Saturday, March 19, 2016


*For now, my work schedule basically is whatever I long as I can get everything done. :) I thought I would cut back to 2-3 days per week, however scheduling IEP's and getting all of my testing/reports done hasn't been doable in that time. So lately I've worked more, but luckily they've been in the form of half days. Last week this enabled me to pick up my cutie for a McDonald's date while we waited for Cam to get out of school. :)

*Today was another big hike. We conquered eight miles and we were pooped by the end! It was such a beautiful day in the desert and one of the more enjoyable hikes we've done.

It always cracks me up that most hikes begin with my dad carrying his Starbucks up the steep trail. :)

The peak in the background, Murray Hill, was our destination.

*Chris started Crossfit several weeks back. He tried it out via Groupon to gauge his interest without having to sign a contract. I had thought he would take to it instantly, however it took him a few weeks. But I would say he is now officially a fan.

*Chris and Kendall went to the grocery store this morning while we were hiking. Quite often things that AREN'T on my list tend to make their way home. :)

Sidenote: Vanilla Cupcake flavor is scrumptious, second only to S'mores.
Sidenote #2: Regular (cheddar) flavored Goldfish are nasty. I'd rather go hungry.


Jessica said...

Haha, I love both the regular cheddar goldfish as well as the yummy sweet ones. I do agree that Smores is the yummiest flavor.

Glad you're able to adjust your schedule as you can :)

We went on a three mile hike in the desert yesterday... I would imagine 8 feels so tiring!! I find that the heat wears me out more than when it's cold.

Anonymous said...

That picture of you and Cameron reminds me that before you know it, you'll be the same height while STANDING on the same level.