Saturday, November 3, 2012

*Today I took Cam to a birthday party for a girl in his class.  He had a great time and as always, it's fun for me to see him interacting with his peers and enjoying them. :)

Can't beat horse rides at a birthday party!  Wow!!

*I checked out Reader's Digest from the library and read about a CRAZY food blog.  If you are in the mood to see some insanely delicious, very unique, somewhat disturbing food creations, scroll through this blog.  Here are a couple that I would like to devour.

Cake Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich

Deep Fried Chocolate Cake Covered in Ice Cream and Chocolate Syrup

*I'm currently snuggled on the couch watching my first made for TV Christmas movie of the season.  Woohoo!!!

*In theory, the smart choice for tonight's time change would be for me to stay up a little later since it's technically an hour earlier.  Or I could just go to bed at 8:00.  Mmmmm....sounds like my kind of bedtime. :)

*I'm off to get my Skinny Cow for dessert.  Tonight's concoction will be doctored up by a handful of the kids' Halloween candy (I'm thinking some Reese's and Heath). :)

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Anonymous said...

Having just come off a 24-hour flu, I could hardly look at those two food creations--ugh!

What a great picture of Cam at the birthday party.