Thursday, March 10, 2016


*Yesterday was our 14th anniversary. We had plans for dinner last Saturday night, but we both were just too tired to go out. We do want to go out at some point, just not sure when. :) However last night was very sweet and special. Chris had a super nice card for me, complete with a Starbucks card inside. :) He also had the kids write me notes. Cam's was quite cute:

Dear mom
Happy annvirsty to you
You are 34 + 2
You're like a school cycolist
and you act like one too!

*Today was my day off and it worked out well because my little girl is sick again. Seems like she has gone a few weeks and then gets the fever, then goes another few weeks, and then the same. Poor thing. :(

*Is this not totally true???

*Last week my parents told us what they would be giving us for Christmas. They are buying us tickets to Germany for next Christmas! They are actually going as well so we will all be together. I simply cannot tell you how ecstatic the kids are. We've had to remind them that it is still a long time from now, so talking about what we'll pack and how we'll survive jet lag (you can bet that one is a Cam concern!) is a little premature. :) Here they are making a book about the trip.

*JoJo or Lauren? Not a huge fan of either.


deb said...

Wow...a lot of time to research the area. Go get those passports!
This is Noonie 's suggestion.

Jessica said...

That's so exciting about Germany! Are you going this year 2016, or Christmas of 2017?

Cams card was cute :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, we are soooooo excited as well! But their excitement is even more "over the moon!"

Teresa DiMillo said...

Germany is amazing! Todd and I want to take the kids one day soon!