Sunday, April 23, 2017

the founder

Last Monday I celebrated my 38th birthday. That night Chris brought home two HUGE pieces of cheesecake (Reese's and original) from Corky's for the four of us to share. They were soooo good and we will definitely make that a go-to place for dessert. 

For my present, I told Chris I wanted him to pick out a watch for me. I don't know what's "in" now and he's always had good tastes even in buying me clothes. I love what he picked out. Many times, there is no clock in our IEP's. I feel super rude checking the time on my phone, so now I can just sneak little peaks now and then. :)

Today we met my parents for lunch after church. My mom always makes the sweetest, most creative cards. She included this fabulous picture from when Susan and I were kids. Look at Susan's face!! She LOVES that I'm in such misery!!

Here we are after lunch. We ate at the  golf course restaurant (where Chris always plays) and the views were just too pretty. :)

We rented a really interesting movie this weekend. I had no idea how McDonald's got started. Yikes.


Jessica said...

I keep thinking Kendall looks so much older lately! 😢 Glad you enjoyed something yummy on your birthday 🎂

The watch is cute! I also believe that your FitBit can function as a watch as well 😉 😁🙃

Anonymous said...

I'm getting caught up after changing over computers...

1) Where is the cheesecake pic????!!
2) I LOVE that pic of you and me. It's one of my favorites. I distinctly remember how satisfying it was to make you squeeeeeeaaaalllll! hehehehe Aren't you glad I don't feel this way anymore??
3) Pretty watch!
4) Why yikes? Tell us about McDonalds! -Susan =)

Anonymous said...

Yes, that picture says a lot-just looking at your faces. :)