Monday, July 17, 2017

our sunday...

The kids and I were out the door by 7:15 Sunday morning. I had to stop at the store for some marshmallows to use in craft for Sunday School. I've subbed a few times this summer and yesterday was one of my days. For the early service, they put ages K-5 together, so Kendall and Cameron like to go so they can be together and also have mom as the teacher.

The class went really well. Sometimes it can be hard to engage such a big age range, but hopefully I did a good job.  So by 9:15, we were ready for some outings.

We first stopped at Starbucks. I'm addicted to the Sweet Vanilla Cream Cold Brew. I justify my frequency in that I have a gift card...but I really shouldn't use it all this summer!

Next was Chuck E Cheese. We had some tokens we found in the car leftover from last summer. We got there right when it opened and I'm REALLY glad we did. Apparently they check all the machines in the morning. This also means they leave all the tickets sticking out for anyone to grab. The kids loaded up!!

Sam's Club was right down the street, so we headed over for ICEE's (I don't partake...they gross me out). However, we are quickly learning that, since Sam's is a Walmart company, they tend to be very, "Walmart'ish"...meaning they had one food court worker and a huge line. We learned our lesson last week when it took us 30 minutes to wait in a line that would have taken 5 at Costco (where they always have plenty of cashiers). The kids did not want to wait we left.

Luckily 7-11 was just down the street.

The rest of the afternoon didn't include a whole lot. Cameron and I decided to send my dad a text. He is known for taking bike rides in the middle of the day when it's 100 degrees outside. I think my love for heat comes from him.

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Jessica said...

Haha! The heat genes, that's awesome. I think it must be genetic because most people can't handle that!

Glad I could get you hooked on a coffee drink 😉