Saturday, June 18, 2016

13 hours

*The other day Kendall had disappeared for 2-3 hours (not at all unusual) at the quads' house, so Cam and I took advantage and watched a half hour Youtube video someone had taken from their trek up Mt. San Gorgonio. This is one of our favorite things to do in preparation for our hikes. :)

*We walked/scooter'd up for donuts the other day.

*Each summer we take a trip to IKEA. Today, while Chris enjoyed some Father's Day weekend golf, the kids and I made the trek.

 Always something they look forward to...a cinnamon roll lunch!

Each year, I give them each $10 to spend. I think for the past three years, Kendall has chosen stuffed animals as her purchase. It's fine with me because I then require she get rid of two old ones at home!

*I get pickier and pickier with the movies I give a high rating to, but last night's was a big winner. Excellent.

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