Thursday, December 17, 2009

1st christmas program

Yesterday we, along with my mom and dad, attended Cam's Christmas program at his school. It was very short and just consisted of each class (only 3) singing one Christmas song. Cam did well for Cam, which was all we wanted. We are so proud of our little guy. :)

Cam and his teacher, Ms. Gaby.


Mom said...

Yes, what an awesome kid! Hey, how come he looks happier with his teacher than with his family? :o)

susan said...

Oh Cameron, YEAH FOR YOU!!!! You got up in front of a bunch of kids with your class! That is brave!!!

You KNOW your Auntie Susan would have been sitting there if it weren't for a big ocean in between. With your Uncle Chris and the tweedygirlsthree. We would have had huge smiles on our faces, clapped loudly, and given you big high-fives when you were done. We are SOOO proud of you sweet boy!!!!!

And Kendall bo bendall, you are one charming chunk of chick. I just wanna squeeze your cheeks!