Saturday, November 24, 2012

turkey day

The last of our visitors left a few hours ago.  We had a wonderful week with both sides of our family.  

Chris' grandma stayed with us all week and will be VERY missed by Cam and Kendall.  Earlier in the week we put up a few Christmas decorations:

 Here are the cousins with their Aunt Rebekah, who made fun cake pops for the "kids" dessert (although I think all four kids partook of the "adult" desserts as well!) :)

Here is Uncle Craig going over Spanish words with Cam.  Cam is quite into his Spanish lessons at school. :)

The boys and their dad:

It was fun having my parents join us.  The new salad recipe I mentioned my mom was going to try was delicious.  I think one of the stars of the meal was the stuffing recipe I said I was going to attempt...thanks for the recipe Noonie and Deb!!!! :)

After the meal, we each read the slip of paper we had written things were thankful for on.  The kids then stuck them to the turkey's feathers.

This morning we put up our tree:

 Here is Grandma teaching the kids how to make paper candy canes for the tree:

p.s. It's ironic that I entitled this "turkey day" seeing as I have yet to taste one bite of the turkey.  I never really eat any of the main meat dishes on Holidays.  It's not that I don't like meat, it's that I like the side dishes SOO much better and would rather fill up on them.  But I'm sure a few turkey sandwiches are in my future as we have tons of leftovers. :)


Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful day all around. You and Chris are great hosts and it's such a joy to have an extended family where everyone gets along so well.

Jessica said...

That stuffing recipe looks yummy! I think I'm going to try it next time around :)