Thursday, November 15, 2012

*Zoe is still a wonderful and loved member of our family, but I will say that our theory that a pet costs more than one can plan for was proved true this past week.  First we spent $25 on getting our satellite fixed due to her chewing through the cord while sleeping in the garage while we were gone.  Our lawnmower now won't work because she also chewed through a wire.  Lovely, Zoe.  Lovely.  Sadly you no longer have the privilege of sleeping in the garage when we are gone. :)

*We are hosting Thanksgiving this year.  My request for my family was to come up with new dishes that we have never had.  So far we will partake in this dressing and this salad.  Yum!!  I'll stick with the old and make a dessert I've made a couple times.

Remember this? I received several "10's" with this one. :)

*Awana might be taken to the homestead for Cameron.  Each week he tells us how much he doesn't like gym/game time because it is so loud and chaotic (and it's quite long).  I then found out a friend of his now attends a different Awana for this exact reason.  There are a couple other concerns Chris and I have and we've decided to look into getting all his jewels/patches (because he is really into earning those) and doing it from home.

*I'm LOVING my podcasts, "Things You Should Know" and, "Stuff You Missed in History Class".  So far I've learned all about:
-Salem Witch Trials
-Joe McCarthy ("McCarthy'ism)
-Patty Hearst

*OK, I'm off to Cam's parent teacher conference.  I've got Tangled cued up and a snack bag for both kids in the hopes they'll quietly sit in the corner while we chat. :)  Here's to hoping!!

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Charlee said...

Breven hadted Awanas at the same age! It was chaotic gym time, he said his group was large and he didn't always get to do his verses and that some of the kids only knew about what was in the Awana book about Jesus and nothing else and some said it was all they did that was "church related" he dropped and we work at home on things but have yet to find a replacement. There is Cadets at our church but during swim season he couldn't go due to practices. If you find something local please share!