Thursday, June 23, 2016

camp tlc

*This week is Vacation Bible School (we call it Camp TLC).

I always teach a cupcake decorating class and while I enjoy teaching it, the highlight of the week is just getting to be there when my kids are there. I love sneaking into the auditorium and watching them do hand motions to the worship, or catching them as they walk to their elective and waving. The past two years I've even gotten to have Cam in my class. :)

*Kendall joined the library reading program this summer and was ecstatic to retrieve her prize. She chose Charlotte's Web and was glued to it until she finished.

*In the above picture you'll notice the ever so classy window covering on our back door. Yes, that is foil. Yes, it is beyond tacky. However it makes a HUGE difference in the temperature of our kitchen. So it's there to stay for a couple months. :)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

13 hours

*The other day Kendall had disappeared for 2-3 hours (not at all unusual) at the quads' house, so Cam and I took advantage and watched a half hour Youtube video someone had taken from their trek up Mt. San Gorgonio. This is one of our favorite things to do in preparation for our hikes. :)

*We walked/scooter'd up for donuts the other day.

*Each summer we take a trip to IKEA. Today, while Chris enjoyed some Father's Day weekend golf, the kids and I made the trek.

 Always something they look forward to...a cinnamon roll lunch!

Each year, I give them each $10 to spend. I think for the past three years, Kendall has chosen stuffed animals as her purchase. It's fine with me because I then require she get rid of two old ones at home!

*I get pickier and pickier with the movies I give a high rating to, but last night's was a big winner. Excellent.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

summer calendar

*Today we went on a short hike in Oak Glen with a couple friends from the kids' school. It was gorgeous and I was reminded again how lucky we are to live so close to places like this. :)

*This afternoon we brought out the pool again and Blossom enjoyed a short boat ride.

*I've decided I'm somewhat of an old soul. In addition to loving old music (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, etc.), I also like older movies.  I like to imagine I live back then. In fact, I WISH I lived back then. I know I'm probably idealizing the times and imagining them more blissful than they were, but it sure seems appealing in how simple and wholesome life was. Right now I'm making my way through State Fair. :)

Sidenote: I fast forward all the songs since those are my least favorite parts in musicals. :)

*We are one week into our summer calendar! I again reminded the kids that I write our plans in pencil because sometimes things change and we need to be flexible!! :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

new job

*Yesterday I let the kids do something they've wanted to do for a long time...go into the attic. Kendall asked if she could turn it into a clubhouse. :)

*Today we made a HUGE trip to Winco to get all of the ingredients I'll need for the cupcake class I'm teaching next week at the kids' VBS. It was quite a list and both kids were actually quite helpful!

*Chris often jokes that we never have red meat in the house. I disagree because we always have ground beef. This, he claims, does not count. :) I got to feeling badly because in reality, I eat beef (or any meat for that matter) probably once a month and I realized it's reflected in my shopping. So today I decided to surprise him and got some carne asada. I even texted him a picture. :)

*Yesterday I got a call that will change our lives in a HUGE way. Long story short, I applied for a full time School Psychologist position in our district. I was the runner up and while I was disappointed at first, we had come to terms with it. However a few weeks later I got a call that the person had backed out and...would I still like it? 

Lots of analyzing later, I accepted (yesterday was the official call from HR). Wow. It's super scary. However for a full time job, it truly is ideal. It's five minutes from my house and I know everyone already from subbing there. I'll be bringing in a salary + we won't have to pay our own health insurance anymore. Chris' work schedule makes it so he'll be able to be with the kids whenever I'm at work. And the list goes on. So here's to a new stage of life!! 

Let's hope this won't be me :)

Saturday, June 11, 2016

banana concoction

*Yesterday Cam, my dad, and I went on our longest hike yet, 13 miles on Mt. San Gorgonio! We didn't make it all the way up but are working on plans to go next month so we can reach the summit. We met a lot of interesting people along the way and had such a fun time!

Here is a 9 second video of us so you can see how gorgeous our surroundings were. 

*While we were hiking, Kendall got to spend part of the day with my mom and part at her friend, Alayna's. She had a blast. :)

*Last night Chris and I had a, "What should we do tomorrow?" discussion. We didn't feel like going to the desert again, so I did a little research and found a car show at the train museum in Perris. I wouldn't say it was the most thrilling outing, but it was free and the kids got to make a fun craft.

*Kendall's new favorite snack, sliced bananas with sour cream and brown sugar. We call it a, "banana concoction". 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

crowded pool

*The other day I found a post with some pictures that I have very much related to over the years I've been a parent:

*This morning was an awards ceremony at Cam's school. I was so excited when they called his name for the class leadership award. The way they described how they chose the kids who received this made me tear up when they called his name. Wow. I love this boy and am so proud.

*I surprised the kids today by bringing Blossom with me to pick them up. We then took her to a park for a picnic. 

*As I type this I'm feeling a little badly. Cameron really prefers swimming with just Kendall, as opposed to all the neighborhood kids (simply a numbers/crowded feeling thing). I told them they could have half an hour of just the two of them before friends could join (Kendall enjoys lots of kids). I just took a peek out the back door. Poor quads!!  So patient! Only five more minutes, guys! Then you can join!! :)

Sunday, June 5, 2016

a few pictures

*On Friday we went to the Ranger Station to get our permit for this Friday's hike. Mt. San Gorgonio, here we come!

*Yesterday we went out to the desert. Kendall was excited we got there on the tail end of craft time at Barnes and Noble.

*Sunday afternoon swim time!

*My new favorite Pandora station:"Decade: 60's" (oldies).

*We purchased an exercise ball for Blossom. It wasn't very successful. She proved to be a pretty lazy pig and just sat there. :)

*Got some food prep done for Chris for the week. Two breakfast bowls...

...and three snack wraps (string cheese wrapped in ham).

*I've been super lame about getting my 10,000 steps in each day. :(

Friday, June 3, 2016

solo in san diego

After I dropped the kids off at school on Wednesday, I headed down to San Diego. I needed to assess a student that afternoon, as well as the following morning. I did the assessment at the downtown library (which is HUGE!) and afterward drove to my hotel. I've never stayed in a hotel by myself and I must admit it was pretty relaxing!

Nothing like plopping on a hotel bed!!

I took a break from relaxing and went down to the hotel gym. It's been  a long time since I used a treadmill and I loved how fast the time went since I could watch a show at the same time! Sidenote: Notice how the TV is in back of me? Very odd that all the machines were facing away from the TV, making it so the only way to watch was through the mirror!

Afterward I had to work on a few things to prepare for the next day, which ended up taking longer than I had thought.  My hotel also was in a commercial area, rather than on the beach. This made it so I really didn't go out and explore the cool parts of San Diego, however I did treat myself to some frozen yogurt when I went out to grab some dinner. :)

The morning involved staying in bed for a long time and drinking coffee with flavored creamer!!! I'm not sure why, but I always get super excited when places provide something other than plain cream and sugar. :)

This next pic is dedicated to my sister. Back in college, she spent a summer with Campus Crusade for Christ, working as a maid in Yellowstone National Park. I remember her coming home and telling me what a treat it was to enter a room and see that they had stripped the beds for her. Ever since, every time I stay in a hotel, I always strip the beds before I leave. So here's to you, Susan!! :)

My assessment the next day went well and I was able to head back home before traffic. Overall, I must admit my solo trip was quite nice. :)