Thursday, November 29, 2012

*We have some new renters on our block.  I was a little turned off at first because of the blaring rap music coming from their house one afternoon.  But it's amazing how my opinion has softened after seeing the HUGE amounts of Christmas decorations they have put up.  I like them now. :)

*I'm VERY particular about my hot drinks being hot, hot, hot.  A while back I ordered a mocha at a McDonald's drive-thru.  There was a line and by the time I got up to the window, my drink was tepid (they had obviously made it right when I ordered it and it just sat there).  I didn't even finish it. :(  So a few nights ago I formulated a plan.  I ordered the kids' cookies initially.  Then when I got up to the window I acted as if I had forgotten part of my order and asked for my drink.  It was made right then, handed to me right then, and was super hot.  :)  Yes, kind of a hassle just to get a McDonald's drink, but it was worth it.  :)

*Did anyone ever watch Out of This World as a kid??  Remember she could pause time? :)

*I'm not very far on my Christmas shopping.

*I've realized that part of the reason I like hot weather better than cold is because shorts are more comfortable than pants.  I'm not a fan of pants.

*Would you rather give up hot showers (substituting super cold) or dessert?  That is tough one for me but I think I would give up the showers.  Brrrrr....




Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, I would give up desserts. I honestly think my body is more sensitive to cold showers than the normal person. I almost hyperventilate.

Anonymous said...

I used to love "Out of this World"! Cute show. :)

Because of you, I have discovered a few drinks that I like at McDonald's. It's fun because I got Starbucks so rarely, but now I can afford and look forward to a treat a little more often. :)

Where do you come up with your hard "would you rather" questions....that one is really tough!


Charlee Pensak said...

I am still not a fan of them the rap music is annoying as is all the rap and mariachi that our neighbors seem to enjoy!

susan said...

Oh wow, I think I would have to give up dessert, as much as I love it. I just HAAATE cold showers! =(