Saturday, March 14, 2009

day #2 without daddy

Today was our second day without daddy as he is in Arizona with some friends for spring training. Yesterday Ana (whose husband is among the spring training clan) decided to get together and go to the zoo. Cam liked walking around and was so-so about the animals, except the monkeys, who were quite active swinging around the cage. He gave quite a few fun giggles. Afterward we ate lunch at Pat & Oscar's (both Ana and I partook of the kids meals..hehe!). We had such a fun morning together and would like to do it more often, despite the hour difference in where we live. :)

This morning Cam and I went to a park, Target, then to his MyGym class. After his nap, we headed out to Palm Desert to walk around the Marriott (the main attraction being the four automatic doors at the entrance where he had LOADS of fun running in and out) and then to a nearby park. It was about 80 degrees and so nice.

We've had quite a few "daddy!" comments, especially on our walk when he picked a flower (we always bring a flower, rock, berry, etc. back to daddy), but otherwise Cam has done well...although we both will be excited to welcome him back tomorrow evening. :) The guys are having a fun time and Ross, it does appear as though they got the "meat sweats" during their feast at Fajitas last night. :)


Mom said...

What a great thing to do--being outside, running around a zoo, and seeing funny monkeys--a great combination! (I love hearing Cam imitate a monkey!) You enjoy Ana so much--I'm glad she's still living fairly close by.

Ross and Amy Free said...

Yes! My first shout out on the Petinak blog!