Monday, November 26, 2012

outback potato

My "rather have the sides over the meat" not only applies to Holiday meals, but also to my visits to Outback.  I don't remember the last time we actually ate there, but all I know is that their baked potatoes were/are absolutely the best (my order there has always been simply a dinner salad and a baked potato).  They are actually out of this world.

A couple of visits back to my in-laws Chris' mom made baked potatoes for dinner and I was in awe at how identical they were to Outback's.  I've made them twice since because Chris is a huge fan as well.  They are SOOO easy.  Here is the super simple recipe. You seriously need to make your potatoes this way the next time you have them!!  The only problem is that neither of my kids like baked potatoes.  Grrr....

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Jessica said...

That's almost exactly how I make mine :-)