Thursday, December 31, 2009

eating out

My sister and a friend and I were emailing about the pros and cons of eating at a restaurant with kiddos. I thought her description of their experiences was great. I think all parents can relate. Eating out just IS NOT the same anymore when the kids are in tow. :)

When we go out to eat (as a family of 5), usually we are going to Wahoos or Jalepenos or some restaurant that is really kid friendly and has the food ready in less than 5 minutes. The goal is to order and then stall for a few minutes, like at the drink station, or having the children go to the bathroom and wash hands. These 'tactics' delay putting C in the high chair until the food has arrived. Then we have about 15 'high chair minutes' when C will eat and sit and not be too difficult. But still, in those 15 minutes I'm scarfing my food, cutting D's chicken, getting extra napkins, cleaning up somebody's spilled drink, feeding C spoonfulls of what we've ordered (hoping he'll eat something), etc. it isn't relaxing at all. IF we are forced to go to a sit down restaurant, we order the second we are seated. Like BJs, Kelly, the second they show us to the table I say "we are ready to order" and i tell her drinks and food at the same time so we only have to wait one time. And then one of us will walk around with C outside until the food arrives. We have brought a diaper bag with toys too, but those end up on the floor or being thrown.

Ahhh, the days when going out to dinner never involved basing our decision on which restaurant would be noisy enough to cover up our kids' yells, fast enough so they won't get bored, and understanding enough if they throw a plate on the floor!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Note to self: When you get a gift card for Christmas (like the $50 one to Cheesecake from my parents), put it in a safe place RIGHT AWAY. Otherwise you'll find yourself going through both yucky trash cans outside in the cold.

p.s. I never found it.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Today we went to Palm Springs for lunch and to walk around the mall. Every time I've been to the mall, I've looked longingly at one of the stores, Buckle. They have the cutest jeans and I've always wanted to try them on. I love cute back pockets. These jeans have the most unique pockets I've seen.

Today Chris convinced me to go for it, even though I knew they were pretty expensive. I figured that since I did have some Christmas money, I should give them a try. As the girl was helping me find my size, I glanced at the price tag. $146.00. I did try them on and I'll admit I loved the way they fit, but I would NEVER spend that much on jeans. To be honest, even $50 is a little much. I tend to stick more in the $30 (or under!) range.

I have never agreed with people who claim that expensive jeans are, "...the ONLY ones that fit me well!". You haven't looked hard enough, in my opinion. :) So I'll keep looking since two pairs of my jeans now have holes in the knee (since I've had them for over 5 years).

Saturday, December 26, 2009

christmas round 2

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with my parents. After having breakfast with just the four of us (with our new tradition of Land of Nod), we headed over to their house. Cam was very into opening presents. We had a great lunch (thanks, Kendall, for going down for your nap right when we were ready to eat!) and enjoyed some time outside watching Cam on his new ride. The weather couldn't have been more perfect.

Kendall appeared to be a big fan of Cam's remote control car.

This was Cam's present from my sister and her family. He loves it and despite being not quite tall enough, he does great on it!

Today both Chris and I are experiencing the "Christmas letdown". Seems like after a Holiday or time with family, there is always the, "OK, now back to regular life", which is kind of hard. So we are back to our regular activities, like taking our scavenger hunt today outside (and now that we have nothing to do...the cold weather is back!). Oh well. We have nothing to complain about as we had a wonderful Christmas with both sides of the family.

Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas round one

Yesterday (Christmas Eve) we returned from a few days up north visiting my in laws. We had such a fun time! Cameron had a blast with his cousins, which is such a refreshing thing to type seeing as it hasn't always been that way. He was much more comfortable and loved playing with them. He still needed space every now and then and got upset a couple of times, but overall we were so happy to see him interact with them and enjoy doing so. They are such great playmates for him.

Other than watch the kids, we ate and ate and ate. Did I mention we ate? I mentioned before that I wanted to fit 10 dinner rolls in at lunch time. I didn't quite make it, but I made a valiant attempt. I got in a couple good and cheesy Christmas movies as well as a wonderful pedicure with my sister-in-law. Overall it was a great trip. And other than a few minutes on the way home of a VERY upset Kendall (after she poked herself in the eye with a which her eye is still tearing...hmmm...don't I feel like a lousy mom!), the ride went pretty well.

Last night we had my parents over for pizza and dessert. Today we are headed over there for presents and Christmas lunch of pork, cheesy potatos, bread, green beans, and homemade pizookie (by far the thing we are all looking forward to the most).

Friday, December 18, 2009


4- number of times Cam and I baked this week

4- number of items baked where chocolate was the main ingredient

35- minutes we've worked up to for Cam's "special room time"

5:15pm- time Kendall went to bed last night due to the yucky naps

5:00am- first time she needed to be fed...pretty good stretch!

2- colors of frosting I made for Cam's class today (they were decorating cookies)--sadly I only had blue and yellow...not very Christmas-like!

1-movie rented from Red Box this week, Public Enemies

4-scavenger hunts taken this week (this is by far a favorite activity for Cam)

1- Starbucks trip this week: Soy White Mocha, extra hot

10- number of homemade rolls I wish I could fit in my stomach during our Christmas meal (up at my in-laws)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

1st christmas program

Yesterday we, along with my mom and dad, attended Cam's Christmas program at his school. It was very short and just consisted of each class (only 3) singing one Christmas song. Cam did well for Cam, which was all we wanted. We are so proud of our little guy. :)

Cam and his teacher, Ms. Gaby.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I love looking at Christmas lights. It's been fun this year because Cam is also a fan. Last night we met some friends down in Long Beach (Naples to be exact) to walk around the canal of lights. We had a great time. We first met at Harbor House for dinner. We left Kendall with my mom and had a great time just the three of us.

Side note: I'd like to say an extra thanks to my mom for watching Kendall. Despite my mom's best efforts to cover up the real truth, with my endless questions I was able to gather that Kendall was a handful. I should have known she would be, considering she has hit the stage now where she bursts into tears when I simply leave the room. So thank you, mom, for putting up with a fussy baby all evening!

I've also started taking walks with Cam after I put Kendall down for the night. We just walk around our neighborhood, but it is so fun to get bundled up and have him point out all that he sees.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

chuck e cheese

Today it rained most of the day. We were thankful to have been invited to a birthday party for two of my nieces at Chuck E Cheese. I don't think I had been to a Chuck E Cheese in at least 20 years. Cam was in heaven. We had such a fun time and it was topped off by two great car rides (exciting considering they were an hour long each way).

Cam loved the basketball hoop. More than anything, he just liked getting the balls and setting them on the ground for Chris to pick up and throw.

Cam also loved riding the horse. Take a look...

Kendall was a jewel. Despite being tired, she was happy the entire time and loved looking at all the lights.

Tonight I made homemade macaroni and cheese. Chris has been wanting this for a while, so I finally made it for him. I found a great recipe from Paula Dean. Dear me was it rich and wonderful!!

Tomorrow we are hoping the rain will take a break so we can head out to Palm Springs for lunch. If it does rain, we'll have to get creative and come up with something to keep busy. :)

p.s. Sorry many of my pictures are rather blurry. We have a camera that takes nice pictures, but it is just so big that I hate bringing it places.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Eve dinner

My family does not really have a tradition of making a certain meal on Christmas Eve (or Christmas). Each year we try and come up with something fun to make that evening. Last night I came home from the afternoon at my parent's house and told Chris...

Me: Guess what? My mom and I decided that on Christmas Eve, we will have a make your own pizza bar!!
Chris: What? That's like having a make your own oatmeal bar!
Me: What are you talking about? I think it sounds fun. You like pizza!
Chris: Yes, but this is what it will be: 80 different vegetable choices and 1 meat choice.
Me: It will not!

While I pretended to be shocked at his reaction (although it was pretty funny), I guess he is right. We wouldn't have 80 vegetables, but I don't envision us having tons of meat choices. I guess it's back to the drawing board. :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


My mother-in-law gave me a few of these to try on our last visit. They are really tasty. They are richer than regular pudding and much better, in my opinion. They are only 60 calories too, which is hard to believe. :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

cold and rainy

I have SO much respect for stay at home moms who live in places where it either rains all the time, or is at least cold enough to not go outside (for a lot of the year). Yesterday and today have been cold and rainy. I have to say that I would LOVE right now to just snuggle up with a cup of hot chocolate and watch a movie. But that is never an option during this phase of my life (except after they are in bed).

So what have we done to keep busy??

*Yesterday we went for a walk and had another scavenger hunt. It was SO cold and as we approached our house, I was excited to get inside. Nope. Time to ride the bike! As I debated letting him ride, I thought, "It may be cold, but at least this occupies us for a little longer!"

*Today we set up some trains all over the kitchen floor.

*We played "Food Detective", where I gave him different bites of food, making him cover his eyes. He had to guess what I put in his mouth.

Exciting, huh?

Saturday, December 5, 2009


As we were folding laundry:

Chris: "Maybe you could take care of folding Kendall's clothes. They are kind of like fitted sheets to me. I have no idea how to handle them...on top of the fact that I have no idea where to put them because I don't understand your system."

In all honesty, I don't even understand my system. I also have no idea what to do with fitted sheets. Who actually folds those???

Thursday, December 3, 2009

today in the car...

Chris: I have something I want to throw out there. I just want you to think about it and be open to discussion.
Me: Ok... (in a slightly concerned voice)
Chris: I want to talk about a 3rd child.
Me: What??!!!!??? (my disclaimer to this is that even before Kendall was born, we had officially decided we would be done at 2 this was very out of the blue)
Chris: Haha! Just kidding! But really, I did want to talk to you about something. I think for 2010, we should talk about doing a budget.
Me: Oh (in a less than thrilled tone of voice).
Chris: See, compared to suggesting a 3rd kid, this is nothing! Right?? It's not that I think you spend too much. I just think it would be a good idea to see where our money is going.

So we went on to discuss why it would be a good idea to start a budget. I'm honestly very open to the idea and agree that it would probably be good. I just HATE budgets. We do budget our eating out as well as Chris's golf, because those are the areas that could possibly get out of hand. But for some reason, I am VERY non-excited about having to keep track of every penny I spend on groceries, necessities, etc. I always look for the cheapest food prices and I rarely by clothes for myself or do things like get my hair done. However, when I really think about it, I probably do spend money on things that aren't necessary. For this reason, a budget would be helpful. So come 2010, looks like we'll be giving a shot. Hopefully I'll get used to it and it will become second nature to record everything.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This morning I had Cam skip school so we could go over and make Christmas cookies with some of the girls from my mom's group. He was quite excited, especially considering I told him there would be sprinkles involved. Unfortunately, he didn't do so well. He felt overwhelmed most of the time. He didn't cry, which is such a great improvement for him. However I could tell (by certain things he did) that he was feeling very anxious. So we had to come home early. I'll be honest and say that I was pretty discouraged. I think I had my hopes built up that we were more passed this type of thing than we really are. But after a good pep talk from my mom (and I didn't cry at all when I called her...well, maybe a little...well, I guess quite a bit...) about focusing on all the huge progress he HAS made, as well as a fun time decorating just the two of us when we got home, I was much better.

This afternoon I used an idea from a book I had borrowed, entitled Bright Start. It has great ideas of activities to do with kids. I created our own little scavenger hunt. We went on a walk and checked off each thing we saw. It was kind of fun and made the walk a little less mundane. :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

last Christmas

I've mentioned before that car rides can be pretty stressful if Kendall decides she doesn't want to be in her seat. When she cries, Cameron cries. It's all I can do to not cry myself, so I make double sure I have lots of distractions for her when we are on the road.

One thing that sometimes works is to listen to upbeat music (and she likes it when I bop back and forth). There is one particular song that not only does she seem to like, but Cameron loves and often sways and claps to the music along with me. The problem is that it is one of the most annoying Christmas songs out there. If you listen to 103.5, you probably have heard it about 50 times a day. It's called, "Last Christmas", by Wham.

When I can tell she is about to blow, I'll say, "You know what time it is, Chris?" He'll sigh (in a joking way), turn on the song, and the dancing begins. If you have never heard it before, click here. :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

first snow

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving with my parents. We had a nice lunch, followed by sharing what we were each thankful for. My mom and I are starting a notebook where we will have everyone write down their contribution. Each year, we'll pull it out and I think it will be fun to see what we wrote the previous years.

This evening after giving Kendall a bath, I walked outside to see Chris, Cam, and our neighbors having a snow fight. Our neighbors had brought some down from the mountains. This was Cam's first exposure to it. He took a little time to warm up to it, but he quickly became a fan.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Laundry done. Car unpacked. We are home. We had a wonderful time up at Chris's parents' house for Thanksgiving. Here are a few shots:

Watching a movie on grandma and grandpa's bed.

Seeing "the girls" is always a highlight for Cam. He spends more time running around outside than he does inside. Us adults tend to rotate out there as it can get pretty cold. :)

Cam has really taken a liking to baking (especially when he can eat as he goes along). Here he is helping grandma make some chocolate chip cookies.

I wanted a good family picture for our Christmas letter (or New Year's if we don't get going on it!). This was the best one.

Kendall was great. We were a little surprised that she wasn't quite as smiley as she typically is at home. But we figure there were lots of people right in her face ooh'ing and ahh'ing. Might have been a little overwhelming at times. She still was a champ and even slept pretty well.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

two final thoughts

I have two thoughts before I take a break for a few days. We are headed up north to my in-laws for Thanksgiving and won't return until Saturday.

1. Tonight I was inspired by a great pizza we have had at Gourmet Pizza Shoppe. I remembered they put cashews on one of their pizzas and it was so good. We made BBQ chicken pizza and I tried the cashews. SO TASTY! Next time you make pizza, try them.

2. I watched the final episode of Jon and Kate + 8 tonight. I'll admit I got a little teary, not that the show is ending, but that their marriage did. I have loads of opinions on it all, but I'll keep them to myself. :) It really is sad to think what those little kids have gone and will continue to go through.

Ok, time for bed then we are off first thing in the morning. I'm trying to look forward to being there, rather than the actual drive. We had a glimmer of what Kendall crying looked like today for Cameron (on our way back from Costco), and it wasn't pretty. Poor guy.


Wind. A lot of it. Annoying. Don't even want to go outside. What to do? Keep Daddy company in his office by snuggling up to watch the Polar Express.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

maybe we should just move there

So today marked our third trip out to Palm Springs this week. I don't know what it is, but we just love it there. We first went to our favorite park for a picnic lunch. After Cam played around a while, I loaded him up in the stroller and off we went to downtown for some ice cream. Chris took Kendall in the car with him to walk around a golf store. When they were done, they came and picked us up.

The walk to downtown was so nice. It was a good change of scenery for me as our walks around here usually follow the same route. It was fun pretending we were actually on vacation, like probably most of the people we passed.

Upon entering the ice cream shop, I told Cam he could pick whatever flavor (or color, as I put it) he wanted. What did he zero in on, making the ice cream take a back seat? The waffle cone they dip in chocolate and rainbow sprinkles, of course! I tried to tell him he could have the ice cream IN the colorful cone, but he just wanted that cone. Fine with me since then I just had to purchase a cone!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

so stylish

Normally I'm not one for crafts (making or buying), but this morning as I was on a walk with Kendall (Chris took Cam out for a few hours), we went by a craft fair taking place at a church down the street. I couldn't help but make these two purchases. Kendall has lost quite a bit of hair and clips don't stay in like they used to. I thought these were the perfect solution. :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Costco purchases yesterday:

Chris: Chicken Bake, soda
Me/Cam: split cheese pizza
Me: Mocha Freeze-just as good as a frappuchino and half the price!

Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter- never creamy
Wheat Thins
Slippers-will return because they didn't fit, but boy do I need some!
Toilet Paper

Samples and Ratings
Marie Calenders Corn Bread: 7-kind of dry
Soup: Didn't try
Fish spread on crackers: Never in a million years
Biscuit: 7
Cheesecake: 7-not near rich enough like the actual Cheesecake Factory brand
Taquitos: 7
Corn Bread Stuffing: 9.5-had apples and cranberries, yum!
Cheese Souffle: 8
Cheese Tortellini: 7
Chips: 6

Overall the ratings weren't too high, but I give Costco a 9.5 for variety and quantity of samples. :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

some things that make me happy

*Friday Night Lights is back: I love this show, mainly because it is interesting to see life in a small town and I LOVE the relationship between the coach and his wife.

*Teething feeder: I don't know why I didn't know about this thing with Cam. Kendall adores this and makes quite a cute mess of herself. I've only tried bananas so far, but I'm excited to have this in my ammunition bag for our trip up to Chris's parents for Thanksgiving!

*Disneyland day with dad: Chris took Cam to Disneyland today without the girls. Chris updates me with texts throughout the day and I love hearing how much fun they are having.

*Skinny Cow: We discovered these great low fat ice cream sandwiches at Costco. To doll them up a bit, I break them up in a bowl, crush a graham cracker on top (I love crunchy textures in my ice cream), and add a dollop of whipped cream on them. Yum!

*Emails from my sister and Karen: My sister introduced me to a friend of her's back when Cam was a baby. Since then, we have emailed one another on almost a daily basis. Our emails aren't quite as frequent now, but I still get excited whenever I see one in my in box. We talk about everything and I love our conversations. :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

friends and fries

Yesterday Jeremy and Ana and their daughter Mia came over for the day. Jeremy and Chris played golf, while the girls/kids hung out at our house for the afternoon. The guys had a great time (perfect weather) and we actually got a lot of talking done considering we were maintaining three little ones. This has become somewhat of a regular thing since Chris and Jeremy are great friends and love to golf, and Ana and I love to talk and I consider her one of my closest friends (despite their living in OC...boohoo).

Another thing that has become somewhat of a regular event is our dinner when we get together. A while ago we introduced them to our favorite meal from a Mexican restaurant around the corner, Carne Asada Fries. Sound healthy? I don't think you could get a more un-healthy, artery clogging meal. We don't get it very often, but boy is it good. Anyway, here is a picture at dinner time (sorry it is so blurry, but I'd rather see a blurry picture than none at all ).

Carne Asada Fries: meat, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, fries...lots and lots

Saturday, November 14, 2009

all better

This morning was a little rough. Kendall's first nap was 25 minutes and she was refusing to take a 2nd one. Cam was a being somewhat of a pain and I quickly delved into a bad mood. Chris took Cam to the park and texted me. As soon as I read his text, my bad mood completely went away. Here was the text:

"Just saw a little boy and said, "Hi, how ya doing friend? Want to follow me?"

Now, for most of you this doesn't seem like a big deal at all. But for us, this is huge. Hearing about him engaging another child puts me on cloud nine and melts my heart. :)

p.s. Kendall just woke up from her second nap after only 30 minutes. That's ok...nothing can ruin my mood!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jesus loves me this I know

We did a toy swap with a friend of mine yesterday. Cam was adamant about having this be one of the toys swapped. Here he is serenading us. He is a little distracted by our yard guys (you'll see him glance to his right), but he still finished strong. :)

Take a look...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

let down

I've learned several times that it never is wise to get your hopes up too much that your child will like/love a certain thing. I've gotten really excited about Cameron trying a certain activity, only to find out he could really care less about it. Case in point was with my Cheerio activity poster.

Cameron loves the Cheerio book (I bet most of you have it) where you put the Cheerios in the different circles on the page. Because he has been so into the book, I decided to make my own version. I went through his other books and found pictures I knew he would like. I drew them on a big poster board, with circles he could fill with the cereal.

I was so excited for him to try it. Yes, he participated and seemed to enjoy it a little. But after a few minutes, he was done and preferred his book. Oh well. I'll keep it around and maybe Kendall will like it. :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


One of the many things I look forward to about my mom's group is the coffee. I don't like coffee AT ALL unless it is with flavored creamer (and a lot of it). In general, when coffee is offered at church or any public function, it is usually just accompanied by plain creamer or the yucky powdered stuff. I'm not complaining because the flavored stuff is pricey. So I've always loved the fact that our group splurges and provides several yummy choices each time we get together. I'm not into the REALLY unique flavors (like pumpkin spice or eggnog). I love anything with vanilla, toffee, or hazelnut.

I don't make coffee at home, but I do enjoy the Cafe International stuff every now and then. It kind of shakes things up a bit between my cups of hot cocoa. :) This is my new favorite flavor. Yum!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

happy saturday!!

Today wasn't very happy. It started out with an early wake up from Cam (5:30) and a yucky night's sleep for both Chris and I. At 7:00, Chris and Cam dropped Kendall and I off at Urgent Care. My trouble with my sinuses had turned into an infection and I was told it wouldn't go away without antibiotics.

We had an event with Cam's school later that morning and I really wanted to go as a family. So I loaded up on Advil and off we went. The event actually went pretty well, however on the way home my Advil started wearing off. Luckily, or so I thought, both kids would go down for naps when we got home, enabling both of us to rest for a while. Not so much. Kendall took her usual 40 minute nap and Cam, despite almost falling asleep on the way there, refused to take a nap. Lovely.

The afternoon was one of those where both Chris and I looked at each other and said, "How on earth are we going to make it to bedtime?". Tonight I was supposed to go to a leadership meeting for my Mom's group. I was really excited about going and hanging out with the other girls, however it quickly became apparent that I wasn't in the condition to go. So I dropped off the dessert I had made and headed home.

Right now we are counting down the last 25 minutes until Cam goes to bed and then we will finally have some down time. Gosh, does it bite to be sick with kids. Gone are the days of lazing around watching movies when we don't feel good. So Saturday, we are NOT sad to see you go.

Sidenote: I must be honest and admit that prior to having my first sinus infection, I thought it was nothing more than a really bad cold. Wow, was I wrong. A sinus infection is one of the most painful things I've ever had. It is night and day different than just a cold.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

that time of night

Every evening, typically about a half hour before Kendall goes down, I find myself walking around our loft, holding her and listening to country music. For some reason she is happy when I do this, which is the goal. At this point, she is BEYOND tired due to her bad, terrible, short, sporadic naps.

I usually listen to country because that is what I'm into right now. There are certain songs that, when they come on, put me in such a great mood. Right now I LOVE "Toes" by the Zac Brown Band. Whenever it comes on, I close my eyes and just picture myself on a beach somewhere, sipping a Pina Colada. Ahhh...

I started thinking about other songs that instantly put me in a good mood. Here are a few:

*Love is a Beautiful Thing: Phil Vassar
*Something Like That: Tim McGraw
*My Maria: Brooks and Dunn
*Tainted Love: Soft Cell (not country)

What are your songs?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

heaven on a plate

Last night we had my parents and my mom's best friend (who is out visiting from Texas) over for dinner. I served BBQ chicken pizza and No-Bake Chocolate Truffle Pie for dessert. Chris's mom introduced me to it once when we were up for a visit. It is SOO fabulous and one of the richest pies you'll ever taste. I changed the recipe slightly, just using store bought caramel topping instead of making your own. Here is the recipe. It's pretty easy and is sure to wow anyone you serve it to.

*1/2 cup pecan (or any nut) pieces, coarsely chopped
*One pre-made Oreo crust
*1 cup caramel ice cream topping (any brand, but I like Mrs. Richardson's because it is thicker; also, 1 cup is an estimate...basically the more caramel the better)
*1 1/2 cups semisweet chocolate chips
*1 cup heavy whipping cream
*3 Tbsp butter

Spread nuts over crust. Pour caramel over nuts. Heat chocolate chips, cream and butter in a saucepan over low heat, stirring until chocolate melts and mixture is smooth. Pour over caramel layer and refrigerate about 4 hours until set.

Monday, November 2, 2009

on hold again

This past Friday I told Chris, "Tomorrow I'm going to make another go at sleep training. I'm determined". Well, Saturday rolled around and Kendall started running a fever. Now all four of us are sick. So how do you attempt sleep training when your little one is running a fever? You don't. I caved and am back to feeding her way too much at night. I know despite being sick, she doesn't need to eat EVERY 3 HOURS AT NIGHT!!! But I would feel too guilty making her cry for long periods of time when I know she isn't feeling well. It is somewhat discouraging to look back at the journal I kept for Cam and to see how much better of a sleeper he was at this age. But in the grand scheme of life, this is sooo not a big deal and will soon pass. I'm just thankful to have two healthy kids, even if one of them is a stinker during the night.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Mom...I look just too cute to stay in doors. Shouldn't we go get some frozen yogurt? After all, it is 15% off today for Halloween!

Well, ok, I supposed for the sake of getting you out in your pumpkin outfit...