Sunday, October 14, 2018

desert flippers

*I've never been into trying different flavors of coffee because I figured, since I use flavored creamer, I wouldn't be able to taste the difference in the actual coffee flavor. This past week, however, I tried a Starbucks Toasted Graham k-cup. Oh, my goodness! It was the best cup of coffee I've had. The Starbucks brand makes the cups more pricey, but I figure 69 cents for one k-cup is much better than $5 if I were to actually go to Starbucks and get a drink. :)

*Yesterday Chris had a golf tournament and so the kids and I went to Costco. I still feel like Costco is a super fun outing. The kids aren't in as much agreement as they were years ago, but I still look forward to going. :) 

*This morning I made cinnamon rolls for the kids and we all watched our new favorite family show, Desert Flippers. It's your basic house flipping show, but it takes place in the Palm Springs area so it's fun to see if we can guess where the different house flips are. :)

*Our train tracks are one of the few toys I've held onto from when the kids were young. I'm glad I did as every now and then, the kids get in a train zone.

*Here are Chris and Cam, hanging out watching the piggies run around. Full disclosure...Chris is a pretty big fan of the piggies. :)

*Today we took the kids to see, Free Solo. It's a documentary about a man who free climbed (no ropes) El Capitan in Yosemite. Pretty amazing.

*I've REALLY been into podcast listening on my walks. I've mostly listened to healthy living/eating ones, but have grown tired of them. I've been wanting a good, Christian podcast. My favorite are interviews, rather than someone just talking/preaching. I think I finally found one that I like. In fact, the kids and I listened to this one on the way to Costco yesterday and they were very into it.


Anonymous said...

Kendall looks so grown up in the Costco pic!! So cute!

I've really been enjoying the Focus on the Family app-- just looking through their archives of daily broadcasts and choosing ones I want to listen to.


Jessica said...

Have you listened to The Alli Worthington show ?? I've recently discovered her and love it. I also love The Next Right Thing, and parenting Great Kids with Dr. Meg Meeker .. Just discovered those.