Friday, March 4, 2016

pretty tree

*Today marked the end of my fourth, full time week of work. I don't feel super different only in that I'm still slotted to continue three days per week. I'm glad I'm not saying goodbye for good, because I found I have REALLY enjoyed the people I've come to know in this short time. I had forgotten what it was like to have "work friends". It's kind of nice. :)

I really have no idea when the School Psych I'm filling in for will return. I'm also working on another option in this same field. The uncertainty of both of these is a bit anxiety-inducing...hence the return of my back knots. Darn. :(

*Several times Chris has said, "Enough with the tree talk!". Ha! I think I've commented 100 times on how beautiful our tree is in our front yard. For all those East coast people who say we don't have seasons in California...these are some darn pretty trees!

*On Tuesday Chris took the kids out for a fun outing after school. They headed to Victoria Gardens and then hit up Happy Hour at Claim Jumper for dinner.

Cameron finagled a trip to REI. :) 

Hooray for the weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

That IS one magnificent tree! The creativity of God boggles my mind all the time. The world COULD be black and white and flat!

Jessica said...

I comment on how pretty different things are in the different seasons constantly :) being outside and enjoying nature makes me so happy! God is so creative :)

Congratulations on making it through your full time month! I'll be eager to hear about what this next part entails :)