Tuesday, June 7, 2016

crowded pool

*The other day I found a post with some pictures that I have very much related to over the years I've been a parent:

*This morning was an awards ceremony at Cam's school. I was so excited when they called his name for the class leadership award. The way they described how they chose the kids who received this made me tear up when they called his name. Wow. I love this boy and am so proud.

*I surprised the kids today by bringing Blossom with me to pick them up. We then took her to a park for a picnic. 

*As I type this I'm feeling a little badly. Cameron really prefers swimming with just Kendall, as opposed to all the neighborhood kids (simply a numbers/crowded feeling thing). I told them they could have half an hour of just the two of them before friends could join (Kendall enjoys lots of kids). I just took a peek out the back door. Poor quads!!  So patient! Only five more minutes, guys! Then you can join!! :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, I teared up too when I saw that on Nikki's Facebook page. He is a gem!

Oh, that is tooooo funny--all those kids waiting on the wall. Not quite what Cam had in mind for "playing in it just with Kendall."


Jessica said...

lol, those are funny.

That's cute that you brought the Piggy to the park :) Ethan is especially in love with her!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS - those little 4 perched on the wall - that is the funniest thing! =) - Susan