Friday, September 30, 2016

big bear

*I'm the designated "birthday girl" at work. Basically I plan the days in which we all go out to lunch to celebrate the various birthdays in our department. I also bake a cake that day for the birthday person. This past week I wanted to try something fall'ish. It was a big hit and I think what sets this recipe apart is the cream cheese/cinnamon glaze. Sooo good!

*On Monday I had to go to an all day conference. While the conference wasn't the most thrilling, I have to say the highlight was the drive there. I love that I work five minutes from home, but sometimes it's nice to be in the car for a while. I just get to zone out, listen to Dr. Laura, and treat myself to Starbucks. Drink of choice: Skinny Hazelnut Soy Latte...EXTRA hot. :)

*I forgot to include this pic on my last post. I think it's a sweet picture. I love that hiking is such a special activity that my dad and Cameron get to share. :)

*Went to Costco last weekend. Who would want a bear this big in their house???

*Finally went to the dentist on Tuesday for the first part of my deep cleaning. I've been putting it off for too long. I'm so glad they numbed me because I could tell they went DEEP! 

*Really interested in checking out the Amanda Knox documentary that is coming out on Netflix.

*It's FRIDAY!!!

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Jessica said...

That cake looks yummy!