Sunday, March 27, 2016

quiz i found

Would you ever bungee jump? Nope. No desire.

What is your favorite cereal? Grape Nuts...but heated like oatmeal. Sadly, it's been years since I had a bowl.

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Usually, no. I push each off with the other foot.

What is your favorite ice cream? Baskin Robbin's Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Last movie you watched? Spotlight. It was EXCELLENT.

What book are you reading now? I wish I had an answer. I haven't read a book in far too long.

Summer or winter? Ha! Like I even had to think about this one!! SUMMER!!

Do you like musicals? I do like movie musicals, although it's been ages since I've watched one. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers comes to mind as a favorite.

Current favorite TV show? We are back on a West Wing kick.

Favorite candy bar? I'm really not a huge candy bar person (unless they are in a brownie or crumbled on ice cream). However I would choose Reese's Peanut Butter Cups if I had to.

What cheers you up? Going outside or listening to fun music.

Last picture you took with your phone? Cam wanted me to take a pic of him holding a fat worm the other day.

Yuckiest thing you ate recently? The kids and I actually tried a seaweed sample at Costco a while back. Oh. My. Gosh. GROSS.

Last thing that made you laugh? Well, this wasn't the last thing but it sure did make me laugh. Kendall and Cam had been outside and Cam screamed. He was being silly, but I ran outside thinking something had happened (hit by a car was my exact thought). I was quite shaken up. Shortly after, we were sitting down to dinner and Kendall prayed for our meal...

"Dear Lord, thank you that nothing happened to us outside. something had happened...we would have got a solution." :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


*I used to be grossed out by powdered coffee creamers. Not sure why. The break room at work is always stocked with coffee and creamer...powdered creamer. So one day I decided to give it a shot. It gets so cold in my office and a hot drink sounded very appealing. Verdict? Not bad!! I now add Splenda and I have a nice, hot drink. Is it Starbucks? No. But it's free and available all the time. :)

*Our first day of spring break included this: 33 lbs. of chicken--DONE! :)

*Wrestle time.

*My non-creative juices flowed for egg decorating. We just bought a kit from the 99 cent store.  Kids loved it, though!

*Don't get me wrong, BBQ'ing, cutting and bagging 33 lbs. of chicken to kick off spring break was super fun...but THIS is what I more had in mind for our activities:


Today we went to Whitewater Preserve. The main purpose was to take a picture of Cam in front of the Pacific Crest Trail sign (it passes through here). He is researching the PCT for a big school project. Luckily there was plenty of fun to be had for both kids besides standing by the sign. :)

Such a fun afternoon!! :)

Saturday, March 19, 2016


*For now, my work schedule basically is whatever I long as I can get everything done. :) I thought I would cut back to 2-3 days per week, however scheduling IEP's and getting all of my testing/reports done hasn't been doable in that time. So lately I've worked more, but luckily they've been in the form of half days. Last week this enabled me to pick up my cutie for a McDonald's date while we waited for Cam to get out of school. :)

*Today was another big hike. We conquered eight miles and we were pooped by the end! It was such a beautiful day in the desert and one of the more enjoyable hikes we've done.

It always cracks me up that most hikes begin with my dad carrying his Starbucks up the steep trail. :)

The peak in the background, Murray Hill, was our destination.

*Chris started Crossfit several weeks back. He tried it out via Groupon to gauge his interest without having to sign a contract. I had thought he would take to it instantly, however it took him a few weeks. But I would say he is now officially a fan.

*Chris and Kendall went to the grocery store this morning while we were hiking. Quite often things that AREN'T on my list tend to make their way home. :)

Sidenote: Vanilla Cupcake flavor is scrumptious, second only to S'mores.
Sidenote #2: Regular (cheddar) flavored Goldfish are nasty. I'd rather go hungry.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

outrageous cheesecake

*Chris' parents and grandma drove down this weekend to watch Kendall play softball. Kendall's game was cancelled due to wet fields. Boo! But we still had a nice visit with them.

*I joked that part of me was glad the game was cancelled because that time was reallocated to his parents helping Cam with his latest class project (creating a "getaway vehicle" for a leprechaun and his gold). I'm terrible at class projects and really don't enjoy them. :)

*We also got to meet up with Chris' brother's family to celebrate my SIL's birthday. Here is part of the clan.

I must say eating at Cheesecake was okie-doakie with us. We all got some dessert to go and I have not heard Chris rave about a dessert this much in a long time. Fitting name, huh?

Chris' Outrageous Cheesecake

*Today we went out to the desert. We started at Barnes and Noble. I must admit I'm quite excited about this new Harry Potter book coming soon. :)

*Afterward was a trip to Costco. 

Now we start the week!

Thursday, March 10, 2016


*Yesterday was our 14th anniversary. We had plans for dinner last Saturday night, but we both were just too tired to go out. We do want to go out at some point, just not sure when. :) However last night was very sweet and special. Chris had a super nice card for me, complete with a Starbucks card inside. :) He also had the kids write me notes. Cam's was quite cute:

Dear mom
Happy annvirsty to you
You are 34 + 2
You're like a school cycolist
and you act like one too!

*Today was my day off and it worked out well because my little girl is sick again. Seems like she has gone a few weeks and then gets the fever, then goes another few weeks, and then the same. Poor thing. :(

*Is this not totally true???

*Last week my parents told us what they would be giving us for Christmas. They are buying us tickets to Germany for next Christmas! They are actually going as well so we will all be together. I simply cannot tell you how ecstatic the kids are. We've had to remind them that it is still a long time from now, so talking about what we'll pack and how we'll survive jet lag (you can bet that one is a Cam concern!) is a little premature. :) Here they are making a book about the trip.

*JoJo or Lauren? Not a huge fan of either.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

peanut butter balls

*This past weekend Kendall and I had a birthday party to attend. Chris took Cam to lunch while we were gone. Back when Chris won the logo contest for the restaurant in Redlands, part of the prize was a giftcard to Saverino's Italian Deli. We had never even heard of the place. He texted me, "This is the BEST sandwich I have ever had in my life!" Wow! Cam enjoyed his too. :)

*The birthday party we attended was for a little neighborbood friend of Kendall's. Her mom has a Tea Party planning business (Eteaquette). I simply cannot tell you what an amazing job she does. Holy cow. Her parties are like the best Pinterest board you've ever seen. If you ever want a tea party (for any age) :)

*Last week we were very excited to watch the first episode of Fuller House together as a family. I grew up watching The Cosby Show as a family and always enjoyed it. Unfortunately we shut it off mid-way through. Was it totally inappropriate? Not at all. Did it have lines that made me cringe a bit with my 9 and 6 year old sitting next to me? Sadly, yes. Oh, well. We tried. :(

*I've made treats a lot over the years for various things. This week I made peanut butter balls for the office I work in. They are just so cute and who can resist peanut butter and chocolate? They were quite a hit.

Sidenote: I only drizzle the chocolate on top, rather than dip the whole thing.

Friday, March 4, 2016

pretty tree

*Today marked the end of my fourth, full time week of work. I don't feel super different only in that I'm still slotted to continue three days per week. I'm glad I'm not saying goodbye for good, because I found I have REALLY enjoyed the people I've come to know in this short time. I had forgotten what it was like to have "work friends". It's kind of nice. :)

I really have no idea when the School Psych I'm filling in for will return. I'm also working on another option in this same field. The uncertainty of both of these is a bit anxiety-inducing...hence the return of my back knots. Darn. :(

*Several times Chris has said, "Enough with the tree talk!". Ha! I think I've commented 100 times on how beautiful our tree is in our front yard. For all those East coast people who say we don't have seasons in California...these are some darn pretty trees!

*On Tuesday Chris took the kids out for a fun outing after school. They headed to Victoria Gardens and then hit up Happy Hour at Claim Jumper for dinner.

Cameron finagled a trip to REI. :) 

Hooray for the weekend!!!