Thursday, October 6, 2016

nothing too exciting

Cam keeps asking me if I've blogged and I keep telling him that I don't have much to report. Life is pretty humdrum lately. :)

*Let's see...Chris was very excited/anxious for last night's Giants game. In the past we've had, "World Series" parties with the kids. We buy appetizer type food and we all sit in the living room during the game. Chris typically is the only one truly following the game, but it's still a big deal and always a special night. Since last night might have been the end of the season for the Giants (had they lost), we decided to do our party.

Kendall helping with the chicken nuggets.

*Last week the kids/Chris made me dinner. It was so sweet. The piggies even made an appearance, complete with bows in their fur.

*Tomorrow we leave for a weekend at my in laws. As is usual with trips, I freeze our crackers and cereal while we are gone. :)

That's about it! Happy almost weekend!

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