Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas round one

Yesterday (Christmas Eve) we returned from a few days up north visiting my in laws. We had such a fun time! Cameron had a blast with his cousins, which is such a refreshing thing to type seeing as it hasn't always been that way. He was much more comfortable and loved playing with them. He still needed space every now and then and got upset a couple of times, but overall we were so happy to see him interact with them and enjoy doing so. They are such great playmates for him.

Other than watch the kids, we ate and ate and ate. Did I mention we ate? I mentioned before that I wanted to fit 10 dinner rolls in at lunch time. I didn't quite make it, but I made a valiant attempt. I got in a couple good and cheesy Christmas movies as well as a wonderful pedicure with my sister-in-law. Overall it was a great trip. And other than a few minutes on the way home of a VERY upset Kendall (after she poked herself in the eye with a which her eye is still tearing...hmmm...don't I feel like a lousy mom!), the ride went pretty well.

Last night we had my parents over for pizza and dessert. Today we are headed over there for presents and Christmas lunch of pork, cheesy potatos, bread, green beans, and homemade pizookie (by far the thing we are all looking forward to the most).

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Mom said...

What great pictures! And it sounds like you had such a wonderful time up north. I'd love to have seen the cousins running around playing together.