Saturday, October 1, 2016

our day

Last night:

Cam: Mom, what are we doing that's fun tomorrow? Can we hike Mecca?
Me: Um...I don't think so. We just did Baldy and I kind of just want to relax and not have to be anywhere in the morning.
Cam: But what will we do that's fun?
Me: I don't know.
Cam: But if we don't do something...well...I might get bored.
Me: Yep.
Cam: And if I get bored, you might make me do homework.
Me: Cam, I would make you do one of your journals tomorrow no matter what we did.
Cam: Okay...

Our day did end up being VERY low key...which was exactly the way I wanted it. Did Cam get bored? At times. But I think we did enough. :)

1. Piggy walk to the donut shop and Stater's.

2. Library to get some books. I packed a snack. My kids LOVE Nature Valley Granola Bars. LOVE.

3. 99 Cent store. I let them each pick out two Halloween decorations for our house.

While I do have several Christmas decorations, I am terrible when it comes to decorating for any other holiday or season. For instance, my Halloween decorations consist of two, falling apart witch signs that a friend made for us a long time ago.I have several friends who have decorations for fall, spring, etc. I really need to be more festive. :(

 So there used to be three witches which each read, "My" "Little" "Pretties". You can see what's left (the one on the right is missing the nose)

p.s. I snagged a picture this afternoon because I thought it was just too funny. Chris was watching golf on TV and the Giants on his phone. Poor guy was just too torn to pick only one. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, your little witches signs--what's left of them--are funny. I'm going to email you a funny sign along those lines.

Jessica said...

😂, Cam would have a hard time a our house since we don't do exciting activities very often.

The piggy walk always cracks me up, we've yet to do that.

The kids have have been asking me to decorate for fall and I haven't felt like it, for some reason I like to wait until October.

Chalet Vavrek said...

Jim regularly has his iPad set up to watch one sporting event, and the TV on the other... :) An all too familiar sight! :) haha!