Thursday, June 16, 2016

summer calendar

*Today we went on a short hike in Oak Glen with a couple friends from the kids' school. It was gorgeous and I was reminded again how lucky we are to live so close to places like this. :)

*This afternoon we brought out the pool again and Blossom enjoyed a short boat ride.

*I've decided I'm somewhat of an old soul. In addition to loving old music (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, etc.), I also like older movies.  I like to imagine I live back then. In fact, I WISH I lived back then. I know I'm probably idealizing the times and imagining them more blissful than they were, but it sure seems appealing in how simple and wholesome life was. Right now I'm making my way through State Fair. :)

Sidenote: I fast forward all the songs since those are my least favorite parts in musicals. :)

*We are one week into our summer calendar! I again reminded the kids that I write our plans in pencil because sometimes things change and we need to be flexible!! :)


Anonymous said...

What fun hiking pics with your friends! I love old things too... And the pic K and Blossom makes me want to laugh - ha!!! - Susan =)

Jessica said...

The piggy boat ride cracked me up,! 😂

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that little hike at Oak Glen!

Why does July 4 have "July 1" written on it?