Friday, May 12, 2017


I'm tired. I'm tired of getting to work early, never taking a lunch, then coming home and working more. I'm tired of thinking about my weekend, trying to decide when I can squeeze work in. I want summer. Now.

Okay. Enough complaining. My favorite girl on the planet turned 8 last Sunday. The day prior we met Chris' family for a production of, "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" (at the theater in Victoria Gardens). It was very cute and she loved it.

We next went out to dinner at Lucille's. I was teased for getting a garden burger at a restaurant known for meat, but I didn't care and their sweet potato fries were the best I've had. :)

On Sunday, we started out with her breakfast request: Waffles with AS MUCH whipped cream as she wanted. :)

After church we headed over to my parents for lunch and her request, lemon meringue pie. I had never made one before. It was very labor intensive, however it was quite the hit (my dad gave it a 10.1!!).

I think our little girl felt very special. :) I just love her to bits.


Anonymous said...

She is just the sweetest little monkey!!!! I'm so glad she had such a special birthday...but then she gets excited about almost everything that's done for her! It doesn't take much. :)

Jessica said...

Happy birthday Kendall!

I'll bet you've never looked forward to a summer break like this one! Is this the norm for this type of position? I hope it gets less intense for you after having this first full year under your belt.

Teresa DiMillo said...

Happy Birthday, Kendall. I wish I could take a summer break from my job. Just a few more weeks, you can do it!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, summer is coming! And lemon meringue pie - wow! I'm impressed. =) I do love lemon! I'll put my order in now for our next furlough. - Susan