Sunday, October 30, 2016

our weekend

We've had a fun and not so fun weekend. I'll start with the fun:

Yesterday Cam and my dad went for a hike at Wildwood State park. I opted out as we have a big one planned in a couple of weeks and I just wanted to be at home this weekend.

While they were gone, Kendall had a, "Lego/Donut/Pajama" party with the quad girls. When we got back from dropping Cam off, the girls came over and they "partied" with their Legos for the next six hours. :)

That afternoon, Kendall had a birthday party for a friend at school.

 John's Incredible Pizza buffet...always a hit!

Now to the not so fun part. Last Tuesday Chris noticed he had a slight case of hives. Two Urgent Care visits and lots of steroids later, he is STILL struggling with this and we have NO clue what he is allergic to. He ended up at the ER this morning because it was so bad and while they are convinced it is allergy related, that doesn't help us. We have changed our laundry detergent and body soap, but we are SOO baffled right now, not to mention discouraged. How on earth do you narrow down a sudden allergy onset when NOTHING has changed in your diet or environment?? :(

The kids and I played the game of Life this morning as we waited for daddy to come home from the ER:

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Anonymous said...

I love that walking-away picture of Cam and Papa. You mean Kendall got to go to John's Incredible Pizza again??? Lucky duck.

We're praying for the allergic reaction problem to go away. Did you change your dishwashing liquid too?