Wednesday, November 7, 2012

the next four years

No, this is not a post about the election results. :)  While I obviously was anxious to hear who won, I wan't glued to the TV...rather the kids and I were having fun together at Disneyland.  I hadn't taken them by myself in a long time and we had a blast.

A blog I follow asked the question, "Where will you be the next time elections roll around?" Well, let's see... I'll be 37. I think we'll still be in this house, at least I hope so.  We've grown to love our house, our neighborhood, and our small'ish town.

I might be working part time since both kids will be in school.  Where will I be working?  Not sure.  School counseling sadly seems to be going the way of the dinosaurs.  I would like to look into working in some aspect with special needs kids or their parents (helping them navigate services, adjust to life with a child with special needs, etc.).  I think Cameron has really opened me up to that whole part of our society.

Other than that, I see our life pretty similar to what it is now.  As far as things we'll hopefully do by then?

*While I'd love to say we'll have visited my sister and her family in Germany, I just don't see that happening financially.  But at least they will be here for a year in 2014! :)
*Take the kids to a big waterpark (like Knott's Soak City)
*I'd like to be volunteering on a regular basis somewhere other than church.  Volunteering at church is great...and needed.  But I'd like to do something outside that "world"...maybe Meals on Wheels, Special Olympics, etc.
*Take the kids tent camping
*Run a 5K with Chris.  I've never run in a race but hear they are so fun and such great atmospheres.

Four years will go by quickly, so I think my list is pretty doable. :)

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