Friday, December 18, 2009


4- number of times Cam and I baked this week

4- number of items baked where chocolate was the main ingredient

35- minutes we've worked up to for Cam's "special room time"

5:15pm- time Kendall went to bed last night due to the yucky naps

5:00am- first time she needed to be fed...pretty good stretch!

2- colors of frosting I made for Cam's class today (they were decorating cookies)--sadly I only had blue and yellow...not very Christmas-like!

1-movie rented from Red Box this week, Public Enemies

4-scavenger hunts taken this week (this is by far a favorite activity for Cam)

1- Starbucks trip this week: Soy White Mocha, extra hot

10- number of homemade rolls I wish I could fit in my stomach during our Christmas meal (up at my in-laws)


the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

You go extra hot at Starbucks??? Daring girl! I order mine at 140 degrees so I can drink it right away without burning my tongue! : )

Mom said...

Fun stats...first 2 are funny...Waydago, Cam with that special room time!...well, sleeping 12 hours is the least Kendall can do for you for not letting you out of her sight in the daytime. HA!

Bonnie said...

Wow! Baking 4 times in one week....I'm impressed. Kendall sleeping almost 12 hours is great, but I'm sorry that she's not napping well for you. Have a great weekend!