids love it, so I guess that's all that matters. :)

 *One thing that helps justify the drive is that it's right down the road from one of our favorite restaurants, Pat & Oscar's. These restaurants are very hard to come by anymore as most have closed. On the rare occasion we are in the Temecula area, we make sure to stop. :)

The restaurant is situated right by a lake. Afterward the kids ran around and played while I sat and talked to my sister for almost half an hour. It was great!! We rarely get to talk on the phone because of the time difference and especially now that I'm working.

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Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite posts!! What a nice night on the grass. And I've been forgetting to ask you how the two guineas are getting along. Do they seem to like each other?

And that tooth fairy letter was hilarious!! Did he get a big kick out of it?

And sitting at Pat and Oscar's talking to Susan while the kids played--a great picture in my mind!