Sunday, March 22, 2009

nothing like a Sunday at Urgent Care!

We had a first aid info talk at my mom's group on Friday. One of the things covered was when to take your child to the ER, and when to just wait it out. Ironic how we were confronted with this very thing this morning. Rather than give you a play by play, I copy/pasted what Chris wrote on his Facebook page.

Cam woke up very upset this morning and grabbing his neck. 2 hours, Xrays, lots of screaming and cheerios later . . . doctor said it was a kink in his neck. Awesome, maybe he can tell me that the sky is blue and that the economy is bad. Thanks Doc. At least it's going to cost us probably $300.

Sidenote: While his comment is obviously sarcastic about the doctor, we both agreed that he was very nice and of course it was not his fault (as we are the ones who brought Cam in!!).   And while we are glad we went in for our own peace of mind (Cam was just too upset for us to simply wait it out), it isn't that fun to think about the fact that we will probably end up paying literally $300 toward our deductible to be told Cam had a kink in his neck. Oh well...such is the life of parent!

Here is a pic of Cam watching TV favoring his good side. He still won't turn his head to the right because it is still painful. Otherwise, he's a happy camper!

p.s. A VERY interesting thing I learned during the talk was that after an earthquake, cell phones are obviously jammed as EVERYONE is trying to use them.  However one of the girls at my group heard on the radio that texting uses a different frequency and you will have a much easier time communicating with loved ones via texting. Good to know!


Mom said...

Kinks are so painful--and for a little guy who doesn't know it's a minor thing, it must be kind of frightening, too.

Hey, at least you chose the right place to go--urgent care instead of emergency room (even more expensive!)

Thank you, Lord, that it wasn't something serious.

He looks like a 5-year-old on the floor! :o)

The Thompson Family said...

Hey--have you thought about getting him adjusted by Tim?
Just a thought!

Kelly said...

Actually Chris did talk to Tim yesterday. We are waiting to see if it is just a minor kink that will go away, or we need to take him to see Tim. Nice to have a chiropractor for a friend, let alone a pediatric one! :)

be_a_Mary said...

oh I'm so glad it was nothing serious! kinks are very painful so I don't blame the poor nugget. glad everything is ok.