Saturday, July 29, 2017

channel islands

Yesterday we got home from my last hurrah of the summer, a week with Chris' family at the beach. :) Some highlights:

Our house was right on the beach so the kids had easy access. They spent a lot of time here...

Chris' parents bought the kids each a new Lego set. They had the whole downstairs to spread out and many hours were spent assembling and playing with their sets.

The house came with a few bikes and we were able to take a couple rides.

As expected, our kids were the first ones up every single morning. They were so sweet in trying to be extra quiet and I didn't mind at all. ;)

Typically on our vacations, each family takes a breakfast/dinner to prepare for everyone. Here Kendall is helping Debbie make biscuits for their breakfast.

On one of our days, we took the train to Santa Barbara. The kids/dads went to a museum and Rebekah and I sat at Starbucks, shopped a little, and walked around State St.

Lots and lots of games were played. While I'm not a game person, the rest of the family is and our kids LOVED playing so much.

The cousins simply adored being together all week. Chris and I both agreed this was a highlight for us to see.

Chris and I left yesterday. Our kids stayed and will spend the next week with his parents. I start work Tuesday and they don't start school until the following week. While this will really help us out (and I know they'll have a blast), Chris and I already miss them. :(

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Jessica said...

That looks like such a great time!!