Wednesday, March 23, 2016


*I used to be grossed out by powdered coffee creamers. Not sure why. The break room at work is always stocked with coffee and creamer...powdered creamer. So one day I decided to give it a shot. It gets so cold in my office and a hot drink sounded very appealing. Verdict? Not bad!! I now add Splenda and I have a nice, hot drink. Is it Starbucks? No. But it's free and available all the time. :)

*Our first day of spring break included this: 33 lbs. of chicken--DONE! :)

*Wrestle time.

*My non-creative juices flowed for egg decorating. We just bought a kit from the 99 cent store.  Kids loved it, though!

*Don't get me wrong, BBQ'ing, cutting and bagging 33 lbs. of chicken to kick off spring break was super fun...but THIS is what I more had in mind for our activities:


Today we went to Whitewater Preserve. The main purpose was to take a picture of Cam in front of the Pacific Crest Trail sign (it passes through here). He is researching the PCT for a big school project. Luckily there was plenty of fun to be had for both kids besides standing by the sign. :)

Such a fun afternoon!! :)


Jessica said...

I've never been to Whitewater! It looks so fun!

Anonymous said...

That looks like such fun!! It's was dry as a bone the time we went to Whitewater with you, as I remember. A little water makes it fun.

Short and a down vest--you're your father's daughter. :)