Friday, April 21, 2017


Last weekend our Easter celebration started with a wonderful Good Friday Service. They showed one of the most impacting videos I've seen in a while.

Sunday started with a bright and early church service at 7:45.

Afterward, we had a fun afternoon with my parents and Chris' brother's family. The kids loved being together and this was my mom's first outing since her foot surgery. We were so happy she could make the trip.

Today was SUCH a fun day for me. Kendall has been begging me to bring her piggy for show-and-tell. It's really hard to make this happen during my work day. So I decided just to take the whole afternoon off and didn't tell her I was coming. She was over the moon and felt like quite the celbrity in her class.

Afterward we had a picnic on our way home. Yes, that is cereal I packed. It's actually quite easy. Two Tupperware bowls full of cereal and one with milk!! Ha!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you surprised Kendall and brought the piggies!!! Too fun! =) And I'm so glad Mom was able to get out too. =) - Susan