Tuesday, June 14, 2016

new job

*Yesterday I let the kids do something they've wanted to do for a long time...go into the attic. Kendall asked if she could turn it into a clubhouse. Umm...no. :)

*Today we made a HUGE trip to Winco to get all of the ingredients I'll need for the cupcake class I'm teaching next week at the kids' VBS. It was quite a list and both kids were actually quite helpful!

*Chris often jokes that we never have red meat in the house. I disagree because we always have ground beef. This, he claims, does not count. :) I got to feeling badly because in reality, I eat beef (or any meat for that matter) probably once a month and I realized it's reflected in my shopping. So today I decided to surprise him and got some carne asada. I even texted him a picture. :)

*Yesterday I got a call that will change our lives in a HUGE way. Long story short, I applied for a full time School Psychologist position in our district. I was the runner up and while I was disappointed at first, we had come to terms with it. However a few weeks later I got a call that the person had backed out and...would I still like it? 

Lots of analyzing later, I accepted (yesterday was the official call from HR). Wow. It's super scary. However for a full time job, it truly is ideal. It's five minutes from my house and I know everyone already from subbing there. I'll be bringing in a salary + we won't have to pay our own health insurance anymore. Chris' work schedule makes it so he'll be able to be with the kids whenever I'm at work. And the list goes on. So here's to a new stage of life!! 

Let's hope this won't be me :)


Jessica said...

At least for working full time this truly is ideal :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is truly a big life change for you. But I know you will tackle it with determination--just like you do other things. I'm thrilled that it is THIS job with THESE co-workers in THIS proximity. Thank you, Lord.

Anonymous said...

No, that picture will not be you - but it does make me laugh! And don't hate me, but we let our kids turn our attic into forts - so you might get some more complaints from your kids after you visit.... ;) = Susan

Teresa DiMillo said...

This is really exciting! I'm positive you will rock it!

Sames Blogs said...

Oh my gosh... Chris DID NOT share this news. I am so happy for you. And INSURANCE!!! The best!!!! No more hair-pulling insurance calls. I would literally cry when I had to call them. Congratulations!!