Wednesday, July 12, 2017

harry potter fan

*While in Reno, Deb made the most amazing coconut rice. She had actually made it on our prior visit (a few years back) and I had remembered loving it just as much then. It has so much flavor (use sweetened coconut milk and add crushed cashews).

Big Bear Lake, CA 

*My sleep has been terrible the past several nights. It takes 4+ hours to get to sleep, and I still wake up before 6:00 a.m. It's completely in my head, which is almost worse because I can't pop a pill for that. :( I've done my best to still enjoy my days with the kids and our activities, but fatigue and headaches can sometimes make that difficult.

*Kendall got braces (on her two front teeth) a couple of days ago. She was such a trooper.

*Chris recently bought a membership to Sam's Club on Groupon. While we don't like it quite as much as Costco, the kids love the fact that their foodcourt has ICEES and soft pretzels. After their orthodontist appointment, I promised them a visit. :)

*This morning Kendall had a friend over for a playdate. We decided the piggies needed a walk. :)

*We are now on the second Harry Potter book and Kendall is officially a fan. I've been so surprised at how hard it still is to get a hold of the books. They are always checked out and we have to wait a while to get a copy. I found a bootleg copy of the book online, so we've been reading that until we can get an actual copy. :)

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