Tuesday, November 13, 2012

70th birthday

This past weekend we visited my in-laws for my father-in-law's 70th birthday party.  It was such a fun weekend.  Normally when we go up it's just the four of us.  This time the kids loved the addition of their two cousins all weekend long. :)  Some highlights:

*On Friday Chris' mom took Cam to school with her.  He enjoyed recess with the big kids.

*Friday night we went to their favorite restaurant.  Here is a pic of the brothers.  In honor of their dad, they humorously grew mustaches, much to the dismay of us wives.  We were SO glad when they shaved them off!!!!  Ugh!!! :)

(this was before they shaved to just a mustache) 

*The party was for Chris' dad, but they had a bounce house for the kids, which was GREATLY appreciated and used. :)

*After the party we had our bonfire/hot dog roast, which has become somewhat of a tradition during cold weather visits.

*One breakfast took place at IHOP.  I think it might be a new favorite restaurant for my kids.  I can't believe how much they can eat!!

*One afternoon I took the three big kids on a nature walk.  We had a fun time exploring all around their property and finding things like "dinosaur bones".

*Lot's of YUMMY food was had.  I realized that in addition to anything chocolate, I'm also somewhat of a sucker for potato and macaroni salad.  My meals pretty much consisted of a plate of a few different kinds along with a bunch of tortilla chips for dipping.  My Jillian DVD was needed but certainly not welcome this morning. :)

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful weekend! Hope your dear father-in-law had a blessed time with family and friends coming to celebrate.