Sunday, March 13, 2016

outrageous cheesecake

*Chris' parents and grandma drove down this weekend to watch Kendall play softball. Kendall's game was cancelled due to wet fields. Boo! But we still had a nice visit with them.

*I joked that part of me was glad the game was cancelled because that time was reallocated to his parents helping Cam with his latest class project (creating a "getaway vehicle" for a leprechaun and his gold). I'm terrible at class projects and really don't enjoy them. :)

*We also got to meet up with Chris' brother's family to celebrate my SIL's birthday. Here is part of the clan.

I must say eating at Cheesecake was okie-doakie with us. We all got some dessert to go and I have not heard Chris rave about a dessert this much in a long time. Fitting name, huh?

Chris' Outrageous Cheesecake

*Today we went out to the desert. We started at Barnes and Noble. I must admit I'm quite excited about this new Harry Potter book coming soon. :)

*Afterward was a trip to Costco. 

Now we start the week!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my--that does look like an amazing flavor of cheesecake!