Saturday, October 15, 2016


*The past couple of weeks have a been a little hard (hmm..maybe a lot hard) as far as the working mom thing. I've needed to bring work home more and have had cases that are difficult and stressful. Yesterday I got back from a two day training in L.A. It was a fascinating training (we were trained in an assessment to diagnose Autism), but I found myself a lot more homesick than I normally would be.

This is my teammate, Barbara. She is a Speech Pathologist and together we assess all the incoming pre-school kids. We were excited here because our hotel had free refreshments/drinks in the evening. I rarely if ever drink. The calories  + money are never worth it to me. If I'm gonna spend $8, give me a piece of cake. :) 

*I wasn't able to go to Cam's belt testing since I was gone, so Chris sent me a video. How awesome is my little guy doing his breaking technique?

*Today was Chris' birthday. We made him a special breakfast and then he went golfing. While he was gone, Kendall made him a special cake. I had already made his favorite (German Chocolate), but she insisted on making her own.

*Tonight Chris chose The Cheesecake Factory for his birthday dinner.

The kids love it because there is a great outdoor area where they can run around.


Jessica said...

Your hair looks super cute in that first pic!

How sweet that Kendall made Chris a cake :)

Saluting you right now in feeling overwhelmed and tired with working /momming right now!! I hope you don't continue to have to bring home work and you can relax at night.

Anonymous said...

Still marveling at Cam's breaking-wood-on-the-first-kick! :)

Uh, what is the nose signal?