Saturday, April 15, 2017

dear walmart....

*When we went to the desert a few weeks back, we fell in love with the water they served in the main lobby. It had fruit floating around in it and it was so refreshing! Chris and I debated as to whether there was any flavoring added. I maintained there wasn't. Turns out I was wrong. They added extra sugar. :( Maybe that's why this super pretty fruit infuser pitcher we bought doesn't taste anything like the hotel's water. Boo!

*Sometimes I'm not in the mood for hot chocolate, however I've proven to be the world's worst coffee pot user. I decided to try instant coffee. With the addition of a couple extras, it's quite tasty. :)

*Dear Walmart, wouldn't it be neat if you actually used the dozens of cash registers you have lining the front of your store? It might help to have more than a few people working on Easter weekend. You think? Grrrrr. It took me about 20 minutes just to stand in line and check out.

*Breakfast with the piggies:

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Anonymous said...

How did you learn the hotel put sugar in their water?