Sunday, March 29, 2009

cam update

I've been wanting to write about this for a while, but I honestly didn't want to jinx it. :) Right now we are waiting on our school district to assess Cam in order to decide what services, if any, they want to offer him once he turns 3 (which is when they take over from the county). Right now he attends a speech class, Occupational Therapy, and has a home teacher come out once a week.

To be honest, besides the speech, I wonder if they'll qualify him for much of anything. This is so exciting for me to be able to say. What's even more exciting is what has seemed to happen the past few weeks. We feel like we have turned over a new leaf and have a different little boy.

I've shared several times that Cam has had great difficulties when it came to being around other people. This wasn't all the time, but it happened enough to make us shy away from inviting friends over, pursuing friendships with other couples, etc. But lately Cam has been AMAZING when we have gone over to a friend's house for dinner, when I've taken him to a friend's house for a playdate, when we've taken him to visit his cousins, etc. He has walked right into these places, plopped down, and started playing (even when there are other kids "in his space").

One of the reasons I've hesitated posting this is because I would never want people to think that we didn't enjoy being parents up until this point, because that is no where close to being true. We have adored it. But the stress that we (mainly me) would feel when we would be with others did consume us at times. A friend of mine, who has also had difficulties with her child, put it perfectly. She said, "I can't fully celebrate when she doesn't (freak out) because I'm just waiting for the next time she will." I couldn't have described it better.

Granted, he still has some difficulties with baby noises and still does get overwhelmed sometimes with people. And I know we might regress in this area for whatever reason, but I can honestly say the improvement we have seen is such a blessing and something I want to celebrate.

Sorry this was so long...thanks for sticking it out to the end.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

pre school

Today Chris took Cam to OT so I could visit some pre schools. We are looking at enrolling Cam this coming fall for a couple mornings a week. This search I'm embarking on wasn't exactly in our plan from the beginning. It isn't that I have anything against pre school, I just had always wanted to keep the kids at home until they started kindergarten. However after several doctors (basically all the professionals we have seen regarding Cam) told me that pre school would really help Cam socially, I finally gave in.

I have visited 6 so far, and have it narrowed down to 2. While I look for the typical things like teacher/kid ratio, location, safety, etc., I think my main issue is whether or not the teachers seem super warm and friendly, or if they are just there for the job. I feel like I can gauge this pretty well. I honestly could care less if the teacher went through training on instructing children to be academically successful (he's only 3!!!)). I want teachers who are the nice, sweet, grandma types, who just adore kids. :)

So while the thought of not having him around two mornings a week isn't the most pleasant for me, I know that he will really benefit from all social interaction and being away from me will probably be a good thing. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

successful and not so successful

I have oatmeal every morning.  With the oats, I usually mix in a couple spoonfuls of Zoom Cereal, which is 100% whole wheat flakes (it's the consistency of flax seed and has a similar nutty taste).  On the back of the Zoom box, they had a recipe for some cookies using the cereal.  I made them and they are a hit with Cam.  They are super healthy (as far as cookies go) because I made them with whole wheat flour plus an extra 3/4 cup green bean puree.  Obviously they aren't as good as a Mrs. Fields (Chris would even argue as to whether they should be called cookies!), but my goal was for Cam to like them as a semi-healthy snack, which he does. Click here if you want the recipe (I added raisins).

My not so successful attempt in the kitchen happened tonight.  I've seen many recipes which call for Polenta and I've always been curious about it.  I made chicken Parmesan with polenta on the side and I have to say, it was a disappointment.  Despite it being "garlic herb" flavored, in addition to me sauteing it in olive oil and adding a little mozzarella on top, it just did not have much flavor.  I told Chris that it seems like one of those things that is supposed to take on the flavor of whatever you cook it with.  He said, "How could we get it to take on the flavor of New York Steak?"  :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

nothing like a Sunday at Urgent Care!

We had a first aid info talk at my mom's group on Friday. One of the things covered was when to take your child to the ER, and when to just wait it out. Ironic how we were confronted with this very thing this morning. Rather than give you a play by play, I copy/pasted what Chris wrote on his Facebook page.

Cam woke up very upset this morning and grabbing his neck. 2 hours, Xrays, lots of screaming and cheerios later . . . doctor said it was a kink in his neck. Awesome, maybe he can tell me that the sky is blue and that the economy is bad. Thanks Doc. At least it's going to cost us probably $300.

Sidenote: While his comment is obviously sarcastic about the doctor, we both agreed that he was very nice and of course it was not his fault (as we are the ones who brought Cam in!!).   And while we are glad we went in for our own peace of mind (Cam was just too upset for us to simply wait it out), it isn't that fun to think about the fact that we will probably end up paying literally $300 toward our deductible to be told Cam had a kink in his neck. Oh well...such is the life of parent!

Here is a pic of Cam watching TV favoring his good side. He still won't turn his head to the right because it is still painful. Otherwise, he's a happy camper!

p.s. A VERY interesting thing I learned during the talk was that after an earthquake, cell phones are obviously jammed as EVERYONE is trying to use them.  However one of the girls at my group heard on the radio that texting uses a different frequency and you will have a much easier time communicating with loved ones via texting. Good to know!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

tacky or not?

Last night we went to some friend's house for dinner. I had offered to bring a salad and dessert. In an email to my sister and mom, I mentioned this and that I had decided to just get a bagged, pre-made salad since salads aren't really my expertise. I was chastised (teasingly of course) by my sister for bringing a store bought item to a friend's house. Here are the emails that transpired. My sister is in blue and I'm in red.

Kelly, make the salad, goof!! It’s not that bad. I have a great recipe for Caesar Salad dressing from Chris’s mom. Very easy. Tonight we had Chicken Caesar Salad for dinner and it was so yummy. But you would just do it without chicken. OR this fabulous pear and bleu cheese one that I posted about. That one is FAST – and you aren’t making the dressing. (Course not for tonight but another time???)

Caesar Salad:
1. Wash lettuce
2. Chop up lettuce
3. Make dressing (dirtying my blender)
4. Put in separate containers (dressing, pears, and salad) so you can assemble it at their house so it doesn't get soggy
5. Assemble at friend's house

Salad Kit:
1. Bring salad bag, bowl, and tongs to friends house
2. Dump contents and eat

hehe :)

Do you feel embarrassed bringing a salad bag to someone’s house?

bagged salad? No. Store bought dessert, I would.

(after thinking it over I sent my last email...) Great, now you have me second guessing my tackiness in bringing a bagged salad you turd.

Here is the dessert I made (Tollhouse Choc. Chip pie). I felt like I put a lot of effort into it and therefore I shouldn't feel badly about the salad (which as we know is NOT the highlight of the meal compared to a dessert!). What do you think? Is homemade always required when you offer to bring something?

p.s. Bonnie, since I know you read my blog, I guess the cat is out of the bag about my salad. :) Hope you enjoyed it anyway!

Friday, March 20, 2009

"so cool"

I just bought some new lotion and as I was putting it on, I realized it reminded me of Sunflowers, a perfume that came out back when I was in Jr. High/High School. I remember thinking I was so cool when I bought this perfume...not sure why. Now you can buy it for $5 at Walmart!

It got me thinking about other things I bought back when I was young that I also felt "ultra cool" buying:

*Body Suits- Yes, these came out when I was in 7th grade and I thought they were SOOO rebellious and cool. I guess I never actually bought one because I don't think I had the guts to wear it. :)

*Dr. Martens: These were probably my first pair of expensive (at least more than I was used to spending) shoes and they were worth every penny as I felt quite awesome in them.

*Skorts: I thought I was awesome because for a skirt, it was shorter than I would have been allowed to wear...but wait mom, they are actually shorts!!

*Minnie Mouse Key Chain: This one is a little weird, I know. Basically I bought this months before I got my drivers license. I kept it securely in a zip lock bag (because heaven forbid it would...umm..mold???) until the day of my 16th birthday, when I finally got my license. I think I felt cool because it was more of a symbol of what was to come. Not sure what I was thinking as Minnie Mouse seems a little childish for a mature 16 year old. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm a Sees snob

Yes, it is true. When it comes to suckers, I am a Sees snob. Or more accurately, I have created Cam to be one. Whenever he receives a non-Sees sucker at the doctor's, he will take it, he will rarely finish it. But I don't mind, because I LOVE Sees suckers for my little guy. The only reason I plunk down the extra cash for them is because they last about 3x as long as regular ones. This comes in very handy for long road trips. It is so nice to know I have a good 20 minute time eater available as we are embarking on a long car ride.

While they are a little pricey, this bag lasts me 2-3 months, which is pretty good.

I only by butterscotch because chocolate is sooo messy...yes, much messier than you see here on his sticky chin. :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

grilled flatbread sandwich (Rachel Ray)

I tried a new recipe from my latest Rachel Ray magazine tonight. It was quite labor intensive so I'm not sure I'll do it again, but it was tasty (we both gave it an "8") I changed the recipe a little but basically you take Pillsbury pizza crust and cut it into five rectangles. After baking the rectangles, you brush each with plain yogurt (this is what we didn't care for...not much taste). You then layer green onions, corn, turkey sausage, cheese, and stir fried potatoes. You then grill (or put it in the George Foreman like I did) it.

Here it is with some more potatoes/sour cream on the side.

We have grown to LOVE potatoes cooked this way. After baking or nuking them, I let them cool. I then slice them up and saute them in a little olive oil and sprinkle Lawry's on top. So tasty!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

day #2 without daddy

Today was our second day without daddy as he is in Arizona with some friends for spring training. Yesterday Ana (whose husband is among the spring training clan) decided to get together and go to the zoo. Cam liked walking around and was so-so about the animals, except the monkeys, who were quite active swinging around the cage. He gave quite a few fun giggles. Afterward we ate lunch at Pat & Oscar's (both Ana and I partook of the kids meals..hehe!). We had such a fun morning together and would like to do it more often, despite the hour difference in where we live. :)

This morning Cam and I went to a park, Target, then to his MyGym class. After his nap, we headed out to Palm Desert to walk around the Marriott (the main attraction being the four automatic doors at the entrance where he had LOADS of fun running in and out) and then to a nearby park. It was about 80 degrees and so nice.

We've had quite a few "daddy!" comments, especially on our walk when he picked a flower (we always bring a flower, rock, berry, etc. back to daddy), but otherwise Cam has done well...although we both will be excited to welcome him back tomorrow evening. :) The guys are having a fun time and Ross, it does appear as though they got the "meat sweats" during their feast at Fajitas last night. :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

daylight savings...

Daylight Savings Time, I've hated every time you came around
Because you caused my son to wake before the sun hit the ground
I cursed the night before you made your debut
Knowing the sleep training I had done would all go askew
But for the first time ever and to my delighted shock
You've caused Cam to wake at 7:00 instead of 6 o'clock!
So thank you dear time, and may this poem not jinx it
For if the 6:00 wakings come back, I just might throw a fit!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

look at the camera, Cameron!

Every mom thinks their child is the cutest in the world. I am no different, so I would REALLY like it if Cam would learn to just LOOK AT THE CAMERA once in a while!!!! He is horrible at staying still for even a couple seconds to snap a shot. :) Here are a couple pictures that would have been so cute had my little monkey just done his job and simply looked!

Ahhh...finally a good one!

Monday, March 9, 2009

7 years!!!

Today is our 7 year wedding anniversary. In honor of this day, I thought I would share with you how we met and eventually married. I love hearing people's "how we met" stories, so if you are the same, enjoy!

Chris and I met our freshman year at Biola University. I don't want to make this too lengthy, but basically over the next 4 years, we dated three different times (with the longest period of us being a part about a year). I was actually the one to break it off each time. It's hard to pinpoint why, but I think it comes down to the fact that I wasn't ready for a serious relationship, and actually didn't know what one was (seeing as Chris was my first boyfriend). I was quite wrapped up in my girlfriends and many times would put them before Chris in my time spent. Being a novice at the whole relationship thing, I didn't understand why this was a frustration for Chris. Looking back now, I find myself saying, "Duh! How could you not think a guy would want to talk to his girlfriend more than once a week!??". :)

Anyway, during our "breaks", we would always remain friends, or at least acquaintances. During each break, I had time to think back and each time I realized more and more what an amazing person Chris was. During our senior year, not only did I again realize this, but I also realized that I did NOT want lose him for good. In all honesty, I understand why many of Chris's friends were VERY leery of me and advised Chris against getting back together with me (especially the 3rd time!). I guess deep down he knew that if I would just fully devote myself to us, there wouldn't be any turning back...because we would be perfect together. All I have to say is thank goodness he gave me another chance!

I've had a few people ask me if I regret not dating more before Chris (I probably had gone on a total of 3 dates my entire life). I find that to be an interesting question, but in all honesty, I could care less that I didn't have much experience. I found the perfect, most loving, funny, most unselfish, husband I could ever ask for. The grass will NEVER look greener on the other side!

So a few months after we graduated, Chris popped the question down at Laguna Beach. He then surprised me by having his entire family as well as mine waiting for us at a restaurant. It was the most amazing day ever! Here are a few pictures from our wedding. We got married at Trinity in Redlands. It was also one of the most amazing and fun days. While many moms/daughters find tension in planning a wedding, my mom and I had a blast! We honeymooned in Coronado (San Diego) and had a fabulous time. Thanks for sticking with my long post!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

family fun

I know the title of this post is a little cheesy, but it is the best way to describe our weekend. It was one of those weekends where the three of us just had such fun times together as a family.

Saturday we hung out around here, going to parks and playing in the house. Here is a little fort Cam wanted built for him while listening to Chris read.

After 45 minutes of jumping, laughing and happily screaming, we got Cam up from his non-nap and headed out to Palm Springs (he did sleep 20 minutes on the way). We spent the next hour and a half eating lunch and sitting outside. It was the most beautiful weather and Chris and I commented again on how glad we are to be so close to the desert.

That night Chris made the yummiest chicken fajitas. The meal was in honor of his upcoming visit to the restaurant entitled "Fajitas" in Arizona. He and three friends are driving out there this weekend for Spring Training. A highlight for them is a visit to a restaurant that Chris comments, "You know how you walk out of a Vegas casino smelling like smoke? Well, picture that, except we walk out smelling like meat!" (quite nasty in my humble opinion!)

Sunday we drove out to OC to attend the birthday party for our friend's (Jeremy/Ana) daughter, Mia. We had a fun time and the highlight was the fact that Cam did incredibly well, considering all the people and little ones around. We were also excited to see him enjoy the cupcake, which was a risk considering the sticky frosting. :) How cute are those Elmo cupcakes Ana made?? I was so impressed!! I got the one with a pirate patch since I think Cam was the only boy at the party. :)

After the party, we headed over to the Irvine Spectrum to walk around and ride the carousel. Cam loved all the fountains.

We topped off the weekend with a visit to The Gourmet Pizza Shoppe with my parents. They enjoyed their first visit and I think it will definitely be a repeat!

p.s. As you can guess, we have our boy back. Cam is back to normal and while we don't have all the test results back that will give us a clue as to what was wrong, we are thankful that he is healthy once again. :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

do what you gotta do

The past week (and especially the past few days) have been interesting. Basically Cam has had diarrhea going on 7 days now. Yesterday morning he woke with a horrible looking rash/hives all over his back and neck. Our doc ordered blood tests, which we got that afternoon. Keep in mind, Cam literally goes ballistic even when our normal doc just touches you can imagine the fun we had when someone had to stick a needle in his arm. Luckily Chris was there to hold him and the nurse was great at finding a vein quickly, so the screaming didn't last for too long.

This morning I woke to a crib full of vomit, a diaper full of yuckiness, and a new rash now covering most of his body (the one yesterday had faded). All this to say we still don't know what is going on. Our doc is somewhat confused and the blood tests came back normal. Hmmm...

We are still awaiting the stool sample results she also ordered. I had to gather five different samples. Basically they give you little containers with mini shovels to scoop the poop. Sounds nasty, but in all honesty, it really doesn't phase me. I think this is the case with most parents. When it comes to your kid, you just do what has to be done. Funny how something like this doesn't gross me out, but if it were an adult sample I had to gather...nasty!

Here I am scooping away:

So we are still stuck with not knowing...I'm not that worried (which is unusual) because you would NEVER know something was wrong by looking at his behavior...he is super happy and playful fortunately. We'll see...

Monday, March 2, 2009

great book

I just finished an excellent book on vaccinations (recommended by my pediatrician whom I adore). If any of you are questioning or just want to know more about the types of vaccines we give to our kids, this is an excellent book.

I never did any research before Cam was born. Yes, I realize that after those anxiety ridden few months, we were told that he did/does not have autism, however going through all of that made me question EVERYTHING, including vaccines.

This book is super easy to understand. He basically takes you through each vaccine and explains the reasons why it is given, the side effects, why some might choose to not give it to their child, etc. I think the main thing I like is that he is very neutral on the subject. He is supportive of the whole spectrum of beliefs on choosing to vaccinate your child or choosing not to.

While I've decided to opt for the "selective vaccine schedule" (as described in the book), I realize there is sooo much controversy surrounding the issue. I completely understand (and don't judge in the least) both sides of it and just feel glad that I'm confident in the decision I've made, based on this book. Anyway, it's a great read if you are expecting or thinking about having kids. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009


...yes, I ate that whole piece of cake in one sitting. I think it literally must have weighed almost a pound. (see post below)