Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I love looking at Christmas lights. It's been fun this year because Cam is also a fan. Last night we met some friends down in Long Beach (Naples to be exact) to walk around the canal of lights. We had a great time. We first met at Harbor House for dinner. We left Kendall with my mom and had a great time just the three of us.

Side note: I'd like to say an extra thanks to my mom for watching Kendall. Despite my mom's best efforts to cover up the real truth, with my endless questions I was able to gather that Kendall was a handful. I should have known she would be, considering she has hit the stage now where she bursts into tears when I simply leave the room. So thank you, mom, for putting up with a fussy baby all evening!

I've also started taking walks with Cam after I put Kendall down for the night. We just walk around our neighborhood, but it is so fun to get bundled up and have him point out all that he sees.


the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

ADORABLE pics! Cam is looking like such a big boy. I bet this is a super fun age! : )

Mom said...

Wow--what great pictures! You're so welcome for keeping Kendall...I'm SO happy just the 3 of you could go.